Crystal TV OTT IPTV Active Code Review

Crystal-TV-Active-Code IPTV

Are you looking for a high-speed IPTV server with a multi-operating system? I will recommend Crystal OTT IPTV for you. It is packed with Sports, Movies, documentaries, News, Pay-Per-View, Kids, etc.

It combined crystal clear pictures ranging from the highest 4K resolution for high-speed internet users to the lowest resolution. Crystal OTT IPTV service can work on Android phones, Android TV Box, Apple, iPhones, Smart TV, Windows, and Mag device. Let’s quickly look at the features of this service.

Crystal TV OTT IPTV APP Features

  • Offer more than 9600 4K/HD/SD Channels
  • Offer more than 21500 VOD for both Movies and Series
  • Free Frequent Content Updates
  • Most of the content is from Premium Channels
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Support All Devices
  • AntiFreeze Technology with less than 2 seconds to open channels
  • 24/7 support 
Crystal-TV-Active-Code IPTV

Crystal TV OTT IPTV App Review:

The App interface is well developed with easy navigation and complaint with many devices of different platforms. It offers more than 9600 Live Worldwide Channels and constantly updates with new channels. Crystal TV OTT IPTV also offers more than 21500 VODs ( Movies and Series).

It also offers premium content from the following countries:

  1. AMERICA: Full USA, USA 24/7, CANADA, Latino, Brazil.
  2. EUROPE: France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Hungarian, Malta, Portugal, TURKISH, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, ARMENIA, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech, Romania, SCANDINAVIA, Russia, Turkey, Australia EX-YU(Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro).
  3. ASIA: India, Tamil, Hindi, Bangla, Malayalam, Gujarati, Telegu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kurd, Iran, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, China, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea.
  4. ARAB: BE*lNN, OS*NN, MBC, MY*HD, FLI*X, News, Kids, Sports, Oman, Morocco, KSA, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Mauritania, Sudan, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen.
  5. Africa: Somalia, Uganda, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, Kenya, Cameroon.

Crystal TV OTT Active Code IPTV App offers thousands of Video-On-Demands(Movies & Series) 2020, 2019, 2018: English, Arabic, France, Italy, India, Spain, DE Germany, NL Netherlands, LT Latino, TR, ES, PL, PT, ML, TL, TA, And more.

Support Multiple Devices

You’re not left alone to be part of the family if you own a different device besides Android. Crystal TV OTT Active Code IPTV App also works on Smart TV, iOS, Apple TV, Firestick, VLC on Windows, Linux/Enigma 2 and 

Indian IPTV

To renew your current active subscription code of the Crystal TV OTT IPTV App, head to my contact page and contact me to place an order, and it cost $85/year.


Red Tiger One Million Review, Key Specs And Price

Red Tiger One Million 4K Receiver

Red Tiger One Million 4K UHD comes in a stylish design but does not feature the android operating system. It features everything you need to watch any favorite show at an affordable price. It is a portable device with 4K resolution, H.265, DVB-S2X, a Multi-stream tuner, a 12-month Myhd, and Apollo IPTV. 15-month Forever IKS sharing for watching satellite packages across the world.

Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra HD Receiver Key Specs:

  • DVB-S/DVB-S, DVB-S2X modulator
  • Support Multi-stream single tuner
  • Ali-2661 chip
  • 8MB Flash Memory and 4GB ROM
  • Fully 4K Ultra High Definition
  • Fully HEVC H.264, and HEVC H.265
  • Support Autoroll Biss and PowerVU
  • Support Multi-Language
  • It has an Ethernet, 3G Modem, and Wi-Fi connection
  • Support Disqec 1.0/1.1/1.2 USALS
  • 2x USB ports
  • Support HDMI and AV
  • iBox Octopus 4K Ultra has a 15-month Forever Server Pro
  • 1-month Apollo IPTV and Myhd IPTV
Red Tiger One Million 4K Receiver


As stated above, Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra receiver is a portable decoder with essential features. The body is black with the box name placed at the front-right corner—the LED light on the middle without any button on the front panel. Single tuner, SPID, HDMI, 2x USB, AV jerk, Ethernet, and DC input are found at the backside. Ventilation holes are placed on both sides of the receiver.

The CPU integrated with the Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra HD receiver is Ali-2661 with 8MB flash memory and 4GB internal storage. It can auto roll both PowerVU and Biss key with a daily key update via a built-in server. It hosts a series of apps like Youtube, a month Apollo IPTV, and Myhd IPTV with a 12- month pre-loaded subscription.

If you already own a T8HD Ultra and you like to upgrade the receiver to the latest one, then I will suggest Tiger One Million. It is built-in HDR 10 at 60fps for 4K Ultra resolution on the receiver. It features 15-month Forever Server for opening many satellite packages across the world. Red Tiger One Million 4K UHD receiver confirmed opening Amos 4W, Bulgaria sat 1w, Astra 19.2e, Astra 28.2 (Sky UK Package), Asiasat 105.5e, SkyNet 76.5e, and many more.

In terms of software support, there’s a dedicated menu to upgrade your receiver through the internet easily. Alternatively, You can visit Red Tiger’s official website to download the latest patch and upgrade through USB Menu. It is almost the same as the Octopus 4K receiver because of the same features and appearance, but the brand name and manufacturer name are different. If you’re looking for an Android 4K receiver with Forever Server Pro, I suggest Mediastar MS-Diamond Z2 4K receiver.

Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra Receiver Built-in Different IPTV

Besides having Apollo IPTV and Myhd IPTV. The latest software of Red Tiger One Million 4K ultra update dated September 18, 2021, adds laters of IPTV including 3-month IPTV subscription each for Cute IPTV and Gold+ IPTV. Red Tiger One Million also features an extra layer of IKS servers such as Frame Server and Dragon Server. These options are not feature in any receiver except Red Tiger One Million 4K ultra decoder.

Pricing And Availability

The unit cost of the Red Tiger One Million 4K Ultra digital satellite receiver is $150 without shipping. You can contact me to place an order, and we ship within 2-3 days after payment is confirmed. We also support Paypal, Skrill, Send Wave, and Moneygram. 


Tiger T10 Razer Review And Specifications

Tiger T10 Razer Review And Specifications

It is my pleasure and honor to present the trending Tigerstar T10 Razer Receiver packed with great functions and affordable for Tigerstar T10 Razer Review, Price, And Availability the commercial and end-users. It features many IPTV protocol options, support multistream, H.265, PowerVU, and the capability to open Beoutq Sport and AFN with the Forever server pro. Let’s do the review.

Key Specifications:

  • Powerful GX CPU Built-in 128MB DDR3 SDRAM high-speed memory
  • Flash 8MB storage
  • Support DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X
  • Built-in T2MI
  • Support for H265 codec
  • DVB-S, DVB-S2, H265 compliant
  • SAT2IP Protocol
  • 3G modem support, And External USB Wi-Fi
  • 1month Apollo IPTV
  • 15-months of powerful global internet sharing, the new Forever server
  • 12-month haha IPTV account for free
  • Support a 6-month Haha-VOD

Tiger T10 Receiver: Body And Design

Tiger T10 Razer receiver is very light in weight and design with two colors, Black and white color and the bottom is also white with a curved edge in the front.

There are ventilation holes at both the top and the bottom, which prevent overheating with one USB port situated at the side. Tiger T10 Razer has a single tuner located at the back and USB, HDMI, AV jerk, IR, and Power port. At the same time, the external Interface Reader attaches to the IR port to display the number of channels; thus, it is unnecessary.


Tigerstar T10 Razer features the most advance and high-efficiency video coding H.265 for delivering a compressed signal to Improve the viewer experience. Tiger T10 Razer can connect to a different range of external Wi-Fi and 3G modems for internet connectivity.

Tigerstar T10 Razer Receiver Tuner: DVB-S/DVB-S2, And DVB-S2X

The signal tuner is better than that of the Range T20 receiver, which reduces signal quality by 2-5% depending on frequency modulations. It supports a Multistream tuner to scan and detect hide channels such as Max tv on the Multi-Ghana package. Tigerstar T10 Razer receiver can auto-role any channels encrypted with Biss and PowerVU keys such as Signal-6 and HBO, respectively.


Upon booting while power on, The welcome or booting image is a fantastic and friendly menu interface. Tigerstar Forever decoder can open Beoutq Sports channels on Badr 26e, AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A at 9e, and SES 5 at 5e with Forever server pro.

Tiger T10 Razer Review And Specifications

Haha IPTV has confirmed working fine with in-built 12 months, 3month Joker IPTV, 2month Haha IPTV, and others are working with at least a 1month free trial. There’s also a dedicated menu for video-on-demand, which contains movies, series, Kids from different IPTV Service Provider, and many more. You can visit Tiger’s official website for software updates.

Tiger T10 Razer Receiver: Pricing And Availability

The unit price of Tigerstar T10 Razer receiver starts from N25,000 and above depends on the features. Some Nigerian dealers used to ask Tiger company to remove features to beat the price down to be more affordable. If you want to place an order, contact me.


Extra OTT IPTV Activation Code And How To Renew The App

Extra OTT IPTV App And Activation Code

Extra OTT IPTV is the latest and one of the best IPTV services usually designed for Android devices that require an activation code. It often comes as pre-installed on most of the receivers before the advent of Forever IPTV.

The Extra OTT IPTV app is also available for download at Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iPhone or iOS devices. The Channel’s contents entail Arab, US, Asia, Canada, Africa, And European channels. In this post, I will share my experience while using the IPTV Player app and how to purchase the Extra OTT IPTV activation code. Let’s move on to do the review.

Live And VOD

Extra OTT IPTV Player App Features:

  • Support different streaming formats, e.g., SD, HD, HEVC H.265, and 4K channels
  • Setup favorite
  • Ability to query due dates and activation code
  • Friendly and attractive user interface
  • Stable server
  • Ability to change themes
  • Support three different players such as Exo, VLC, and Media Player.

Extra OTT IPTV App: Graphics Interface

The app logo is the same as the IPTV icon found on the satellite IPTV receiver. The IPTV Player app interface seems beautiful. You can enter the activation code and click on login to get access to the content.

The channels are grouped as Live tv, Movies, and Series. You can’t change Extra OTT IPTV app background or theme like Royal IPTV.

Extra OTT IPTV Activation Code


Three different player powers the Royal IPTV Player apps, such as Exo Player, VLC, and Media Player. The Exo Player is set at default, though you can modify and change your preferred player under settings. There’s an option to activate “Auto Startup” anytime the devices are powered only on mobile and TV boxes.

Most of the channels from Arabs countries are working fine that justifies the performance of the servers. There are HEVC and 4K channels that require more than 2MB/s for 4K TVs. There are hundreds of movies and Series available in the Channel’s library, and it continuously updates every time.

Where To Download Extra OTT IPTV App

Country Supported Channels

The following are the countries it covers, such as Gulf or Arab, U.S, Canada, UK, Germany, Turkey, Africa, Brazil, Iran, Portugal, Albania, France, etc. It seems to be more advanced than myhd premier IPTV and Neo X IPTV.

Extra IPTV


As I have said earlier, the app player supports Android, iOS, android tv boxes, and tablets. It also supports satellite IPTV receiver as follows:

  1. Android TV Box
  2. Android TV Box or Firesticks using IPTV Smarters Pro App.
  3. Tiger Receiver: Tiger T3000, Tiger T8HD and Tiger M series
  4. Starsat Receiver: Starsat T14 and Starsat Extreme Series
  5. Mediastar: MS Diamond Z1, Z2PhoenixZenon, and others.
Extra IPTV Price

Price And How To Get Extra OTT IPTV Activation Code?

A unit price per year is $75, very affordable. To get the activation code, you have to contact me to purchase the Royal activation code. And we do support Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal, Skrill, e.t.c.


How To Watch Live Football Matches?

How To Watch Live Football Matches Using IPTV And Satellite Dish

The new football season is about to start next week, and before then, Machester City will take on Leicester City at Community Shield. On Wednesday, Chelsea will take on Villareal at UEFA Super Cup. In this post, I will be discussing how to watch live football matches live streaming and on satellite tv platforms.

How To Watch Live Football Matches On Streaming Platform (IPTV)

Streaming live football matches is one of the best and reliable platforms. Simply because Streaming live content lies on the strong internet connection and data consumption. We (Nigerian) or (African) believed that our internet speed is not suitable for the IPTV. That’s a lie because most Nigerian are now embracing IPTV more than ever. You’ll have everything you need to watch in your own palm. 

To watch live football matches across the European leagues, I advise you to buy any of the IPTV subscriptions we have reviewed on this website. You can as well seek our recommendation on those IPTV subscriptions. 

Never fear data consumption because most of these Nigerian internet service providers are now offering affordable plans for customers to enjoy the world of entertainment on a streaming platform. Both MTN and Airtel offer 40GB data for N5000, which is enough to stream your favorite matches throughout the month. However, you won’t use it anyhow or use it 24/7 because of the data consumption.

You can watch live football matches on a device support streaming platform or IPTV, including digital satellite receiver, Smart TV, Android TV Box, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV e.t.c.

How To Watch Live Football Matches For Free

Using Satellite Dish

Even though we’re restricted from watching live football matches on some free-to-air channels. Yet there are some European Satellite covers in West Africa, including Yes package on Amos 4W, Hotbird 13 using Canalsat Poland, or Nova Sports Greek with the help of Forever Server receivers. But these satellite packages require big size dishes range from 4m to 6m dishes. Only North African is the favorite to catch most of these satellite packages with small dishes because they’re very close to the European beam.

Back to Nigerian and its neighboring countries, We can still make use of the available resources, i.e., CBC Sport/IDMan TV on Intelsat 45E, though it is not reliable means.

Yayi TV is back and better. You can watch EPL, LA Liga, Champions League, UEFA Cup, and many other top European leagues on Yayi. Also, you can renew your yayi tv decoder or buy a new yayi decoder to watch live football matches.

You can also watch live matches using Mediastar MS-Mini 1818, 2727 series packed with some channels which I won’t be mentioning the channels name here for security reasons. For more details contact me.


Where To Watch Euro 2020 And 2021 Copa America

How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament For Free

The most fantastic football events are about to kick off in the next couple of days, UEFA Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021. These events will be the first continental tournament since ever the Covid-19 pandemic started. This post will guide you on watching Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021 live on digital satellite TV channels and live stream on IPTV service.

Brief About Euro 2020

UEFA football governs body in Europe comes with ideas of hosting the Euro 2020 tournament at the different stadiums in Europe. The host countries include Azerbaijan, Denmark, England, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Scotland, and Spain. UEFA Euro 2020 championship will kick off from 11th June to the 11th July of 2021. Portugal is the defending champion winning the Euro 2016 competition against France. Video Assistance Referee (VAR) – the newly introduced technology will make its debut at the Euro 2020 championship. 

List of Satellite TV Channels Showing Euro 2020 Across The World.

No matter where you live or works or you may find yourself, here are the official TV right owner to watch Euro 2020 tournament:

  1. Supersport (RSTH) from Albania
  2. TF1, M6, Mediaset, Bein Sport, Canal Sport, RMC Sport from Andora and France
  3. Amenia TV from Amenia
  4. ORF from Austria
  5. Idman TV from Azerbaijan
  6. RTBF from Belgium
  7. Sport Klub from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina 
  8. Nova from Bulgaria and Greece
  9. ZDF from Germany
  10. RTE from Ireland
  11. TV2 from Norway
  12. TVP from Poland 
  13. RTP, SIC, TVI, and Sports TV from Portugal
  14. RAI Italia from Italy and San Marino

Note: Most of these channels are available in European satellites, like Hotbird 13, Astra 19, Hispasat 30w, and Eutelsat 9A.

If you’re from the U.S, and you like to watch Euro 2020 championship, ABS, ESPN, and Univision are the official TV provider for the tournament. Canadian residents can subscribe to TVA Sport, known as Bell Media. Optus Sport will be delivering all 51 games to the Australian territory for the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament.

In the African continent, watch every action from UEFA Euro 2020 on Supersport from DStv, StarTimes, and Canal+ are official TV rights in South Africa and Nigeria. 

How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament For Free

How To Watch UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament For Free

In this section, I will be listing the digital free-to-air channels to watch UEFA Euro 2020 championship across Africa as follows:

  1. ZBC from Zambia is available on Intelsat 37e at 18W same position as ARQ Multi-Channels
  2. ORTM 1 and ORTM 2 are from Mali with french commentary on Intelsat 37e at 18W and Intelsat 25 at 31.5W
  3. Top Sports from Moreplex digital TV on Belintersat 51.5E
  4. Joy Prime and Joy Prime HD from Multi-TV Ghana on Astra 28 at 28.E
  5. CBC Sport, and Idman Azerbayca on Intelsat 12 at 45E.

Brief About 2021 Copa America 

CONMEBOL usually organizes Copa America every 2years. This year’s edition will be the 47th edition and take place in Brazil from 13th June to 10th July 2021. 2021 Copa America was postponed last year, March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. South America’s football body known as CONMEBOL decided in conjunction with UEFA’s decision to postpone UEFA Euro 2020 to 2021.

Colombia was removed as the tournament host amid ongoing protests against the country’s president on 20th May 2021. On 30th May 2021, Argentina was removed due to COVID-19 cases, and the following day, CONMEBOL announced Brazil as the host country for the 2021 Copa America. Brazil is the current champion, having claimed nine titles in 2019.

Watch Copa America 2021 On TV And Live Streaming

How To Watch 2021 Copa America From Anywhere?

No matter where you are from or live, you like to watch every action of the 2021 Copa America edition, and this post is made for you. Here is the list of official TV right provider to telecast the tournament:

Countries Channels Name/Company Name
BrazilRede Globo, SporTV, Rede Bandeirantes
ArgentinaTYC Sports, DirecTV Sports
BoliviaTigo Sports, Bolivia TV, DirecTV
ChileCDF, TVN, Canal 13, DirecTV
Colombia RCN Televison, Caracol Television, DirecTV Sports
EcuadorTeleamazonas, DirecTV Sports
ParaguayTigo Sports, Tigo Max, DirecTV, Telefuturo
PeruAmerica television, DirecTV Sports
UruguaySpors Field, TenField, DirecTV Sports, Teledoce
VenezuelaVenevision and DirecTV Sports
CanadaTSN, Univision Canada, TVA Sports (french)
U.S.A Telemundo, Telemund Deportes and Telemundo Now in Spanish, ESPN+ (For English And Portuguese)
France/GermanyCanalsat And Beinsport Max And Bein Connect
Austrailia/SwitzerlandAll Beinsports Max
New Zealand/Italy All Beinsports Max
United KingdomPremier Sports
North-AfricaBeinsports Max And Bein Connect
Sub-Sahara AfricaDSTV, Canal+ Afrique And StarTimes
CambodiaCTN, CNC and CBS
NetherlandFox Sport Netherland

UEFA Euro 2020 And 2021 Copa America Live Streaming Online 

Most of the channels stated above are available for streaming on IPTV service, and you can use any of them to watch UEFA Euro 2020 and 2021 Copa America live streaming from anywhere.

Pro IPTV is one of the best IPTV services you need to install on your streaming device. It contains every channel you need to watch the UEFA Euro 2020 and 2021 Copa America live streaming. 

The channels are available from different countries and continents for those who want to watch UEFA Euro 2020 and 2021 Copa America in their local commentary language. You can contact me to get a Pro IPTV subscription for your streaming device.


Lynx IPTV Review Covers Arab,US,Europe And Latino

Lynx IPTV Activation Code

Lynx is one of the best premium IPTV services offering the most exciting channels in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and America. Having the Lynx IPTV app installed on your android tv box or satellite receiver, there’s a chance to get a test activation code to see the content of the Lynx IPTV app. From there you can decide if it is worth your spending. 

Key Specs:

  • Nice Interface
  • Contents are well arranged
  • Offers more than 7,500 Live TV and 1,000 VOD
  • Add Favorite, and channels update 
  • Search option for easy access of content
  • Parental control
  • High-quality picture of 4K, HD, H.265
  • 99.9% Server uptime

Lynx IPTV App Review

The background color of the App is light pink alongside with Multi-language option at the left-hand corner. The logo is located in the middle, while the Lynx IPTV activation code below reminds me of activation and restore code options.

Remember me option to prevent users from entering the activation anytime the application is launch. The activation option to log in or activate the fresh Lynx IPTV App and the restore option enables the users to restore the previous code activated on it.

After Successful login to our IPTV server, All the channels are available categorically from different countries and packages. While on the left-hand corner are the options for you to switch to movies, series, Favorites, and All channels.

Hardware Compatibility

Many set-top-boxes manufacturers include the App and the Lynx IPTV activation code, like Myhd, and it is compliant with Android TV Box. Smartphones and as well as Satellite IPTV receivers with outstanding performance without single freezing and bugs problem.


Besides excellent graphics design, It has flexible navigation in a different form on different platforms. It can decode Highly Efficiency Video Coding known as HEVC H.265.

The App features can refresh, Recordings, Search, Lock Packages, Settings, And display activation codes.

Under the Settings menu, users can modify Lock Package Password, check account durability, update channels, updates application, aspect Ratio, change the Video Player to the one that works best with your devices. Lastly, there’s an option to set the application to Auto Startup whenever your tv box is Power On or reboot.


Channels Package Available On Lynx IPTV APP

The following are packages such as Ramdan Karim, Ramdan Kitchen, The Holy Quran, HEVC H.265, Bein Sports HD, Sport HD, MBC, OSN, MY HD, Yahsat, Yes TV, Box Office, and so on.

Supported Devices

Lynx IPTV activation code can work on android devices such as android phones, tablets, and android tv boxes. It can also work on PC as there is dedicated software for PC users.

Lynx protocol works only on some Geant and Starsat receivers models, and hopefully, soon, it will be available on other products like Tiger and Mediastar receivers.

Lynx IPTV Test Activation Code

Price And Where To Buy Lynx IPTV Activation Code?

A unit price per year is $55, very affordable. To get the Lynx IPTV activation code, you have to contact me to purchase the activation code, and we do support Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram e.t.c. You are welcome to get 24hours trial codes.

Free Test Codes

  1. 153805891333
  2. 598288042067
  3. 397519391938
  4. 298813936109
  5. 214517031635
  6. 170077895171
  7. 343999572502
  8. 296466426092
  9. 185146614106
  10. 129817758162
  11. 270070788780
  12. 132833464803
  13. 107157124050
  14. 307002032662
  15. 181156520218
  16. 347386525289

Dontel-Sat Decoder Features H.265 And IPTV

Dontel-Sat Decoder

Dontel-Sat decoder seems to be one of the best digital satellite receivers with some features you need at an affordable price. There are many STBs in the market with minor or irrelevant specifications. Unlike Dontel-Sat decoder with key specs and satisfy your requirements.

Key Specs:

  • Fully DVB-S2 Compliant
  • GX6605 C.P.U. hardware
  • Fully support Multistream and T2MI.
  • Fully H.264 and H.265 compliant
  • Support IPTV (Xtream IPTV, M3U, and Stalker IPTV)
  • Support 3G Modem, LAN, and Wi-Fi
  • 1year IKS account
  • Support DiSEqC 1.0/1.1
  • Support Manual PowerVu and Biss Key
  • Audio AC3 compliant
  • Built-in SAT2IP
  • Auto and Blind scanning
  • Support CCCAM and Magcamhd
  • Support Mobile remote control via App and Meecast
Dontel-Sat Decoder

Dontel-Sat Decoder Review

On handy review of the Dontel-Sat decoder, It is fully dark in complexion with some holes on the top and bottom to prevent over-heating and light in weight. Dontel-Sat receiver features with single tuner for decoding DVB-S and DVB-S2 signals without a loop-out port.

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Hardware And Software

Dontel-Sat receiver is powered by GX6605 chipset and DDR4, 8MB flash memory capable of accommodating great functions like PowerVU and Biss, IPTV, High-Efficiency Video (HEVC) H.265 decoder, works flawlessly without hanging. The Network connectivity for 3G, Wi-fi, and LAN confirmed working fine on the Dontel-Sat receiver.

Generally, the GX6605 chipset gives room for many great functions on the Dontel-Sat receiver, such as the IPTV protocols including Xtream, M3u, and Stalker IPTV. It also supports meecast, Phone Mirroring for watching satellite tv channels on mobile. You don’t need to be worried if the remote control gets spoilt or stolen; there’s a remote control app in the decoder. Built-in SAT2IP feature, and there’s a 12-month IKS server in the Dontel-Sat receiver for opening satellite channels across Europe and Africa. Joytv’s Multi-tv Ghana confirmed working along with Tara HD thanks to Multistream and HEVC H.265 hardware built-in features in the decoder.

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Dontel-Sat Decoder Price And Availability

A unit price usually costs N10,000 without the waybill charges, and If you are outside Nigeria, You can contact me for the appropriates price quotations with the transportation fee.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Smartphone Key Specs, Review And Price

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Smartphone

It is time to get Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 smartphone at an affordable in the current promotional offer. It was launched officially on March 04, 2021, at their head-quarter in China. Most of the latest features you like to have in any latest smartphone features in Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, such as Fingerprint (rear-mounted), Accelerometer, compass, proximity, and gyro. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is powered by Snapdragon 675, Octa-core processor, along with GPU Adreno 612. A 6.43 inches screen size AMOLED fueled 4K resolution while the glass is protected by corning Gorilla Glass 3. 

Key Specifications:

  • OS: Android 11 + MIUI 12.`
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 678G, 8nm high-efficiency processor, Kyro 470-+ Octa-core CPU, and Adreno 618 Elite gaming series GPUs.
  • RAM And Storage: 4GB/64GB, 6GB/128GB
  • Display: Amazing 6.43 inch FHD + AMOLED Corning Gorilla® Glass 3 front and back
  • Design: Stylish symmetrical design.
  • Camera: 48MP main camera, AI Triple-camera, 8MP in-display front camera, 2MP Macro, and 2MP depth camera
  • Battery Capacity: Ultra high capacity battery, 5000mAh battery, 33W fast charge
  • Fingerprint: Side-mounted fingerprint sensor.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Review: Body And Design

Getting closer to the enhanced visual experience as the Redmi Note 10 is equipped with a new 6.43 AMOLED display. The details and clear display, together with a slim bezel design, optimize every inch of the screen. With a more comprehensive range of rich colors, the screen brings you a brand new visual experience. The frame makes the Redmi Note 10 Smartphone look even thinner than it is. With a weight of smaller than 180g, carrying the phone around is easy. 

A redesigned side fingerprint reader is seamlessly combined into the body for a comfortable hand feel. Let fast unlocking become a habit. The body of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 has a curved back, slimmed ends, and tapered edges to offer a refined, premium appearance. The natural color scheme features premium simplicity with its radiant finish, and the color can complement your style.


Hardware And Software

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 Mobile Platform developed to deliver stable performance for compelling entertainment experiences. Both CPU and GPU provide improved gaming, streaming, and many more at a high-speed experience with impressive connectivity. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 smartphone features more significant system memory of 6GB RAM DDR3 and 128GB internal memory. with higher volume and wider sound range. The dual speakers will bring you into the scene whether you are watching movies or playing games. Redmi Note 10 Smartphone also features an advanced linear motor, which intelligently converts various sounds into precise vibration effects, improving your gaming and overall user experience.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Smartphone Camera And Price

Display And Camera

Capture in precision saves exceptional memories as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 equipped with an AI quad-camera, enabling you to explore and capture all the scenes from your daily life in great detail. Whether you are shooting large mountain ranges, distant landmarks, or close-up shots, they can all be captured with ease. You are using the 48MP primary camera to view the world in full texture and explore your creative potential. Al cameras take gorgeous selfies with the front camera or put a clear focus on you with the primary camera. 8MP takes a picture of an ultra-wide-angle camera, 2MP macro camera for the near object, and 2MP depth sensor provide an in-depth image.

At night, there is simplicity in switch modes to capture the glimmer in the dark. Night Mode uses advanced and integrated algorithms to produce clear photos in dim light settings.

Battery Capacity

Enjoying speed up and improved battery efficiency with 33W fast charging to power you up fast and spending less time waiting for the battery to charge. The 33W flash charging, together with the 500mAh high-capacity battery in Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 smartphone, will provide you the energy that lasts and make the most out of your phone time. It takes less than 30minutes to charge to 50% from 10% battery status. 


Redmi Note 10 Smartphone Pricing And Available

Due to the ongoing promotional offer, Redmi Note 10 smartphone cost $299 for 6GB RAM and 128GB version. It is available in European countries while coming to the rest of the world in next month. You can purchase Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 smartphone through our affliated link with GearBest Store.


SLTV Africa: The Best Alternatives To Yayi And DStv

SLTV Decoder, Frequency And How To Renew Subscription

SLTV Africa is a digital satellite tv company managed and owned by Metro Digital and currently operating on Belintersat at 51.5e same position as that of TStv and Mytv Africa. This post will review SLTV, decoder, Satellite, frequency, the subscription price, and how to renew it and buy the decoder or Smartcard.

SLTV HD Decoder
SLTV Decoder By Metro Digital Company

Decoder Key Specs:

  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X compliant
  • Support Multistream
  • Support HEVC H.265 compliant
  • Diseqc Switch 1.0/1.1 USALS
  • Support CCCAM/MGCAM
  • HDMI, AV jerk and USB Ports
  • Support Xtream IPTV protocol 
  • Blind Search
  • Support Youtube


SLTV Africa is the latest digital satellite premium service provider launched last year July. The Metrodigital company aimed to extends their service to Nigeria and their neighboring countries within the same region. Good news to football fans, it is an affordable price to catch live EPL, LA Liga, Champions League, FA Cup, and many more. You can also watch the documentary and many kids movies for your children. 

SLTV Africa Satellite Frequency Parameters on Belintersat At 51.5E.

  • Dish Size: 60cm dish above
  • Satellite: Belintersat at 51.5E
  • SLTV Frequency: 11103
  • Polarization: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 08333
SLTV Decoder, Frequency And How To Renew Subscription

SLTV Channels List

  1. Cartoon
  2. SSPL
  3. SS Variety
  4. SS Laliga
  5. Discovery
  6. SS WWE
  7. Food Network
  8. History
  9. NAT GEO
  10. Nat Geo Wild
  11. ID
  12. Disney
  13. ESPN
  14. MTV BASE
  15. Nickelodeon
  16. E!
  17. CSB Justice
  18. MBC2
  19. SSFB
  20. SS Variety 2
  21. SS Variety 1
  22. TNT
  23. SS Action
  24. Nickjr
  25. CNN

Decoder Price And Subscription

The unit price of the SLTV decoder cost is N16,500, including a one-month free subscription of N5,500 with the same amount to renew the subscription after it expired or before the due date. The Smartcard is confirmed working on any digital satellite receiver with card slot embedded such as:

  1. Strong Technologies like SRT 4922A, 4950, 4961X and 4969X
  2. Media star: MS-4030, Mini 1111, 1616, 1818, 2121, 2525, 2727
  3. Starsat: T-15, X2, X7, 
  4. Tigerstar: T8HD Ultra, T3000
  5. GTMedia: V7 And V8 series with Card slot option 
SLTV Smartcard Working On Belintersat At 51.5E And Price

How To Renew SLTV Smartcard Subscription or Cardless HD Decoder

To renew your SLTV Smartcard, you need to send the Smartcard number to your provider or supplier to renew or follow the steps below for renewing your Decoder:

  1. A HD decoder pointed with the active signal.
  2. Decoder Serial Number, to get it: Press Menu>>>>>Settings>>>>>About STB/STB Information and copy out the Serial Number
  3. Contact your Yayi decoder dealer or supplier to make the payment. If you don’t have one, you can contact me to renew your SLTV subscription fast.
  4. While making the payment, make sure your decoder is power on to monitoring the activation.
  5. Once the dealer finishes renew your SLTV HD decoder then, the signal will come up instantly.

Where To Purchase The Decoder?

Getting the decoder or the Smartcard may be tricky as it is yet to be available nationwide in the market. You can place an order through me and get the SLTV Decoder, or Smartcard deliver to your doorstep within 48hour. Just hit my contact details to call or chat with me.


HD Box 4K Prime Digital Satellite And Hybrid Receiver

HD BOX 4K Prime Hybrid Receiver

HD Box is a hybrid 4K Prime android and digital satellite receiver. It comes with the DVB-S2X standard, which is the latest technology standard for future television broadcasting, providing enhanced performance and advanced features. 

A powerful processor from Hisilicon, built-in eMMC memory and high-speed ddr4 RAM provide fast operation. This post will do a review on HD Box 4K Prime hybrid 4K android and digital satellite receiver.

Key Specs:

  • Fully compliant with DVB-S2/DVB-S2X (Multi-stream)
  • 4K UHD Satellite And IPTV
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage
  • Quad-Core Processor, Hisilicon 3798
  • HEVC H.264, H.265, and MPEG-4 compliant
  • Dual Wi-Fi (2G/4G/5G) and Bluetooth built-in
  • Air-Sync Remote Z
  • 12-month preloaded server company
  • 12 Month Xtream IPTV
  • Support USB and Online updates via webserver
  • Visit Official Website.
HD BOX 4K Prime Hybrid And Satellite  Receiver

Body And Design 

HD BOX 4K Prime Hybrid android and digital satellite receiver don’t have a unique structure compared to Icone Iron pro and Icone Iron plus. The LED light and power light are situated on the front panel with shiny black plastic. Ventilations are situated at the top-back, and many ports like tuner, AV out, IR, HDMI, USB, LAN, and power source input. One CA card slot and USB 2.0 are situated on the right side of the receiver.

HD Box 4K Prime With DVB-S2X/T2-MI Multi-Stream Tuner

The DVB-S2X standard is the latest technology standard for future television broadcasting, providing enhanced performance and advanced features. It is otherwise known as T2MI or Multi-stream, just like Mediastar Phoenix 4K receiver.

We’re living in advanced countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, and Germany where Cable TV and Terrestial services are available. You can get an external USB adapter DVB-T2/T/C and connect to HD Box 4K Prime to watch your local TV Shows.

4K Prime And HEVC H.265 On HD Box Receiver

Many components boost the sharpness of even higher image clarity and extended color range. The recent decoding technologies components include 4K HDR, HDR10, HLG, UHD 4K 60fps HW decoding, H.265 HEVC 10-bit.

Android 7.0 O.S (Nougat)

The built-in operating system host a modern and practical menu interface running OS Android 7.0 Nougat. Many different games and applications from the vast Google Play application market.

HD Box 4K Prime hybrid android and digital satellite receiver come with a powerful processor from Hisilicon, built-in eMMC memory, and high-speed DDR4 RAM that provide fast operation. Connect the gamepad, and the receiver will turn into an Android game console improving the gaming experience. However, the Starsat SR-X7 Extreme 4K receiver comes with android 9.0 (pie).

HD BOX 4K Prime Receiver

More Features In The Receiver

Control your set-top box using your Android phone or tablet, watch TV channels from the receiver on the screen of your phone or tablet on Android OS.

The media player holds the responsibility when the user Connects a USB disk with video and watches your favorite movies on the screen of your TV. Record your favorite TV shows and watch the broadcast at any time in timeshift mode. HD Box 4K Prime hybrid android and digital satellite receiver can playback any video outputs formats such as Avi, M2TS, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV e.t.c.

Dual Remote Contoller 

The first remote offers multi-function; together with this remote control, all the receiver features are in your hands; the buttons are full of a pleasant to the touch rubberized plastic.

HD Box Prime hybrid offers Universal secondary remote control consisting only of the main control buttons, suitable for the elderly. It is straightforward and convenient to operate such remote control.

Sirius Server And IPTV

Sirius internet key sharing is known as IKS on the HD Box 4K prime, which lets you watch some satellite packages from different satellites. Including the SKY UK on Astra 28.2e, Canal packages on Astra 19.2e, Hotbird 13e, Cosmote on Eutelsat 9A, Airtel HD on 108e e.t.c.

As for the IPTV, the setup is straightforward, and the contents are well arranged. It features channels from different countries, including most of the channels you can’t get on satellite due to the coverage. The quality pictures of those channels are superb, and no matter where you come from, you’ll find your local channels to watch on Sirius IPTV.

HD Box 4K Prime Price And Availability

A unit price is $280 without the shipping, you can contact me to place an order, and we accept Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, and Western Union.


Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox Receiver Review And Price

Novaler Multibox 4K Ultra Receiver

Novaler is the first-ever Algerian 4K Ultra digital receiver. It is a high-performance device with dual DVB-2X tuner, Multisystem and Android. When you’re looking for a decoder with 2160p ultra-high-resolution combined with Android and 4X enigma 2, I will strongly recommend Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox receiver. Let us move to check the Key specifications.

Novaler Multibox 4K Ultra Receiver

Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox Receiver Key Specification

  • Support 4X Enigma 2
  • Support Dual DVB-S2X Multi-stream
  • Android 7.0 Operating System
  • Huawei Hisilicon 3789MV200
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8 G.B. Internal Storage
  • Airsync Z compliant
  • Support External USB Wi-Fi, 4G, And Ethernet Connection
  • Fully 4K Ultra resolution @60fps and HDR 10 integrate
  • H.264, H.265 compliant
  • 12-month Supcam Sharing Server
  • 12-month Novaler Live T.V. and iFlix

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Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox Receiver Review

At first sight, as a user, you can see many features written on the carton aside the tutorial guide you can find on a Facebook dedicated page. While unboxing, the following items are available inside the carton: A Novaler 4K Multibox receiver, A USB Wi-Fi, A remote control, Power adapter, A user guide manual and warrant card.

The receiver’s appearance is cool and unique, and the LED Light is in the middle and the Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox place at the right corner. Dual DVB-S2X tuners are at the rear side along with HDMI, A.V., Ethernet and Power port. The vent holes are at the bottom side and the standard metal on the top without design.

Novaler Multibox 4K Ultra Receiver

Dual DVB-S2X tuners can accommodate satellite dishes on each tuner with the maximum of four satellite dishes. Enigma 2 built-in takes responsibility to boot in different skin for four different systems.

Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox is powered by the most efficient Huawei Hisilicon 3798MV200 quad-core processor. Built-in 1GB RAM, and 8G.B. internal storage. The Linux O.S. give you access to install different plugins and change the system themes.

In connections, it supports 4G network through a modem, up to 5G connection through Wireless. The wire connection is faster as well, and USB 3.0 work faster than 2.0.

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Supcam Server In Novaler 4K Multibox Receiver

Supcam server is super stable on Hotbird 13e, Astra 19.2e, opening most of the Sky Germany and Canal packages. Other European and Asian packages are confirmed working on the Supcam server. 

Noval Live T.V. And iFlix

There’s a 12-month IPTV subscription in Novaler 4K Ultra Multibox receiver. It hosts more 15,000 Live T.V. channels and more than 6,000 Video-On-Demand (VOD) across the world. Most of the contents are viewing at high-quality resolution.

Pricing And Availability

Novaler 4k Ultra receiver is currently on sale in Algeria for as low as $250+ with the shipping fee and may include extra charges depends on delivery address.


Updates On Yayi TV, Forever, Orca And FTA 2021

Updates On Yayi TV, Forever, Orca Server, IPTV And FTA 2021

Last year December 2020 updates, many speculations are surrounding the Forever Server will be down on some satellite package. Likewise, there’s no sign of server disconnection in Orca Server as many of the users find alternatives to watch their favourite tv shows on a satellite dish. There are many other speculations on Yayi TV, and many want to know why there’s no live match throughout the weekend. Idman TV and CBC Sport was off without prior notices to their viewers. I will be discussing all these in great details in the post.

Updates On Yayi TV, Forever, Orca And FTA 2021

Forever And Orca Server Updates

In the Satellite world, Forever Server is essential for every satellite enthusiast who loves to watch different satellite packages from one degree to another. Without having active Forever Server on your receiver, this may not have happened.

Last year November, I observed that Cosmote package was off on the sharing server most especially Orca and Forever. In December, OSN hired security experts to prevent their contents from unauthorized watching effectively in the early of 2021. This is the reasons why OSN and Cosmote package was off on both Forever and Orca Server. There are much other satellite companies adopted this approach. However, both Forever and Orca team are currently working hard to bring those channels back on sharing. 

Yayi TV Updates

Yayi TV’s truth is that the company is currently facing unidentified challenges that prevented from showing live matches during the weekend. 

After my findings, I learned from a reliable source that Yayi TV would be back better than usual. As for those who used to ask why Yayi TV 3 not working, the company will soon use Yayi TV 3 for Sport and other programs at night when there are no live matches.

Updates On CBC And IdmanTV Sport Channels

Typically, You can’t expect both CBC Sport and Idman TV to survive in a region where DStv operate. Honestly, these two channels, including Yayi TV, obviously affect DStv subscription and decoder sales.

Let’s hope the channels are back as soon as possible.

Alternatives To Orca And Forever Server

Good news to those who own Mediastar phoenix, Zenon or any Icone receiver, that there’s oscam server you can buy and enjoy most of the European satellite packages from Hispasat 30W up to the Airtel HD and SD on SES 7 at 108.2E. You can contact me to opt-in for the server, and I will provide you with the setup guide.

Updates On Yayi TV, Forever, Orca And FTA 2021


If you have access to unlimited internet, then IPTV is the best solution even if DStv is not better than IPTV service. Thanks to Pro IPTV with 90% of DStv contents on streaming without buffering issues. Nigerian or African living abroad really enjoying it. 

Suppose you’re living in a big city like Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna, Aba, Abuja, etc. In that case, You can just buy a Smile Network and subscribe to their unlimited plan connected to your IPTV device. Or try Best Internet Data Deal and you’ll be on top of the world with endless entertainment contents.

However, poor receptionist can’t use IPTV, because it requires a high-speed network start from 500kb/s and above depends on the type of IPTV subscription you buy.


Octopus 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite Receiver Review

Octopus 4K Ultra Digital Satellite Receiver

Looking for an affordable and high-performance receiver, then I will recommend Octopus 4K Ultra HD receiver. Just in case you can’t afford to buy an expensive one like Starsat SR-200 HD Extreme, then you can opt-in for Octopus 4K Ultra HD receiver. It comes with a 15-month Forever Server Pro and 12-month Apollo IPTV. Let’s quickly check the Key specs and do the review later.

Octopus 4K Ultra Digital Satellite Receiver

Key Specs:

  • DVBS/DVBS-2/DVB-S2 Modulator
  • Single Multi-stream Tuner
  • Ali 3510C chipset CPU
  • 8MB Flash Memory
  • Support HEVC H.265 codec compliance
  • Autorole Biss And PowerVU
  • Support IPTV Protocols such as Myhd IPTV, Haha IPTV, Oscar IPTV, Atlas IPTV
  • 12-month Apollo IPTV
  • 15 month Forever Server Pro
  • Multi-Languages
  • HDMI and AV jerk
  • Wifi, 3G/4G USB connection
  • Youtube
  • Diseqc 1.0/1.1 USALS

Octopus 4K Ultra HD Receiver Review

The design is cool and attractive. The components and peripheral hardware are placed in the surroundings. 2x USB, AV output, HDMI, Tuner, Ethernet, and power adapter are all available. The power and display LED for standby and program status is found in the front panel.

With Octopus 4K Ultra HD digital satellite receiver, You can watch as many channels based on the location you point your satellite dish. Built-in Forever Server Pro of the latest version, you watch attractive packages such as Hotbird 13e, Hellasa at 39.0e, and Skynet at 76.5e.

During the test, Octopus 4K receiver is currently opening Skysport UK on Astra 2F at 28.2e.

12-month Apollo IPTV lets you watch your favorite tv show without the satellite dish. It hosts more than 7000 live TV channels and up to 5000 VOD contents.

Octopus digital satellite receiver supports auto roll both Biss and PowerVU. It built-in Multi-stream tuner capable of scanning and viewing multi-transponder channels.

Similarly, some channels or providers are using HEVC H.265 codec to deliver digital television to the consumer. Thanks to Octopus 4K ultra HD digital satellite receiver integrating the hardware.

Price And Available

An Octopus 4K receiver’s unit price cost is N35,000 without the shipping fee to your location. You can contact me to place an order, and we accept PayPal, Skrill, Al-Ansari Exchange, and Western Union.


KUU A8S Laptop 14.1-Inch 6GB/256GB On Sale For $320.96

KUU A8S Laptop

KUU A8s laptop is a very cost-effective laptop, thanks to Gearbest for offering a fantastic discount right now. It’s difficult for you to find another 8GB ram laptop at this discounted price, and it’s also powered with a high-performance Intel®Celeron® processor. We are glad to recommend it to you. I wish you like it.

Note: The seller will provide corresponding power adapter and keyboard language sticker according to your country. If you have special requirements, contact the seller at the time of purchase or after the purchase.

KUU A8S Laptop

KUU A8s Laptop Main Features:

  • Size: 15.6-inch FHD screen
  • Display: 1920 * 1080 resolution, IPS screen, size is 15.6 inch, you will have a broader field of vision in daily use, and you can see a more vivid and colourful screen display.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro OS
  • CPU: Intel®Celeron®J3455 Quad-core high-efficiency processor
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 500
  • RAM:6GB DDR3
  • Internal Storage:128GB/256GB/512GB SSD

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KUU A8s Laptop comes in a stylish design, and there’s a borderless keyboard designed to provide compactness and simplicity. The full-size keyboard offers more great comforter and responsiveness with multiple-gesture.


It comes with a 14.1-inch IPS screen with a broader view, and a 1920 x 1080 screen high definition resolution that brings vivid detail.

Hardware And Software Performance

The Operating System pre-installed is Windows 10 Pro OS and compatible with more software programs, a more secure operating system, and more suitable for office use. 

CPU Intel®Celeron®J3455 powers KUU A8s laptop with Quad-core high-efficiency processor, strong performance, and fast speed. It can help you complete all the daily work, multithreading design to ensure that you can handle different files simultaneously is also effortless. The GPU integrated is Intel HD Graphics 500, providing picture quality is clear and smooth, and the video picture is more delicate and exquisite, which can meet most of the game requirements.

The system memory feature is 6GB RAM DDR3. Ensure that the system’s response speed is not affected while running multiple tasks and bring you a smoother office and entertainment experience. The internal memory is 128GB with upgrade option up to 256GB/512GB SSD with four storage capacity options to meet your personalized needs.

KUU A8S Laptop

KUU A8S Laptop Full Specifications

  Basic Information      Brand Model: A8s   Material:Metal shell    CPU: Intel Celeron J3455 Number of CPU Cores and Threads: Double Cores; Quad Threads Processor Frequency:2.70 GHz up to 3.10GHz   GPU: Intel Iris Graphics 6100   
  Storage    6GB DDR3 + 256GB SSD/512GB SSD(Single M.2)     
  Display     Display Type: TN    Screen Size: 15.6 inch (16:9)      Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080
  Network     WIFI: Dual Band Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G      WLAN: 802.11a/ac/b/g/n, IEEE 802.11ac      Ethernet: RJ45 (No Ports, you need to connect the ethernet via USB interface)     
  Camera     Camera Type: single camera      Front camera: 0.3MP  
  Battery 2*5000mAH/38Wh 
keyboard    With Backlit  
Screen unlockSupport fingerprint unlock
Speaker Built-in two stereo speakers
FanSingle fan
  Interface   2*Micro USB3.0 1*HDMI 1*Headphone Jack 1*TF card slot 1*Power interface  
  System Language     Chinese, English, Japanese, French,     German, Korean, Italian, Portuguese,      Russian, Spanish and other languages   
  Dimensions   Size:360*240*25mm Net Weight: about 1.8kg Package Weight:about 2.45kg   
  Package lsit     1 * laptop
  1 * Power Adapter
  A Plug Adapter(depending on your shipping country)
  1 * User Manual  

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KUU A8s Laptop Price And Availability

Gearbest is currently offering a fantastic promotional offer with up to 45% discount. You can get A8s Laptop for $320. excl vat on Gearbest Store without the shipping fee. 


[Flash Sale] Xiaomi Poco M3 4G Smartphone 6GB/128G, 6000mAh Cost $169

Xiaomi Poco M3 4G Smartphone

Xiaomi Poco M3 Smartphone come in a dynamic, and stylish design at low price tag. The budget price tag doesn’t reduce the quality of the of the phone as it features with Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, and a massive 6,000mAh battery capacity.

Xiaomi Poco M3 4G Smartphone

Xiaomi Poco M3 Key Specs:

  • OS: Android 10
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 666G, 8nm high-efficiency processor, Kyro 470 Octa-core CPU and Adreno 618 Elite gaming series Gpus.
  • RAM And Storage: 4GB/64GB, 6GB/128GB
  • Display: Amazing 6.5 inch FHD + DotDisplay, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 front and back
  • Design: Stylish symmetrical design.
  • Camera: 48MP (Sony IMX682) AI Triple-camera, 13MP in-display front camera, 2MP Macro and 2MP depth camera
  • Battery Capacity: Ultra high capacity battery, 5160mAh battery, 33W fast charge
  • Accessory: NFC supported (Availability vary between markets)
  • Fingerprint: Side-mounted fingerprint sensor.


Xiaomi Poco M3 comes in a stylish design with 6.53 inch screen with LCD display. On the top of the phone, we have a sound speaker and audio Jerk.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Processor for Smooth Operation:

The Xiaomi POCO M3 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 chip to provide you with smooth use and game experience.

Superb Battery Life without Compromises

Boasting the largest battery capacity in its class, POCO M3 is all set for browsing, messaging, streaming and gaming throughout the day with its massive 6,000mAh high charge cycle battery. It will last over 5 days under light usage, and slightly below 3 days under moderate usage. It takes roughly 1.5 days for the battery to be fully drained under heavy usage. POCO M3’s battery is built to withstand high temperatures and withstand nearly 2.5 years of usage without notable degradation. Additionally, the device comes with a 22.5W in-box charger, supports 18W fast charging and reverse wired charging.

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Xiaomi Poco M3 4G Smartphone

48MP Triple Camera Set-up with Stunning Night Mode

At its incredibly affordable price, POCO M3 sports a very capable 48MP main sensor. On top of that, POCO M3 is also equipped with a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth sensor, offering numerous exciting photography modes. Altogether, the triple AI camera setup is perfect for capturing any special moment.

More Entertainment Than You Expect

With its amazing dual speakers, POCO M3 provides a flagship-level sound experience through high-quality audio. The large 6.53″ 1080P FHD+ display provides great image quality and an exceptional overall viewing experience and a wide field of vision. With 2340×1080 high resolution no detail will be lost in the picture.

Xiaomi Poco M3 Smartphone Full Specifications

GeneralBrand: Xiaomi
Model Number: POCO X3
Language: Azerbaijani, Malay, Bosnian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, English (India), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (America), Basque, French, Galician, Hausa , Croatian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Maltese, Dutch, Official Norwegian, Uzbek, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Albanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Kazakh, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Nepali (India), Nepali (Nepal), Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali (India), Bebgali (Bangladesh), Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Thai, Khmer, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simolified, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Thai, Khmer, Korean, Japanese , Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional (Taiwan), Chinese Traditional (Hongkong)
Service Provider: Unlocked
SIM Card Slot: Dual SIM
SIM Card Type: Dual Nano SIM
Type: 4G Smartphone
HardwareCPU: Snapdragon 662G
Cores: 2.3GHz
External Memory: 256GB NM Card (not include)
GPU: Adreno 618
ROM: 128GB
NetworkNetwork type: FDD-LTE,GSM,TDD-LTE,WCDMA
Wireless Connectivity: 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi,4G,Bluetooth 4.0,GPS,GSM,LTE,NFC,WiFi
DisplayPixels Per Inch (PPI): 396PPI
Screen resolution: 2400×1080
size: 6.53 inch
Screen type: Capacitive (10-Points),LCD,Multi-Touch
CameraCamera type: Four Rear Caremas and One Front Camera
Other FeaturesAdditional Features: 4G,Bluetooth,Fingerprint Sensor,Side Fingerprint Sensor
Google Play Store: Yes
I/O Interface: Type-C
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: No
Sensor: Fingerprint Sensor,Gravity Sensor
BatteryBattery Capacity (mAh): 6000mah
Type: Li-ion Battery
Package ContentsCell Phone: 1
Charger: 1
English Manual: 1
Chinese Manual: 1
Packing Box: 1
Dimensions and WeightProduct weight: 0.5000 kg
weight: 0.6000 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 10.00 x 5.00 cm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
Xiaomi Poco M3 4G Smartphone

Xiaomi Poco M3 Price Deal At The End of The Year Flash Sale

Xiaomi Poco M3 Smartphone deal is now available at Gearbest at an affordable price at we head to the new year flash sale offer. It currently costs $169 at Gearbest Store (48% OFF discount Flash sale). You can place an order using this Coupon: LTUY24CFG8 (to get more discount) before the promotional ends soon.