9 Common Mistakes All New Players Make in Fortnite Battle Royale

9 Common Mistakes All New Players Make In FORTNITE Battle Royale

Fortnite took the battle royale gaming genre to the next level with its gunfights and ability to build and edit structures. This revolution has driven a lot of players to this game, all seeking to get better fast. That’s where the hard work and persistence come in.

In the quest to improve, players make common mistakes that could crash all their efforts in a blink. So, in this piece, you’ll find most of the mistakes. Meanwhile, if it’s your first time on Fortnite, try this Fortnite aimbot for more directed gameplay.

Let’s go on. 

9 Common Mistakes All New Players Make in Fortnite Battle Royale

9 Common Mistakes All New Players Make in Fortnite Battle Royale

1. Jumping into hot zones

The most common mistake new players make in this game is jumping into big cities. Remember, the more popular the city is, the hotter it becomes, especially for new players. Fortnite is different from other battle royale games where you need to loot, play objectives, and live to the end of the game. 

The map is massive and has a lot of popular zones on it. Due to the high loot value and resources in these zones, it’s always dangerous for new players. You can consider landing in The Citadel, Frenzy Fields, Faulty Splits, etc. Apart from keeping you alive, your chance of finding valuable resources and loot without fighting anyone is high.

2. Choosing inappropriate weapon

Many new players pick assault rifles because they are ideal for all ranges. However, it’s not ideal to use only an assault rifle. In some situations, like close-quarter combat, an enemy’s shotgun can outperform your assault rifle. So, test other weapons to find another ideal alternative for your AR.

More importantly, don’t equip one weapon while playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Having at least two weapons can save you. When you’re short of ammo on your AR, switch to your second weapon and fight it out. 

3. Disorganizing your inventory

A messy inventory is one of the deadliest mistakes new players make in Fortnite Battle Royale. Whatever equipment, weapon, or gear you want to take to a match, arrange your inventory accordingly.

Imagine trying to switch to another weapon quickly, and then you grab a medKit accidentally. If you’re under an aggressive attack, you’re dead. For this reason, ensure you put your weapons, equipment, etc., in their right places and where you can reach them fast.

4. Neglecting useful materials for building

In Fortnite, building is one of the coolest features and strategies to win more games. But many new players tend to lag on it. Building in Fortnite is handy, especially when the game is about to end. If you’re neglecting valuable materials you could build with, erecting those structures will be difficult.

You’ll need to collect the materials from important sources like rocks, cars, and large trees. So, instead of running around and attacking whoever you meet, spend more time collecting as many resources as possible. You’ll be building a lot at the endgame.

5. Not building appropriately

Most new players build wrongly or don’t even build structures. Building structures in Fortnite Battle Royale serves as a trap to lure enemy players. If you’re not building properly, you’re likely to use up your building materials and die after all.

Additionally, when building, try to be tactical. Build structures in response to your current situation. For instance, if an enemy attacks you in a wide space, backpedal and jump around, placing walls around until you find a safe spot to heal. 

6. Not being quiet and listening to sounds.

In all action-adventure games, players that listen to sound gain more advantage over others. Many new Fortnite players forget that sound can help them identify the enemy’s position and movement direction.  

In Fortnite Battle Royale, every player that moves around will always leave audible footsteps. If you’re quiet enough, you can leverage the enemy’s sound to take advantage of him. So, instead of being a noise maker, play more quietly and listen to sounds from enemies.

7. Spending too much time looting

Slow looting is most common in new players. They spend more time on loot, exposing them to other players. The best way is to pick only valuable items like weapons, ammo, and medKits, whenever you want to loot.

Remember, as long as there’s loot; others are coming for it—the more time you spend on looting, the lower your chance of survival. 

8. Saving their explosives

This is one of the most common mistakes players make while playing Fortnite Battle Royale. There is no ideal time to use your explosives. If you’re trying to knock every other player off balance, you can detonate your grenades. 

Even if it’s a purple, a blue, or a rocket launcher, you can use it to push enemies into making sudden decisions, thus giving you the best opportunity to attack. Additionally, you can destroy enemies’ structures using your explosives. So use them whenever you want to launch a sudden attack.

9. Following the multitude

Don’t jump with every other player when it’s time to jump off the Battle Bus. To be safer, jump last when every other player has dropped. It allows you to reach a safer spot and approach the circle gradually. It also exposes you to loot areas other players may not know.


You’ve just seen the common mistakes new players make in Fortnite Battle Royale. Please take note of these and avoid them in your game. 

Don’t jump into hot zones, choose different weapons, organize your inventory, and don’t neglect important building material sources. More importantly, listen to sounds, loot quickly, use your explosives, and don’t follow the multitude.

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