The Best Classic Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone in 2020

The Best Classic Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone in 2020

Classic multiplayer games are worthy to have installed on the mobile for both Android and iPhone users. Today, almost everyone owns a mobile device that allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones, access the internet, and play a variety of games. In addition to being a great way to decompress and unwind, playing games on your phone can improve your problem-solving skills, memory, and more. Previously, we wrote about The Best Strategy Games for Android and iPhone in 2020 with strong historical themes. To add to this list, the selection of games reviewed by Expat Bets showcases how today’s online games range from fantasy-themed slots like Cinderella to seasonal themes like Santa’s Village, which shows that there’s something for everyone. If you’re tired of single-player games and want to expand your range, here are some multiplayer games you should consider downloading on your mobile phone:

Best Classic Multiplayer Games Worth To Download For Android And iPhone:

1. Mario Kart Tour

Who isn’t a fan of the Italian plumber known as Mario from the Super Mario franchise? Mario Kart Tour provides you with classic competitive gameplay that’s free on both iOS and Android platforms. You can play with a variety of classic Nintendo characters such as Princess Peach, Toad, and Bowser. If you have a lot of friends, it is perfect for you because it allows up to 8 players in total. They even have new racetracks inspired by cities around the world.

Mario Kart Tour is one of the best classic multiplayer games along with your friends most especially for Android and iPhone devices.

The Best Classic Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone in 2020

2. Words With Friends

If you’re great with words, one of the most famous mobile word games out there is Words With Friends. Digital Trends describes it as “an absolute classic that is still going strong” because it can be played on a variety of platforms, including Facebook. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it’s similar in format to Scrabble, and you take it in turns to build a crossword-style board of words to get the most points. Take advantage of the bonus tiles to boost your score!

Pokémon Go

3. Pokémon Go

In its heyday, Pokémon Go got people walking outside and interacting with strangers. It increased your step count, whether you were an Android or an iOS user. Now that most of us are staying at home and traveling less, an article from The Guardian explains how the developer of the game has made it more pandemic-friendly. For instance, the spawn rate of Pokémon characters has increased. This way, you can increase your chances of catching them from the comfort of your sofa. Plus, the “Go Battle League” feature makes the multiplayer aspect much more fun.


4. UNO (Classic Multiplayer Games)

This color-coded card game is great fun for families and friends alike. Modeled on the classic card game, it has the regular version with the usual rules. If you’re looking for something with a twist, Thrillist explains how the app lets you team up in a 2v2 format where you can use teamwork to win the game. There’s a global tournament that you can join to win some prizes for those truly competitive UNO players. Lastly, you can even shout “UNO!” into your phone and send voice messages to make it feel like the real thing.

The Best Classic Multiplayer Games for Android and iPhone in 2020

When it comes down to it, connecting with friends and family living in different countries doesn’t have to be so tricky when you can play multiplayer games together. Finding a convenient time can help you get together and have some friendly competition. If you’re new to technology and are searching for useful mobile phone or satellite TV tutorials, check out our homepage on SatGist for more information.



The Best Strategy Games For Android And iPhone In 2020

The Best Strategy Games Android

Are you looking for the offline and online best strategy games for android to play in the cause of stay at home? Well, there are tons of best strategy games for iphone and android you can play that can keep you busying as lockdown continuing globally due coronavirus pandemic. Let’s move on!

Best Online Free Strategy Games Android

#1 Grow Empire: Rome (Android And iPhone)

Grow Empire is one of the best strategy games for android and iphone features with the role of playing RPG elements. It mixes tower defense TD and captivating game in nature. You as a player is the caesar – the mighty leader of the roman republic. The main object as a leader is to defeat your enemy in accompanying with roman soldiers, heroes, weapons, siege and barbarians mercenaries.

Fortified your territories to defend yourself from the most dangerous armies and clan from Italy, Iberian Peninsula, Carthage and Gallium. Win the battles and expand your domain to get national grow wealth. It is one of the best offline and online strategy games.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoteGame Size is 72MBFree
free Best Strategy Games for iphone

#2 Shogun’s Empire: Hex Commander (Android And iPhone)

The main objectives of Shogun’s Empire is to lead your clan, build an army, and wage war to become Shogun to rule over Japan territory. Shogun’s Empire is one of the best strategy games for iphone and android you like to play in this boring situation.

Fights are usually occur between the provinces in Japan, wage war, and conquer the province to get access to new type of units and strength your position in the country. The soldiers gain experience during the battles and become more deadly and effective. Each army is commanded by a general that boosts morale and teaches them the tactics to win the battle. It is one of the best offline and online strategy games.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoreGame Size is 80MBFree
Roman War game

#3 Roman War (3D RTS) Strategy Game (Android And iPhone)

It is a real-time strategy game (RTS) with simple controls, and it based on events from the Gallic Wars. Over hundred of different friend and enemy units launch dangerous battle in the region. Different unique units like spear-man, swordsman, Batman, Spiderman e.t.c, with their soldiers, and commanders. It is not the same as the classic multiplayer games like Mario Kart Tour and UNO.

You can collect rare cards to train your soldiers and power up your domain. Deploy series of skills to conquer your enemy and expands your domain. It is multiplayer games and one of the best strategy game for android and iphone. When I said it is RTS – it is of the best online strategy games.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoreGame Size is 17MBFree
best free online Strategy Games

#4 Call of Spartan (Android And iPhone)

Call of Spartan – is one of the best mind blowing online strategy games, designed for everyone who values glory and honor. In this game, Heroes lead the troops to the war, and fight to acquire new Kingdom.

The Call of Spartan is also one of the best strategy games for iphone and android. It is easy to play, nice graphic design and user-friendly interface. It is also easy to control and follow up the map.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoreGame Size is 68MBFree
The Best Strategy Games iphone

#5 Call of Duty: (Android And iPhone)

Call of Duty offers iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, and anywhere. Fast 5v5 team deathmatch, Sniper vs sniper battle, Modern warfare, and others. In terms of skills, it is one of the best strategy games for android and iphone to fight battle up to the top in competitive ranked mode.

You can also win clan prizes as you play with friends. Compete and wage war against millions of friends and enemy in this exciting free to play multiplayer shooter. It is also of the best online strategy games.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoreGame Size is 1.6GBFree
Roman empire game

#6. Roman Empire: Rise of Rome (Android And iPhone)

Roman Empire is another free and one of the best online strategy games, because it support RTS. It is somewhat similar to Grow Empire, as a player or leader, you have to lead your soldier to the war. Fight against Pompeii, Capua, and Veii city.

To have full control of central Italy, you have to defeat Samnite Republic. It is an essential to fight to become war leader to rule over Italian peninsula and central mediterranean sea zone.

One of the best features is, real roman soldiers, six different nations, 10 different warriors, and total numbers of wars. These also make Roma empire game one of the best strategy games for android and iphone.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoreGame size is 43MBFree
Free Strategy games
Image Credit: Google Playstore

#7. Civilization War (Android And iPhone)

In this civilization war, as a player, you have to battle for world conquest and global domination. It is one of the best strategy games for android, prepare yourself for the battle with civilization, where only the strongest will survive in the battle.

As a leader, you have to build your civilization from the beginning, creating new kingdom and ready for war. You need to build up your castle defenses and conquer new territory. Civilization War game features with user’s gift code, environment settings, and the ability to create user profile.

Another features that makes Civilization War game one of the best strategy games for iphone, is user-friendly interface, nice graphic design, and easy to control.

Download From Google PlaystoreDownload From Apple StoreGame Size is 268MBFree
Best strategy games 2020
Image Credit: Google Playstore

#8. Megapolis (Android And Iphone Strategy Game)

Megapolis is a long standing city building strategy games. Not only that, it is one of the best strategy games iphone, because you’ll never get bored playing this game. Megapolis is a true economic game based on the rules of market caters for line up realistic building and monuments.

It offers build perfect urban amenities, develop an industrial complex, advance science, and conquer the state contests. The user-friendly interface, cool and easy of control make it one of the best strategy games for android and iphone.

Install From Google PlaystoreInstall From Apple StoreGame Size is 100MBFree and Paid
Art of War 3
Image Credit: Google Playstore

#9. Art of War 3 (RTS Modern Warfare)

Art of War 3 is a real-time strategy online in the line of old classic PC game. Commander needs to defeat and win battle against enemy. In the modern warfare game, you have to fight with other players in PvP war, build your victorious strategy, introduce new fight tactics, assault vehicles, navy, and upgrade infantry to achieve supremacy in the battle field. You can also rule over your enemy as all these make it one of the best online strategy games.

Art of war 3 offers real-time PvP, support many players, a classical easy of control, and stunningly detailed 3D graphics. All these make it one of the best strategy games for iphone and android.

Install From Google PlaystoreInstall From Apple StoreGame Size is 121MBFree
War at arm
Image Credit: Google Playstore

#10. War At Arms

War at arms is another online strategy game, It enable the player to build your own soldier, strategize their tactics, and deploy your army for operation. There’s different plan for each country, only you and allies have the power and skills to remove the Solo Campaign mode.

You are allow to challenge your friend for fun and take the glory in the challenging multiplayer mode, which truly test your strategy abilities. Cool interface, nice graphic, and easy of control makes of the best strategy games for iphone and android.

Install Google Play StoreInstall World At Arms From Apple StoreGame Size is 36MBFree
war planet online
Image Credit: Google Playstore

#11. War Planet Online

War Planet Online is a real-time an online strategy game, and it support multiplayer. Build your own army, enjoying supremacy on your region and lead your soldier to the war to conquer the battle. Aside to be one of the best strategy games android, you can build your base to create the backbone of the defense, maintain your supremacy, and survive from your enemy assault.

It is also one of the best strategy games for iphone and android, because of the easy of use, cool and nice user’s interface. The stronger you’re, the more target you become, so be ready for battle.

Install From Google PlaystoreInstall From Apple StoreGame Size is 38MBFree
Squard Conflicts
Image Credit: Google Playstore

#12. Squad Conflicts

If you’re looking a game with deadly mission, then I will suggest to go for Squad Conflicts. It is one of the best online strategy games for both android and iphone, because some feature needs internet to work. Though these features may be discontinue without notice.

With Squad Conflicts, You can train and modify your army to give them new skills in the battlefield, right from the uber-stealth of the Ghost to superhuman recovery, and range skills. You can also get yourself equip with machine guns, strength your tactics with sniper riffles or pistles or take a rocket launcher, and go for big operation to kill enemy. These make it one of the best strategy gamesfor android.

Nice interface, cool graphics design, and easy of use are another factors to consider to choose Squad Conflicts. And it is also one of the best strategy games iphone users.

Install From Google Play StoreInstall from Apple StoreGame Size is 337MBFree


As at 2020, These are the best online strategy games, and the best strategy games for android. Though there are many games out there you can search through the stores. If you’re iphone’s users, I suggest to try these best strategy games for iphone. If you have anything to add to this, feel free to use the comment section to post your queries.


Free Multiplayer Games To Play Online On PC

Free Multiplayer Games

Online Free Multiplayer Games

Free Multiplayer games seems interesting but compared to the Apple Store, Android Market might be lagging. It does not signify there aren’t addictive, some fun, and best of all, games that are Android. Gaming is growing, and among the tens of thousands of games, it is getting harder to keep an eye on the quality ones. the best free multiplayer games are following:

Free Multiplayer Games
Image Credit: Pinkbird

1. Angry Birds

A puzzle game made by the multiplayer games programmer, Rovio, Angry Birds was first designed for iPhone and iPod touch devices and sold over 6.5 million copies on these platforms. The Android version was announced in May. And the game was also released in October for the Android platform. During the weekend of accessibility, over 2 million Android users downloaded it. 

Angry Birds is a challenging and very addictive puzzle game. In the game, you took control of a flock of birds whose eggs were stolen by evil pigs. You get to play with various types of birds that have unique abilities as you advance through the game and try to defeat the pigs. The thing is, unlike its Apple variant, the Android option is release at no cost. Angry Birds, among the Android games on the market, is available for downloading at GetJar site.

Free Multiplayer Games

2. Aliens Abduction

Here’s another illustration of free and fun Android games. Abduction is a challenging game wherein your mission is saving your mates from aliens. 

Game jumping Abduction is easy to learn the game and addictive pleasure for hours. Gem Miner: If there had been a list of most addicting games on Android, the Gem Miner game would surely be in the top ten. With randomly generated maps in each game along with its great graphics. Gem Miner is among the most effective completely best free multiplayer games out there waiting to be downloaded to your Android phone. An ad-free paid variant of Gem Miner, Dig Deeper, is also available to Android Market to get $.99.

Free Multiplayer Games

3. Word Feud

There are entirely free Android games for all those who’re into words, too. If you like Scrabble, then you are going to love Word Feud. There might not be a lot of Google Android word games out there. If you are looking for a good and familiar one, then Word Feud is the game for you. Among the best free multiplayer games, Word Feud provides its users with online game experience. You may enjoy this free multiplayer word game by inviting buddies from your contact list or playing against arbitrary opponents.

Free Multiplayer Games

4. Robo Defense

Robo Defense is a tower defense match wherein you build towers to kill monsters along with preventing them from invading your side. Some monsters are more susceptible to specific towers, and a few are resistant to the same tower. Majority of these best free Multiplayer games are available on Crazygame to download of different categories. And it is good to know how to increase lifespan of a phone battery as the most of these best free Multiplayer games consumes battery of your phone.