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ABOUT US: Satgist

ABOUT US: SatGist is a newly launched website which aimed to bring new ideas and sharing information on Satellite tv.  Tutorials guide on Satellite tv, IPTV, Phone and Gadget review shall be emphasizes.

we also specialized in satellite tv software for fixing minor bugs and add more features to the existing devices.

SatGist aimed to be the top and most influential website for people across the world.

Also to help individual to solve their problem through acquiring skills and knowledge in the field of Technology.

Apps review with proper implementations guides  on how to install and use it.

Satgist will extends to share information on game console, Mac, Window, iphone and others to benefits our readers across the world.

We committed to respect and protecting the privacy of our readers or visitors read more about our privacy policy.

Further more, Do you have ideas to share with us or you want to write for us read more about the requirements involved.

About US: Contact

To place order for any of our reviewed products kindly send your request to any of our social media contact below:

  • Address:  Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Phone:  +2348122176108
  • WhatsApp:+2348122176108
  • Telegram: t.me/satgist or +2348122176108
  • Skype: Satgist
  • Email:  admin@satgist.com

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