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Lynx IPTV Review Covers Arab,US,Europe And Latino

Lynx is one of the best premium IPTV services offering the most exciting channels in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and America. Having the Lynx IPTV app installed on your android tv box or satellite receiver, there’s a chance to get a test activation code to see the content of the Lynx IPTV app. From there you can decide if it is worth your spending. 

Key Specs:

  • Nice Interface
  • Contents are well arranged
  • Offers more than 7,500 Live TV and 1,000 VOD
  • Add Favorite, and channels update 
  • Search option for easy access of content
  • Parental control
  • High-quality picture of 4K, HD, H.265
  • 99.9% Server uptime

Lynx IPTV App Review

The background color of the App is light pink alongside with Multi-language option at the left-hand corner. The logo is located in the middle, while the Lynx IPTV activation code below reminds me of activation and restore code options.

Remember me option to prevent users from entering the activation anytime the application is launch. The activation option to log in or activate the fresh Lynx IPTV App and the restore option enables the users to restore the previous code activated on it.

After Successful login to our IPTV server, All the channels are available categorically from different countries and packages. While on the left-hand corner are the options for you to switch to movies, series, Favorites, and All channels.

Hardware Compatibility

Many set-top-boxes manufacturers include the App and the Lynx IPTV activation code, like Myhd, and it is compliant with Android TV Box. Smartphones and as well as Satellite IPTV receivers with outstanding performance without single freezing and bugs problem.


Besides excellent graphics design, It has flexible navigation in a different form on different platforms. It can decode Highly Efficiency Video Coding known as HEVC H.265.

The App features can refresh, Recordings, Search, Lock Packages, Settings, And display activation codes.

Under the Settings menu, users can modify Lock Package Password, check account durability, update channels, updates application, aspect Ratio, change the Video Player to the one that works best with your devices. Lastly, there’s an option to set the application to Auto Startup whenever your tv box is Power On or reboot.


Channels Package Available On Lynx IPTV APP

The following are packages such as Ramdan Karim, Ramdan Kitchen, The Holy Quran, HEVC H.265, Bein Sports HD, Sport HD, MBC, OSN, MY HD, Yahsat, Yes TV, Box Office, and so on. But if you’re looking for European and South African contents, Crystal OTT IPTV is the best option for you.

Supported Devices

Lynx IPTV activation code can work on android devices such as android phones, tablets, and android tv boxes. It can also work on PC as there is dedicated software for PC users.

Lynx protocol works only on some Geant and Starsat receivers models, and hopefully, soon, it will be available on other products like Tiger and Mediastar receivers.

Lynx IPTV Test Activation Code

Price And Where To Buy Lynx IPTV Activation Code?

A unit price per year is $55, very affordable. To get the Lynx IPTV activation code, you have to contact me to purchase the activation code, and we do support Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram e.t.c. You are welcome to get 24hours trial codes. We have stopped selling this IPTV, alternatively, you can opt for Extra OTT IPTV which far better.

Free Test Codes

  1. 153805891333
  2. 598288042067
  3. 397519391938
  4. 298813936109
  5. 214517031635
  6. 170077895171
  7. 343999572502
  8. 296466426092
  9. 185146614106
  10. 129817758162
  11. 270070788780
  12. 132833464803
  13. 107157124050
  14. 307002032662
  15. 181156520218
  16. 347386525289

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