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Yes Package, Frequency And How To Track On Amos 3/7 4W

In the Middle-East and North Africa, Yes tv package (Israel) on Amos 3/7 4W are cover in those region to an extent that dish installation made easy because with 60 cm dish above you can get all the channels on Yes tv package. In this tutorial, I will gives you satellite coordinates such as satellite position or degree, frequency and symbol rate. The Installation will be discuss in details on how to point your dish to Amo 3/7 4W.

About Yes tv Package (Israel)

Yes package is an Israel based satellite tv provider in the Middle-East. The company make use of Amos 3/7 4W satellite for delivering of digital tv services to the subscribers in the region. Yes package offers variety of digital tv services which includes Live Sport, News, Cinema, Drama, Kids, Education, Documentary and so on.

There are 9 Sport dedicated channels for delivering of live sport events across the world which including EPL, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Italia SerieA, European qualifiers and many other sport events.

Satellite Position Or Degree, Frequency, Dish Size And Signal Footage

For easy installation of satellite dish, Then you need to point your dish to Amos 3/7 4W. The dish size used in Israel or Middle-East or North Africa is 60cm dish above. However, In West Africa, the dish size requires 1.8m dish above all the yes package confirmed receive in the Northern part of Nigeria with 1.8m dish.

Generally, Aside these region stated above, others countries in West Africa can hit yes tv signal with 3m dish above. Below are the yes tv frequency. Polarization and symbol rate.

Yes tv Israel Package Frequency On Amos 3/7 4w

Yes TV On Amos 4W (Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate)

Frequency Polarizaion Symbol Rate
10758 V 27500
10962 V 27500
10972 V 30000
11030 V 27500
11058 V 13750
11079 V 09574
11103 V 30000
11474 V 27500
11501 V 13750
11553 V 27500

Requirement To Install or Point Your Dish To Amos 3/7 4W

  • Satellite dish antenna depends on the location determine the size of the dish
  • A digital Satellite TV Receiver with either Forever or Gshare Account or CCCAM
  • A satellite Finder or Satellite Tracker Device
  • Others tools: hammer, Ladder, drilling machine and so on.

How To Track or Point dish Antenna To Yes TV On Amos 3/7 4W

  • Before anything else, make sure you select appropriate side of your reception very close to West side for easy installation
  • Place the ladder on the flat surface to avoid slippery and body injury
  • Mount the dish to the wall or on the top of the roof and make sure you tight the bo and nuts hold the mast very well to avoid body injury
  • Connect the coaxial cable to the dish and satellite finder
  • Proceed to Installation Menu, Enter tracking frequency 10758 V 27500
  • Move the dish slowly towards Amos 3/7 4W satellite position or degree and sight your eyes on the satellite finder for signal to come out.
  • Try to adjust the LNB to increase the satellite signal
  • After you get high signal quality, Then tight the elevation and azimuth nuts very well
  • Remove the signal cable from satellite tracker and connect to the receiver
  • Proceed to Installation Menu and Choose “Blind Scan”
  • After that, Connect the receiver to the Internet
  • Activate the Forever or Gshare server or CCCAM
  • Wait for few seconds, the channels will start coming up

That’s how you can point your satellite dish to Amos 3/7 4W to enjoying unlimited Entertainment from Yes tv Israel. To know more about Channels list on Yes tv Package.


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  1. Hey, am in ethiopia adiss abeba by which size of a dish can track sport 2, 3 and 4 HD BY 90 cm dish i only get sd channels and also i cant get yes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 its not working. Can you help me.

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