89 thoughts on “How To Renew Forever Server And Gshare IKS/SDS Account On Any Supported Receiver

  1. Thanks bro for the information on gshare account but I want to know if sds In tiger t800+ mini are because mine fails to work, if it does please help.

  2. hello, do you know how to buy card not to renew server forever?

    on the page it puts 12 months for 34 dollars but it is too expensive since for pages like aliexpress they sell it for 20 dollars

  3. Im on Nilesat when you search on Nilesat
    No bein channels appear and on badr I have them scanned but are not working
    Please advice thanks ?

  4. So how do i download the forever server or gshare server account to my tlink t9000 receiver

  5. Hello,
    Sir i am from India. Can you tell me paksat 1r @ 38 degree east satellite works on this forever server. I need to know.
    Please help….

  6. Greetings admin, can funcam work on Skysat 2020,
    Secondly what is the difference between funcam and forever and can funcam account be inserted Into forever and vice versa and it still works

  7. Hi there,

    Can I use Forever instead of Funcam?! My funcam has been finishing and I want to charge forever instead.
    Will it work?!

  8. Hello, I can’t charge mine with only sn, the website require a card no to continue, where can I get this number!
    Thanks man.

  9. Hello good morning Sir. Thank you for the update it is really educative. My tigers T8 and T8 V2 high class cannot auto roll biss key on signal 6. Please help thanks.

  10. hi I have starsat 2000hd extrem receiver, my server is Forever.132, my account expired 2 of jul 2020. I checkedy the Quer with http://renewforever.com/ it giving me that account expire; I push charge the system require Card No; I don’t have a card No. how can I charge my account?

  11. 1. What is the differences btn Gshare SDS and Gshare internet? Does Starsat SR 90000hd extreme support Gshare internet? Can gshare internet replace buying data mbs, how can I set it up. I’m using Gshare SDS and dongle I do buys data mbs to view channels with Forever server and Cccam

  12. You said you have a private server which opens cosmote 9e , is this server compatible with vusolo2 or edition osmio 4k?and how can i get it?

      1. Please can you help me. I want to recharge de foreverSE.131 but I don’t have any card no. How can I get this. Thanks in advance!

      2. Good day sir, I have starsat 8989hd Vega, please help in need information concerning which server can it take instead of funcam and lastly sir, what is the function of the funcam server, is it something the u must use internet before it work?


  13. Is there a problem with forever server? On my geant 2500hd hybrid it is not working, server is valid till 12-2020 but in menu >server is see 0 connected?

      1. Please can you help me. I want to recharge de foreverSE.131 but I don’t have any card no. How can I get this. Thanks in advance!

  14. sir can you tell me i have tigerT3000 mega
    if i recharge sds server in my tigert3000 mega,.. does all channals open without internet conection ???

  15. Sir I have tiger 30000 which I renew the forever server none of the channel are opening please can you help me sir

  16. Hello sir, pls which sport Channels can i get with 2.4 M dish in Nigeria opened by forever server. I have Mediastar MS-Mini 2121 Forever

  17. I have a SR-2000 Extreme server. I have the serial number but I do not have card number. How can I renew the Forever server. It is expiring in January.

    1. We already chatted on the email. Feel free to contact me back if you have any assistance and you can also contact me on WhatsApp/Telegram: +2348122176108

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