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Why You Should Not Learn To Code In 2020

Many people out there always willing to learn to code most especially the python. This idea keep gaining ground everyday in the tech forum. However, there are my problem piled up with that idea: Coding is not the new knowledge. A lot of people is learning coding for the right reasons, but my concern is why are you learning coding when you face some challenges? In this post, I’m going to explain to you why you should not learn to code.

Reasons Why You Should Not Learn To Code

1. Artificial Intelligence is getting better and better

At the first reason is the artificial intelligence is getting better and better. You see a lot of top tech companies starting to use machine learning to replace a lot of algorithm that used to be written up by hand. And what I’m trying to say is AI singularity is eminent, producing machines will be riding all of our code, and there won’t be a single programmer job anymore left.

All the programs will soon be out of a job and there’ll be nothing left for anybody to do. When the AI singularity hits the computer won’t be able to program itself such a 0.0001% better. Now there is much smarter than humans and then at that point the fate of humanity will face extinction.

There’ll be a war against the machines. And we need to start preparing for that rather than worrying about how to get a job as a programmer. You soon have to start worrying about how to fight the machines, how to set up electromagnetic shield come up with better plans. New go completely offline after great setup your bomb shelters and guns.

So I will say that that’s just one thing you really need to think about if you’re serious about learning how to code, the machines can very well turn against you.

Benefits of Soft-skills

The second point is that the importance of soft-skills cannot be understated. You not been able to communicate empathize with people and collaboration in work using Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint presentations. Just been able to really talk to people listen to them have responsibility, the soft-skills are very important for programmers, do you know you can’t just be coding? In fact, if you did your coding and only focus on soft-skills that could very well get you a job that sometimes you don’t even code.

These people just think that if you just write emails back, and fought between people or act as a Middleman communicator like fiverr that’s enough to order get you a job. The thing to know is that once you become a coder the next goal is to become un-coder.

Senior engineers will take pride in being able to see why I don’t want to learn to code anymore. And that’s really server status symbol and it’s the next big milestone in your development as a software engineer. Personally I have seen in teams of senior software engineers and architects none of them code anymore.

It Could Just Be Too Hard To Do

Don’t be a coward and it’s not really the sort of thing that you can just learn like people are born with the ability to write a c++. And if you’re not born with this talent then you just can’t learn to code it’s impossible. Yeah! it’s just way too hard and could just be easier to just give up.

I think for me my main problem with learn to code is that overnight success is just not guaranteed and you’re just kind of a deal-breaker for me. It may be easier to just go on either hamburger instead of trying to learn to code something that mean I even work.

I mean learn to code is going to be packed and then you have to fix the bugs and go get a cup of water and then eat some food and then go take a nap. I mean it’s so much work to do all this stuff.

A Programmer Came With The Single Line of Code Affect Millions of People

The impact is massive, but yet the problem is it’s not face to face impact. So that’s what makes it very nerdy to me. Like I want to be able to put on the suit comb back my hair with a lot of gel and they have to check a person’s hand. And that is how I like to make my impact on a one-to-one basis, and that people that connection with the person face-to-face is what really counts as true impacting me.

If are you doing is typing lines of code affecting millions of people across the world. But you don’t actually see them face-to-face then that doesn’t count.

The Computer Knows The Better Way

You’ll find many programmers like playing video games probably because it’s cause effect relationship playing video games, trains people to be able to start computers and screens for long periods of time.

So where you find is that a lot of your co-workers may like playing video games and software engineering itself is kind of like a giant. The video game like a puzzle game where you’re putting the logical pieces together. Though Microsoft suggests that new tariffs will affect game consoles.

So we enjoyed almost feels like playing video games been able to and just been in meetings all day that’s kind of the idea of work for me. You go play your video games if that’s what you’re into but other people, I don’t have work to do just also just generally too much competition like everybody wants to be a programmer these days.

Maybe if you just didn’t complete then there will be more money left in the pool for poor people like me so that you’re my salary could be a little bit higher. I would probably appreciate that but, at the same time I was there that one problem for supper engineer’s salary is just too high.

You know, you don’t want to be to greedy is very optimistic help their fellow it’s just not very cool these days to be trying to earn more money. You maybe do something more indie something that’s down to earth if you make too much money you end up alienating people.

And you’re just not related to any more it’s really no different than being like this bank is on the last week. I have been in organizations were there two separate buildings and Charlie one building is kind of like a animal operations.

Everyone’s are for people go back to the families and their social lives and then back in the engineering building. Keep are still drinking Red Bull, eating pizza and playing ping-pong. If you’re going to start a company you don’t really need programing for one. You can just hire the help if you need it.

Very Difficult To Build A Separate Destination Website And Drive Traffic To it

 I think that’s what the 90s era way of grading companies. These days you can launch a car companies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. You don’t necessarily need your own blog or website business like Ebay business, Amazon business as well as Side Project Zero.

How many language do I need to know? and I think this isn’t the right person to be asking because you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. The problem with the sort of thinking is when you go into the same company you going to be the worst engineer. You’re not going to be able to get you won’t have a good career path because you don’t have the passion. Or you don’t have interest to continue any further.

Their goal was to get the minimum requirements to get into the company and pretty soon you’re probably be fired or did you just be underperforming and you won’t go anywhere in your career.

Since that I would encourage you to ask a question like what are the minimum requirements to become a senior engineer company acts? and make that your goal post for Northstar over your head, because this is going to be a long journey and it’s not necessarily just a quick go there to reach and then just start from there.

Coding is just too nerdy

I remember one day when she said I was too analytical and logical for her. You don’t want me like that you want to be friendly so sharp humans are by nature irrational. And if you learn coding you become a rational being and you’re not able to communicate and socialize with the rest of the population.

So you won’t be very careful about that people start saying that you’re weird. You’ve got Asperger’s your artistic so. I hope this clarified why you should not get into coding.

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