Tracking iPads or how to track an ipad and find my ipad service

Tracking iPads: Best Way To Track An iPad Stolen

Tracking iPads is imminent, Almost all the Apple device has inbuilt settings features for tracking iPads either got lost or stolen. This feature is usually called ” Find My iPad”, offering Apple’s cloud storage and computer-based service known as iCloud. When you first power on your iPad for the first time, the iCloud is disabled by default. You’re allowed to enable this option while setting up for the first use. For “My iPad” to work effectively; Find My iPad and iCloud must be activated on the device, Note that the setting or feature can’t work remotely. To track iPads devices must also be powered on with an active internet data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

When it comes to having something that you need in your possession. You may think about a GPS Tracking iPads is more powerful than any other phones. You may not find this tracking iPads features on any other type of cell phone or handheld electronic device. Why is this?

Well, the reason for this is that this is not the usual kind of device. This is a high tech device that has all the features that are needed in the case of someone who needs to know where someone is at any given time. In this article, I will tell you how to activate a tracking iPads.

Tracking iPads or how to track an ipad and find my ipad service
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 Steps-by-steps Guides Set up For Tracking iPads.

Step 1:

Before you start to track ipads, verify the status of iCloud on your iPad by clicking on the “Settings” button on the Home screen, then selecting “iCloud” in the settings menu. If you’ve already enabled the iCloud when you first configure the iPad, then you’ll find all the list of iCloud services and settings available. If it hasn’t been activated yet, then you’ll be asked or prompted to input your Apple ID to register your iCloud account.

Step 2:

Look for the “Find My iPad” option in the iCloud services list and settings menu. Tap the slider to the “On” position. Click on “Allow” to confirm your settings.

Test the “Find My iPad” service by going to on a computer and input your Apple ID and password. Then tap on “Find My iPad”. Choose the iPad from the “My Devices” list available. As far as the iPad is activated and connected to an internet data or Wi-Fi connection, the service can track it. Once your device is found, then it will appear on a map as a green circle. Note that the smaller the circle is, the more accurate the location.


You’ve to be sure of yourself that your iPad has been stolen before you begin the process to track iPads. Once you find its location with Find My iPad, don’t try to retrieve it by yourself. It is better to contact your local police department; make a complaint or report the stolen device and provide the details of the location you get from “Find My iPad”.


It is good to aware of other features included in the “Find My iPad” service to know what to do in case it’s lost or stolen. Suppose you’ve lost your iPad and believe it to be close, then you can play music on it at high volume.

Tracking iPads is very easy, If someone finds the lost iPad phone, you can send a texts message revealing your contact details appear on the phone’s screen. There are other options for remotely locking the iPad. No one can access or use it if found and remotely clearing all your data from the device as a last resort to prevent anyone from seeing your personal details that are sensitives. This is how you can track ipads if stolen or lost.

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