Dropbox hacks Prevention

Dropbox Hack Prevention: Best Ways To Secure A Dropbox Account

Do you know about Dropbox Hacks? If you have a username and password, then you are most likely an avid Dropbox user. While many people don’t realize it, Dropbox hackers have discovered a way to infiltrate these accounts and steal and send confidential information.

You probably will not be surprised if I tell you that accounts like your password and Facebook information can easily be compromised. As the name implies, Dropbox hacks are among the quickest and easiest ways to open up your account. Some hackers who hack computers are now targeting Dropbox accounts to help themselves to other information.

Dropbox Hack Prevention:

Here are the ways to secure your Dropbox account and Dropbox hacks prevention.

1. Use Strong Password

Use a strong password is one of the Dropbox hack prevention. This means that it should contain combinations of lower case letters, numbers, or special characters. It should also be a minimum of eight characters long. It is not safe to use the same password for all of your accounts. Password is the primary protection for everything related to online account. So creating a more secured password is a must and crucial to keep your account safe.


2. Avoid Using The Same Password For All Your Online Account

Using a similar password for all your online account including dropbox can ease vulnerability and allows hackers to get access to your privacy. Also, always clear the internet browser if you’re using a desktop in the cafe or a computer doesn’t belong to you. Also, avoid using cafe or open wi-fi connection is one of the best Dropbox hacks prevention.

3. Don’t Take Bait To Opening Links

It is good to avoid any links without knowing the source. This is one ways used by the hackers to get access to your dropbox account and any others. Even though you want to opening it make sure you confirm the site support HTTPS protocol otherwise stay back.

4. Avoid Opening Automated Attachment Files

Opening Images or download files either from online or sent to your Gmail account may cause your dropbox account to get hack. Thanks to Google that introduce anti-virus scanner, as this will first scan the document before it can be available for you to download. Google will tell you that the file contains suspicious file and you will given option to download if you like. It is good not to download such a hack files.

5. Using Two-Step Verification

Hackers can be very creative, Dropbox hacks prevention extends to use two-step verification on your online accounts to ensure that no one else can gain access to your account. In some cases, hackers have discovered a way to get access to your account by just entering your login information and have access to your money as well. This will end the possibility of a dropbox hack no matter the process the hackers used.

6. The Use Of Antivirus Software

You can use an antivirus program to monitor what your system is browsing on the Internet. Any suspicious activities should be reported to the company that develops the system for you. If you are not using the Dropbox service, you will need to make sure that your files are kept secure and adopt this Dropbox hacks prevention.

Some systems have options to create utterly private folder groups. The only files accessible by that folder are those you have added to it. This is an excellent method of storing data if you are going to have a large group of people accessing them.

7. Smart Lock or Using PIN

If you do find yourself in a situation where the Dropbox hack could happen, the best thing to do is change the username and password. Once you have done that, install a security program that creates a PIN for you to protect your account from dropbox hack. Do not use the same password that is used to login to the account. Keep a copy of the password somewhere safe on your hard drive.

Dropbox hacks Prevention

8. Disconnect Unused Devices From Your Dropbox account

To avoid getting your dropbox hacked, then you need to disconnect your device from the missing devices or device under repair. This also serve as Dropbox hacks prevention ensure you remove your dropbox account even if you want to sell or dash out your computer to someone.

9. The Use Of Password Manager

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have enough memory to memorize his or password. Then I can suggests you to adopt password manager. All you need here is to remember the master password and the password manger will take care of the rest. It is safe to use but make sure you didn’t use the same password for your dropbox account for another account.

It will be very difficult to get your dropbox hack. The likes of RoboForm, and lastPass are the best services to use for dropbox hacks and other things related to account vulnerability. The are the Dropbox hacks prevention and best ways to secure your Dropbox account.


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