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Best Anime: The 10 Greatest Anime Series And How To Watch Them

If you are wondering which is the best anime, you are not alone. Millions of people all over the world find themselves following their favorite anime shows. And the top shows of the genre never fail to draw huge audiences.

The best anime shows can be purchased from many sources, and many people have a hard time choosing the right ones to buy. That is because all of the popular anime shows are available on DVD. They are all available on one disc, but with so many of them available on such a small CD, it takes up a lot of space.

The best anime shows are like a mini-series in away. If you can get them all in one place, then you can be sure that you will always have an easy time watching them. The best shows are aired by the biggest networks or watch on website, so if you want to watch them at the same time, it would be a good idea to make sure that you watch them at the same time as everybody else.


Best Anime Series You Need To Watch

1. The Beastars Anime Review

The critics have praised the Beastars as a best Anime and faithful adaptation of the Japanese manga. The studio behind the production, A-1 Pictures, is known for producing and directing titles such as Durarara!! and Eureka Seven. The production company for the movie is Planet Pictures.

The story begins with Abraham Makovsky (Robert de Niro), who moves into an apartment that is very far from the city. He longs to visit Tokyo and find out what his life was like before he moved to the town, but he can’t afford it. In the city, he meets a girl named Sana (Rinko Kikuchi).

As their relationship grows, they both begin to wonder about their pasts. They meet the main character in the movie, Akemi (Keita Amemiya), whose death has been left up in the air, in part due to a family feud. After several events, they begin to work together to solve this issue. The tension starts to mount as events begin to spiral out of control. All these make it to be one of the best Anime movies available to watch on Netflix.

Overall, the Beastars is a bit mixed. Though there are some flaws, the story of the film is intriguing and enjoyable. If you’re interested in this best Anime movie, then you should give it a shot. It’s recommended for fans of the manga. You won’t find any less than two hours of great action and adventure. Be prepared to be completely sucked in and want to watch the movie over again.

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2. Fate Zero Anime Review

What make this best anime movies? First, Fate Zero has some lovely graphics as well as excellent animation quality. If you like watching long scenes of action with lots of blood and violence, then this is the best Anime for you. There are also some fights and battles with spirits and other villains. The storyline is also enjoyable.

Some scenes are fantasy, and some are really lifelike. The main characters all have their interesting personalities, which makes it easy to identify with them, even if they don’t act the same way with everybody else.

The action scenes are really cool, and they are done in a very fast-paced manner. If you watch it live, you will not get bored at all, as it will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are a fan of the Fate series, then I am sure that you will enjoy this best Anime.

It is available to view in Japanese with English subtitles, so you can choose to watch it in Japanese or English via Netflix. The English dubbing is doing well. All in all, this is an best anime, and it is one of the best Fate series available in the market.

3. The Fate of the Masters

The first thing you have to know is that the main character in this best Anime is none other than Kenshin Himura. He’s a samurai, and it’s his mission to bring honor to the family name. The shogun killed his parents, and he was raised by a woman named Ono Kisekae, who trained him to become the greatest warrior ever. Because of his parent’s death, he decided to take it upon himself to be the best he can be, even in the face of death.

The story begins as Kenshin goes to train with Shishio because he knows that Kenshin is the chosen one. But when Kenshin gets back from training, Ono and Shishio are killed, and he immediately takes it upon himself to find out what happened. He finds out that an evil lord has killed them, and he and his master, Miyamoto Musashi, are the only ones left. Kenshin decides to go after this evil lord to protect his master, but he is not going just to go it alone, this is one of the best anime action series

A Kaiji series will show you a little bit about the plot and how it works. If you’ve never watched an anime before then, this is the perfect place to start because this is not the typical story you have watched in so many other Anime. This best Anime is much different than most. The story revolves around Kenshin, his rival or an evil lord named Jin, and the two of them fighting it out in their journey to destroy each other. 

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4. One-Punch Man Anime

One-Punch Man is an anime manga about a bullied high school student and his fight against bullying. It’s one of the best anime to watch if you want a new way to learn and teach kids about social interaction. This best Anime has some mature themes, but it’s all done amusingly and enjoyably. Read on to learn more about the One-Punch Man series.

Why is it one of our top best anime movies to watch? The manga is named after the protagonist called the “Punch Man” (his real name is Akame) as he starts his new life with this new sidekick named Nui. In this world, many people are people of talent, but the law sees it differently.

The government is doing its best to stop all the criminals that have started to pop up. The government used to be all-powerful, but now it has slowly lost control of the criminals that run wild. With all these criminals out there, nothing is safe anymore, and the law got weak and ineffective. That’s why it make into the lists of best anime series.

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5. Kenga Ashura

If you want a fast-paced, action-packed Anime with a lot of twists and turns, then the Kenga Ashura might be the best anime series to watch. If you want to see an original and well-executed story, then this is not the Anime for you.

Hopefully, this Kenga Ashura has helped you get a better idea of what to expect. Probably you now have a better idea of whether or this is not going to be for you. So go ahead and check out this Anime yourself and enjoy it.

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6. The Seven Deadly Sins Anime

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most controversial, and best Anime shows ever. It is also one of the most heavily marketed Anime, and the focus of the main character from this show is Satan himself. This show does manage to achieve its goal in the end: The Seven Deadly Sins have been in existence since the beginning of time, and they will always exist no matter what the creator of the show wants to do.

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of the best anime as it focuses on how Satan was born into a world full of Sin. Satan’s actions are all part of the Sin, but he doesn’t do them because he wants to, but because he has to. He was not able to change his way of life and his people, but he was able to change how his people believe about him. With the help of an angel, the show shows us how Satan eventually became what he is today.

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7. The Devilman Crybaby Anime

This Devilman Crybaby anime is one the popular and best anime Some people might find the series of Devilman Crybaby series to be a bit strange. Also, it is an odd feeling to watch this sort of an animated series because it’s not as good as other series that are animated like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Gatchaman, and Dragonball.

Still, many others prefer it to others. But for now, it’s just an observation and speculation based on the show itself that makes us think that it’s the best anime action-adventure series.

But, let’s discuss further in this Devilman Crybaby anime the main character, Orin, who is the main protagonist of the Devilman series. Orin is the lead protagonist of the series, and he is a young boy who possesses powers similar to those of the Devil.

These powers are what allow him to transform himself into the Devilman form. But his unique ability isn’t something he developed by himself. It was given to him by the Archangel Michael (the angel protecting humanity from the evil forces of the Devilmen for centuries).

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8. Kill La Kill Anime

It is a fantasy world where the strongest people become rulers. This fantasy world started as a manga called Railgun, which is a manga that deals with battles between super-powered humans and is popular in Japan. This anime show took that concept and made it into an animated movie.

It was then adapted into an animation show and is a combination of action, drama, comedy, and excitement. This is going to talk about how people enjoy watching these kinds of shows, as well as how Anime helps businesses like Crunchyroll by bringing in viewers that would not usually be in front of their computers or on their phones.

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9. Fire Force

Very interesting and one of the best anime series! The stars of the Fire Force anime are the anthropomorphic ninja, the unit known as the “Force.” Why we choose it to be among the best anime series? Because they have a unique weapon that makes them even more efficient as fighters.

Also, the weapon is a demonic-looking scythe called “Mutsun,” whose primary purpose is to cut down everything in its path. It is powerful enough to destroy an enemy’s body without ever doing physical damage to it. This ability of theirs is known as “guts.”

Each character’s proficiency in their particular skill is reflected in their appearance and persona. Kakashi’s persona is that of a confident young man, and Uchiha Itachi is that of a noble martial artist and chivalry follower.

These two characters are more popularly known as the founders of the fictional ninjas, whom you would see in the animated series, “Fire Force.” Their appearance will make you feel like you are seeing a real person. Their clothing is entirely different from the familiar ninjas’ clothes, and each character’s hairstyle is a bit different from the other’s.

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10. Saint Seiya Anime

Saint Seiya Animated show is one of the most famous and best anime series in the world. He has a very noble attitude and acts sincerely and is excellent in handling different types of weapons.

There are several exciting features of the Saint Seiya. The most notable feature is the storyline, which is a mixture of many stories from ancient times. The other major feature is the role of the Knight named King, who is a crucial person in the whole story.

This Knight plays a vital role in bringing back peace and harmony between the forces of Good and Evil. However, things were not so easy for him. He met many hurdles while trying to get back peace and harmony between the two. After many battles, he was finally successful and went back to his country.

He was also able to bring back peace and harmony between the forces of good and evil, that’s why he make the list of the best anime series.

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11. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Series

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Series review focuses on the Second Season of the anime series. The plot is about an underdog child, and his attempt to take revenge on a gang of evil men who have been terrorizing him. The main protagonists of the anime series are Dio Brando, a wise-cracking criminal, and Jonathan Joestar, a person who is frequently considered as a hero by the viewers.

This best anime series takes on different themes, including sadism, torture, blood, violence, humor, drug abuse, time travel, a vengeance against past crimes, a love story, and even crimes that were committed by the members of the group.

In this type of best anime series, there is the use of violence, torture, and killing of innocent people. People also feel that the theme of the show is more severe than it seems. For example, the villain, Dio Brando, is not shown as being a bad guy from the rest of the series, but as a smart guy who plans his crimes meticulously.

He also said that he is so intelligent that he got his powers from an ancient spell, which is supposed to be from the dark side of the universe. Another notable character is Joseph Joestar, a member of the United States Armed Forces who had a crush on Josuke Higashikata since the start of the series. The story will show us the progression of the relationship between Joseph and Josuke. From all these, you can assume to be one of the best anime movies.

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