POP TV IPTV APP And Actvation Test Code

POP TV IPTV: Review, Features, Test Code And Price

POP TV IPTV is another fantastic streaming platform you need to have on your device. It really packed with nice user interface and stable server on different video output format. To stream high quality video like 4K then you need minimum of 2 Mbps internet speed. While normal standard format requires minimum of 500 kbs above. So POP TV IPTV is the best option for you and alternative to MITV Pro IPTV.

POP TV IPTV requires activation code to access the contents such as live tv, video on demand (VOD). Easy setup and there’s option to query when your active code will expire.

POP TV IPTV Features:

  • Nice welcome graphic short video and user interface
  • Support Live, and VOD
  • Set favorite channels
  • Detect network connection type
  • Network speed detector
  • Display due date on the UI
  • Nice built-in player
POP TV IPTV APP And Actvation Test Code

Hardware And Software

The POP TV app has a nice welcome video graphics and attractive user login interface. Easy navigation and set up in a single click by default. The user’s login interface features screen keyboard for easy se tup. But no auto launch.

Still in the interface, You have two option to choose from either to watch Live or VOD. Once you have a valid activation code and click on the connect button, then you will automatically login to the channels library.

Countries And Package Supported

The countries supported are limited with few channels, however French and Arabic has more channels than other. The content are categories as H.265, Bein Sports, Arabic Channels, canal+, Sky, Other Packages and Box Office.

From Other packages, you can find your local channels and some others packages from different countries. The Box Office are also categories to Germany, Netherland, UK, France, Serbian, Italy and many others.

POP TV IPTV APP And Actvation Test Code

Download And Free Daily POP TV IPTV Activation Code

You can download the POP TV App via this link and below are the test activation code valid for 3days.

  1. E95E1FDF7C
  2. 29462AFB15
  3. 092B5694AC

Price And Availability

A unit price of POP TV IPTV of the activation code is $65 per year and you can contact me to place order. No delay after payment is confirmed and the activation code will be send to your mail.


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  1. Good day sir, thank you so much for the post, this has been on the 7 of may since, my late reading of your post is due to the corona virus and lackdown in my country until now I got to again start reading on your blog, my concerned now is of the POP TV IPTV, through reading about it I am quite interested but if you could provide me with a test code for a trier I will highly appreciate.

    Thanks alot

  2. problem POPTV
    “play failed ”
    if chose any channel in list but no picture just “play failed ” in top right corner screen

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