Tigerstar T8 Forever Decoder

Tigerstar T8 Forever Receiver Review, Price And Availability

It is my pleasure and honour to present the trending Tigerstar T8 Forever packed with great functions and affordable for boTigerstar T8 Forever Review, Price And Availabilityth the commercial and end users. It features many IPTV protocol options, support multi-stream, H.265, PowerVU and capability to opening Beoutq Sport and AFN with the Forever server pro. Let’s do the review.

Tiger T8 Forever Receiver: Body And Design

Tiger T8 Forever is very light in weight and design with two colours, Black and white colour and the bottom is also in white with a curved edge in the front.

Tigerstar T8 Forever Decoder

There are ventilation holes at both the top and the bottom, which prevent overheating with one USB port situated at the side. Tiger T8 Forever has a single tuner located at the back and USB, HDMI, AV jerk, IR and Power port. At the same time, the external Interface Reader attaches to the IR port to display the number of channels; thus, it is unnecessary.


Tigerstar T8 Forever features with the most advance and high-efficiency video coding H.265 for delivering a compressed signal to Improve viewer experience. Tiger T8 Forever can connect to different range of external Wi-Fi and 3G modem for internet connectivity.

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Tigerstar T8 Forever Receiver Tuner: DVB-S/DVB-S2, And DVB-S2X

The signal tuner is better than that of the Range T20 receiver, which reduces signal quality by 2-5% depending on frequency modulations. It support Multistream tuner to scan and detect hide channels such as Max tv on Multi-Ghana package. Tigerstar T8 Forever can autorole any channels encrypted with both Biss and PowerVU key such Signal-6 and HBO respectively.

Tiger T8 Forever Opening AFN



Upon booting while power on, The welcome or booing image is cool and friendly menu interface. Tigerstar Forver decoder can open Beoutq Sports channels on Badr 26e, AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A at 9e and SES 5 at 5e with with Forever server pro.

MYHD IPTV has confirmed working fine with in-built 12 month, 3month Joker IPTV, 2month Haha IPTV, and others are working with at least 1month free trial. There’s also a dedicated menu for video-on-demand which contain movies, series, Kids from different IPTV Service Provider and many more. You can visit Tiger official website for software updates.

IPTV On Tiger T8 Forever Receiver

Tigerstar T8 Forever Technical Specifications

LaunchReleased In December, 2019
Brand NameTigerstar T8 Forever
BodyDimension: 95mm x 95mm x 12mm
Color: Orange And White
Weight: 0.4kg
Package Weight: 1kg
TunerDVB-DVBS-2/H.265 and Multistream
HardwareModel: HSB133
Version: HSB151-8001-01(B)
SoftwareSupport Autorole PowerVU
Opening Beoutq without Internet
ServerSupport 1year pre-loaded Ferrari Server
DecodingH.265, H.264, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4
IPTVMYHD IPTV, Ferrari IPTV, Bello IPTV, Sham IPTV e.t.c
VODMatrix, Movies, Series, MYHD MOVIES, TOPTEN VOD e.t.c
LanguageEnglish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, e.t.c
MultimediaVideo Format: 50/60HZ, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Media Player Codec: Avi, mkv, ts, mp3, mp4 supported
Audio Format: AC-3, AAC, MP3

IKS And IPTV Activation Code On Tiger T8 Forever Decoder:

S/NServer Name/TypeActivation Code Duration
1.Forever Serverin-built15month
2.Joker IPTVPress 1-16 (digit)3month
3.Ultra IPTVPress 1-12 (digit)1month
4.Haha IPTVPress (5555566666)45 Days
5.Belo IPTVPress (4000000000)1month
6.Oscar IPTVPress (5050505050)1month
7.Doctor IPTVPress 1-12 (digit)1month
8.G-Box IPTVPress 10101010101month
9.Atlass IPTVPress 1-15 (digit)1month
10.Apollo IPTVin-built code1month

Tiger T8 Forever Receiver: Pricing And Availability

A unit price of Tiger T8 Forever is start from N20,000 and above depends on the features. Some Nigerian dealers used to ask Tiger company to remove features to beat the price down to be more affordable. If you want to place order contact me.

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  1. Evening am having issues on my Tige T8 dongle since i upgraded to 1.52 it as been rebooting Itself even while watching and yesterday another upgrade pop-up and as i was doing the upgrading it rebooted again and since then it has refused to open,it’s only showing the tiger picture board

  2. As i was updating my decoder T8 power went off and since then it is showing the Tiger picture. what should i do?

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