Satellite TV World Updates August 2019: Beout, AFN and Others

Beout Sport on Satellite TV Decoder And Android TV Box On MYHD IPTV And Xtreme IPTV

Towards the end of July and early of August, Both AFN and Beout Sport went off in Satellite TV world. Today I’m gonna give Satellite TV World updates on Beout Sport, AFN, TStv, IPTV, MYHD IPTV, Sony Entertainment Network and the possible way of watching live football live streaming and on Satellite TV platforms.

Why Beout Sport Went Off?

To understand this post in the right perspective, Then you must know what is really mean Beout Sport, Let me quickly give you details about Beout Sport.

What is Beout Sport?

Beout Sport is a pirate digital pay television broadcaster serving Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2017, It was established to against Qatar based pay tv Bein Media. Beout Sport simulcasts the tv programming of Bein Sports, with their own air-logos overlaid Bein Sports logo.

Beout Sport on Satellite TV Decoder And Android TV Box On MYHD IPTV And Xtreme IPTV ANd updates on Sony Entertainment

It become the greatest threats to the future of the world of sports and entertainment industry. Beout Sport using Arabat to deliver the digital piracy services though it was introduced to break the monopoly of Bein Sport.

Back to the reason why Beout Sport went off. Ever since it was launched and pirate Bein Sport. Beout Sport has become great threats to the world of Sport and entertainment. Most of the Football Association bodies which includes premier league and FIFA condemned the action and the legal action has been taken against the Beout Sport to stop the illegal services. It was also reported that Bein has issued warning to the premier league clubs that the next broadcasting deal could be burst due to theft.

To cut the story short, Beout Sport has been forcefully shut down due to high pressure from the football association on till further notice. It is reported that the illegal streamer keep increasing everyday and it now reaches more than 5,000 streamer. The best alternative for footy fans is Cosmote Sport as it have everything to deliver.


AFN Network Channels

It was among the most enjoyable PowerVU channels ever since it was introduced. Afn Network has implement new PowerVU Algorithm to protect their content from unauthorized use. Yet I can’t rule out that AFN Network couldn’t be watch in the future.

AFN channels are available on different satellite, but the best among them receivable globally is AFN on Eutelsat 9A at 9E Satellite. It ggood for watching live sport, News, TV Shows and movies.

Sony Entertainment Network Channels

Besides AFN Network channels, Sony Entertainment channels is another fantastic PowerVU channels. You can watch hollywood and Asian movies both action and series. It is a good satellite channels and a must for every home. Yet Sony entertainment still working on some decoder, hopefully soon other satellite decoder manufacturer will release new software to fix Sony Entertainment channels.

TStv Saga On English Premier League

It seems TStv really mean business this time because, It shown every EPL games start from the first day. You need to buy their set-top box to enjoying the opportunity as the company begin to scramble their channels on free-to-air decoder. The only thing that baffles me on TStv is signal problem I don’t know if the TStv signal won’t be off as usual.

MYHD IPTV On Android IPTV Box And Satellite Decoder


IPTV is the best solution for now because you can watch anything you like. I learn’t that majority of the people here in Africa as a whole find it difficult to use IPTV. To enjoying IPTV fully, then you must have the following:

If you can meet up with up the requirements stated above then you won’t have any freezing while using IPTV.

MYHD IPTV Subcription

MYHD IPTV is one of the most widely used IPTV subscription, because the protocol usually features with most of Satellite Receiver as default. Likewise Android TV Box users can visit google play store to download the latest version. I have been using MYHD IPTV subscription for the past 4 years now without issues. One of the reason why I like it is that, MYHD subscription code can be reset and use on another box if the current box faulty. The subscription cost is cheaper for $50 per year.

List of Satellite TV Decoder Support MYHD IPTV

To purchase is simply easy just hit anyone of my contact address here. Alternatively, Xtreme IPTV activation subscription code is available too which support almost decoder stated above.

Final Verdicts

Beout Sport is currently shutdown due to pressure from the right holders for copyright infringements. AFN Network is currently down on almost PowerVU decoder as we are waiting for the fixing soon. Likewise Sony Entertainment Network is still working on some decoder but not all. Lastly, IPTV is the best solution for watching any football shows with good internet and iptv subscription like MYHD and Xtreme IPTV.


How To Track AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e Using 1.8 Dish

AIT, TVC News, AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e

To track AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A at 9e is not something easy due to the signal footage that aren’t favor most of the Africa, Technically, One needs to be well professional to get AFN Network on eutelsat 9A at 9e.

However, Today I will share with you how to track AFN Network on wide band dish antenna range from 1.8m dish above, the frequency, symbol rate and polarization, Also installation guide shall be provide too. let’s get started.

AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e
Image Credit to Lyngsat.com

AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e Frequency And Signal footage

Satellite signal covers almost every where in Africa with 1.8m or 6ft dish antenna. SES 5 at 5e features AFN Channels with many African channels which includes:

  1. Dove TV (Nigeria)
  2. Liberation TV
  3. Plus TV Africa
  4. Wap TV
  5. TVC News (Nigeria)
  6. TVC Entertainment (Nigeria)
  7. Liberty TV (Nigeria)
  8. Star TV (Sierra leone)
  9. TVG Internacional
  10. AFN Prime Atlantic
  11. AFN News
  12. Sport
  13. Prime Pacific
  14. AFN Spectrum
  15. AFN Sport 2
  16. Family
  17. AFN Movie
  18. EWCA TV
  19. SES Promo
  20. Times TV (Malawi)
  21. Western TV
  22. Label TV
  23. Galaxy TV Lagos (Nigeria)
  24. Rave TV (Nigeria)
  25. Core TV News
  26. Quest TV
  27. AIT Internal (Nigeria)
  28. AIT National (Nigeria)
AIT, TVC News, AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e

SES 5 At 5e Frequency Receivable with 1.8m dish

AFN Network

Frequency: 3800

Polarization: Vertical/Horizontal (Depend on the LNB Type)

Symbol Rate: 27500

AIT International

Frequency: 4000

Polarization: R

Symbol Rate: 3574

TVC (Nigeria)

Frequency: 3700

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 5000

Requirement For Dish Installation

  • Minimum of 1.8m dish above
  • C-band LNB with Di-electric plate wrapped with black tape
  • Signal Finder
  • PowerVU Receiver Like Tigerstar T245+ Lazer

How To Track AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e

  • After you have connected the cable from the LNB to Receiver
  • Then Proceeds to track Occa Africa or Globe Cast on Eutelsat 5 West using frequency 3727 R 29950 and make sure you achieve high signal quality at least 80% above
  • Now Enter AFN Network Frequency On SES 5 At 5e using 3800 R 27500
  • Raise your dish above towards facing east side and set your eyes on signal finder for signal to come up
  • Once the signal is achieve at high signal quality rate minimum of 75% above
  • Then tight your dish very well and start scanning by choosing “Blind Scan” under scan mode or scan type
  • Once finish scanning press exit to the screen and enjoying your favorite tv show from Nigerian local channels and as well on AFN Network

Alternately, For Motorized Dish

  • Just Enter AFN Network Frequency 3800 R 27500 on SES 5 at 5e
  • Tune your dish up to face sky till signal come up
  • Save the Position on your Motorized Jack
  • Proceed to scan preferably use “Blind Scan”
  • Press Exit to the home screen and enjoying your tv shows

Official AFN Network is www.afnpacific.net/

Final Verdict

AFN Network Channel on SES 5 at 5e is very easy to install in as much as you have the requirement ready such as 1.8m dish with C-band LNB, Fully Autorole Receiver like Tiger T245+ Lazer. You can also Enjoying TVC News, AIT International and many more from this satellite. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends and across social media.


TigerStar T245+ Lazer Review And Full Specification

Tigerstar T245+ Lazer Autorole PowerVu Receiver

Tigerstar T245+ Lazer – A Budget Receiver With Autorole PowerVu Features

Hi guys, I’m wanna share with you an outstanding and affordable digital satellite receiver, Are you looking for a receiver that will opening AFN Network Channels for you? or do you want to enjoying Live Sports Events like NHL, NBA, Wrestling, Soccer from America and Canada? here is the Tigerstar T245+ Lazer or Tiger T245+ lazer to give you access to all these sporty events if you have already point your dish antenna to AFN Network Satellite.


Starting from the front, Tigerstar T245+ Lazer is black in color with Aluminum cover the power pack and motherboard panel, The LED light sited at the middle of the receiver with the aid of the key button on the front, one can operate Tigerstar T245+ Lazer without need remote except where digits needs to be press.

While looking at the back of the receiver of the Tigerstar 245+ Lazer receiver, It features with a tuner for receiving satellite signal, HDMI output port, Coaxial AV output, 2.0 high speed USB Port for USB upgrade and internet connection.


Tigerstar T245+ Lazer receiver features with advanced H.264 video output, High definition of 1080P with different range of TV Screen format which includes 16:9 letterbox, 16:9 full screen to choose the video output format that suit your tv screen along side with capability to bypass AC3. TV System set to PAL by default with time out can be modify to your taste.

Tigerstar T245+ Lazer Receiver IPTV Menu

Hardware And Software

The flash memory is DDR2 that accommodate many features such as the capability to opening any PowerVU Channels like AFN Network, Sony Entertainment and many more, Server settings for cccam and Newcamd, Network Connectivity which range from 3G, Wi-Fi, USB Net, RSS, Youtube, and IPTV Protocol includes Apollo, Xtream IPV, Titanium IPTV, VOD, Platinum IPTV, M3u IPTV, Top 10, NetLink, Net Radio and online software updates. Tigerstar t245+ Lazer receiver compatible with two different Wi-Fi hardware which incorporates MT7601 and RT5370. It also features 12month Ferrari server that can opening Amos 4w, Hotbird 13e, Hispasat 30w and Eutelsat 16A.


Tigerstar T245+ Lazer Full Specifications

  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite compliant MPEG-2, MPEG-4 And H.264
  • DDR2 Flash Memory
  • SCPC & MCPC receivable from KU and C-bnd Satellites
  • Support Multi-language (Arabic, English, French, Turksih e.t.c)
  • Supported Programme Lock And Favorite group edit
  • Blind search, Manual and Network Search And Multi Satellite Search
  • Variable Aspect Ratio (4:3, 16:9) with PAN & SCAN vector or letterbox option
  • Output Resolution Format: 480p60Hz, 480i60Hz, 576p50Hz and 576i50Hz, 720p50Hz & 60Hz, 1080i 50Hz & 60Hz, 1080P 50Hz & 60Hz.
  • Multi-language Audio Support
  • OSD: True Color (32 bits)
  • Support 3G, USB Net And Wi-Fi
  • Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 USALS
  • Autorole PowerVu And other encryption: Biss, Irderto, Cryptowork, Conax, Tandberg e.t.c
  • 12 month Ferrari Server Pre-loaded
  • Support Youtube, RSS, VOD, NetLink And Net Radio
  • IPTV: Platinum IPTV, Titanium And Top 10.

Tigerstar T245+ Lazer Price And Availability

Tiger T245+ Lazer receiver is very affordable as low as N14,000 featuring with 12month ferrari server but no pre-installed iptv subscription and if you wish to get iptv subscription then the price will be increase as per your request if you are outside of Nigeria you can use my contact details here to reach to get the correct price qoute


If you are looking for a budget receiver with outstanding performance then you can go for Tiger T245+ Lazer receiver because of the capability to opening AFN Network flawlessly, youtube, IPTV. Unfortunately, Tiger T245+ Lazer not support H.265. Always visit here for AFN Network TV Schedule as WWE Raw, Stanley cup, NHL And Champions League continue tomorrow. Don’t forget to share this article to your friend and across social media.


Watch NBA, WWE Raw, NHL, And MLS Soccer In 2020 On AFN

AFN Network Sport 2

Watch NBA, WWE Raw, NHL, MLS Soccer and Many More In 2020

As NHL 2020 stanley cup playsoffs and NBA season are around the corner. You may be wondering about the title “Why Do Every Home Must Have AFN Network Channels” don’t be too worried , I will tell you the reasons why AFN Network will benefits your home, safe your money and updates you what’s going on in the department of military if you have relative among the US Army. let’s continuing.

AFN Network Sport 2
2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playsoffs

In Case you don’t know, National Hockey League ranks third among domestic professional sport league in the world according to wikipedia, NHL features with 32 teams, 24 teams from USA while the remaining 7 teams comes from Canada.

2020 Stanley Cup Palysoff is currently on in the united state, If you are NHL fans, you can watch all the game live and exclusive on AFN Sport 2 On Eutelsat 9A at 9e Powered by AFN Network using PowerVU Autorole receiver to access the channels to safe your cost for paying live streaming subscription. you can see the NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playsoffs game chart here.

AFN Network Sport Showing NBA Playoffs
NBA Action on AFN Sport 2

2020 NBA Regular Season On AFN Network

It is simply means National Basketball Association is a men’s Professional Basketball League in the North America and ranks third among the Professional Sport Leagues featues with 30 teams.

Presently, Western Conference first round is on tag 2020 NBA Playoffs live and exclusive on AFN Sports On Eutelsat 9A at 9e powered by AFN Network, you can visit official NBA Playoffs for schedule matches.

MLS Soccer Season 2020 On AFN Network

MLS simply means Major League Soccer is Men’s Professional League Soccer composed of 24 teams, 21 teams from United State while 3 teams from Canada and MLS is one the famous Sport in both countries as MLS season are yet to be off you can watch MLS Soccer Live on AFN Sport powered by AFN Network and you can watch UEFA Champions League too on AFN Sport Channel.

WWE RAW And WrestleMania 2020

Fortunately, I was able to catch up with wrestlemania which always comes up once in a year a week ago, the match was showing on AFN Network and you can still watch wwe raw live and exclusive on AFN Network on every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday see AFN Sport TV Schedule.

AFN Network Movie
AFN News


Categorically, AFN Network covers series of movies range from Action, Series, Kids and crime movies, Almost all the channels give information about the current movie showing including Seven days Electronic Programme Guide throughout though not all receiver capable of offering this service.


AFN News brings you latest news and what is happening around the world, debate, interview and many more. This page will be updating as soon as there’s genuine information


AFN Network is a must for every home simply because it covers many things and benefits many people most especially those who live in United State, Canada And those of us that have interesting in watching soccer, hockey, basketball, wrestling, rugby, movies and news. Don’t forget to share this article to your friend and across social media. Militaries and their relatives from United State get update from AFN News giving information about what’s happening around them.


AFN Network On Eutelsat 9A/9B & How To Track

How To Track AFN Network On Eutelsat 9A/9B At 9e

Learn How To Point Your Dish To AFN Network On Eutelsat 9A/9B At 9.0E

Hi guys, I’m gonna share with you simple trick to install AFN Network Channels or package on Eutelsat 9A at 9e Using 80cm dish above without any much stress, If you love to watch movies, Live Wrestling, Uefa Champions League, MLB, Ice Cricket, MLS, Tennis (US Open), Golf(US Open), NBA and many more. AFN Sport Network is best choice for you.

AFN Network on PowerVU Receiver

About AFN Network

AFN Network simply means (American Forces Network) owned by US Armed Forces, It is television and radio services for news updates, entertainment, sport and information to the service members, Civilians, Department of defense, Navy army at sea and their families at overseas. It otherwise known as Armed Forces Network.

Armed Forces Network make explore PowerVU encryption program to encrypt their content from unauthorized viewer. To watch AFN Channels in United State and UK you have to have their official receiver while other countries make use of Autorole PowerVU receiver to watch in spite the fact that Armed Force Network keep fighting piracy with series of upgrade to keep their contents safe from unofficial viewers.

AFN Network Satellite, Position, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate

Armed Forces Network (AFN) operates in different satellite covers almost everywhere in the world, all what you need to get the signal is to locate the satellite that near to your country or have full signal coverage to your country below are the Satellite, Position, Frequency, Polarization and Symbol Rate owned by AFN Network

AFN Network Frequency, Polarization & Symbol rate

Before I move to the interesting section which is how to install your dish to Eutelsat 9A/9B At 9E and get the channels open you must get the following ready:

  • Satellite tv dish (size) as required by the satellite you wish to install with their corresponding LNB but, Nigerian can use 1m dish with KU LNB cover peel off.
  • Autorole PowerVU Receiver Like Tiger T3000 Extra or Tiger T3000 Mega
  • Signal Finder or Satfinder
How To Track AFN Network On Eutelsat 9A/9B At 9e

How To Track or Install AFN Network On Eutelsat 9A/9B At 9e

  • Firstly, If you are a beginner you are advice to learn on how to install satellite tv dish
  • Connect Your dish to Signal finder or Satfinder
  • Track Peace TV on Eutelsat 7A At 7e on frequency 12605 V 30000 (LNB at 3 O’clock).
  • Tight your dish base and inclination a little bit after hitting signal at the top signal quality
  • Then, twist your LNB and place at 10 O’Clock don’t forget to remove the plastic cover on your LNB.
  • Manually enter AFN Network Frequency on 11804 H 27500
  • Drop your dish a little bit down and keep your eyes on the signal finder or Satfinder to get signal point
  • After you get signal, Tight your dish base and as well as the inclination without lost signal and some time you may need to twist your LNB to get high signal quality.
  • Manually scan or preferably use blindscan to get access to AFN Network and other channels on Eutelsat 9A/9B at 9e.
  • After Successful scanning, Press exist button to return to home screen and enjoying your favorite tv show.


In short, AFN is owned by Armed Forces Network purposely to give information about United State Armed Force to the Service Members, Civilians, Navy at Sea and the families of the Oversea.

AFN Network is good for sport lovers with wide coverage on MLS, MLB, UEFA Champions League, US Open Competitions for Golf and Tennis, Ice Cricket, NBA, Live Wrestling e.t.c.

If you are from Nigeria and you have interest to install your dish to AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A/9B at 9e, just follow the steps above and you will definitely get it installed, If you face ny difficult don’t forget to leave your comment below