AIT, TVC News, AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e

How To Track AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e Using 1.8 Dish

To track AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A at 9e is not something easy due to the signal footage that aren’t favor most of the Africa, Technically, One needs to be well professional to get AFN Network on eutelsat 9A at 9e.

However, Today I will share with you how to track AFN Network on wide band dish antenna range from 1.8m dish above, the frequency, symbol rate and polarization, Also installation guide shall be provide too. let’s get started.

AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e
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AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e Frequency And Signal footage

Satellite signal covers almost every where in Africa with 1.8m or 6ft dish antenna. SES 5 at 5e features AFN Channels with many African channels which includes:

  1. Dove TV (Nigeria)
  2. Liberation TV
  3. Plus TV Africa
  4. Wap TV
  5. TVC News (Nigeria)
  6. TVC Entertainment (Nigeria)
  7. Liberty TV (Nigeria)
  8. Star TV (Sierra leone)
  9. TVG Internacional
  10. AFN Prime Atlantic
  11. AFN News
  12. Sport
  13. Prime Pacific
  14. AFN Spectrum
  15. AFN Sport 2
  16. Family
  17. AFN Movie
  18. EWCA TV
  19. SES Promo
  20. Times TV (Malawi)
  21. Western TV
  22. Label TV
  23. Galaxy TV Lagos (Nigeria)
  24. Rave TV (Nigeria)
  25. Core TV News
  26. Quest TV
  27. AIT Internal (Nigeria)
  28. AIT National (Nigeria)
AIT, TVC News, AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e

SES 5 At 5e Frequency Receivable with 1.8m dish

AFN Network

Frequency: 3800

Polarization: Vertical/Horizontal (Depend on the LNB Type)

Symbol Rate: 27500

AIT International

Frequency: 4000

Polarization: R

Symbol Rate: 3574

TVC (Nigeria)

Frequency: 3700

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 5000

Requirement For Dish Installation

  • Minimum of 1.8m dish above
  • C-band LNB with Di-electric plate wrapped with black tape
  • Signal Finder
  • PowerVU Receiver Like Tigerstar T245+ Lazer

How To Track AFN Network On SES 5 At 5e

  • After you have connected the cable from the LNB to Receiver
  • Then Proceeds to track Occa Africa or Globe Cast on Eutelsat 5 West using frequency 3727 R 29950 and make sure you achieve high signal quality at least 80% above
  • Now Enter AFN Network Frequency On SES 5 At 5e using 3800 R 27500
  • Raise your dish above towards facing east side and set your eyes on signal finder for signal to come up
  • Once the signal is achieve at high signal quality rate minimum of 75% above
  • Then tight your dish very well and start scanning by choosing “Blind Scan” under scan mode or scan type
  • Once finish scanning press exit to the screen and enjoying your favorite tv show from Nigerian local channels and as well on AFN Network

Alternately, For Motorized Dish

  • Just Enter AFN Network Frequency 3800 R 27500 on SES 5 at 5e
  • Tune your dish up to face sky till signal come up
  • Save the Position on your Motorized Jack
  • Proceed to scan preferably use “Blind Scan”
  • Press Exit to the home screen and enjoying your tv shows

Official AFN Network is

Final Verdict

AFN Network Channel on SES 5 at 5e is very easy to install in as much as you have the requirement ready such as 1.8m dish with C-band LNB, Fully Autorole Receiver like Tiger T245+ Lazer. You can also Enjoying TVC News, AIT International and many more from this satellite. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends and across social media.

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