StarTime EasterUpgrade And EasterPromo

StarTimes Rolls Out EasterPromo And EasterUpgrade

StarTimes Promo Of the Year

StarTimes Nigeria has just started another brand new promo tag EasterPromo And EasterUpgrade as we are moving towards festive season for both good Friday and Easter Monday holiday, The company want their subscribers to enjoying this holiday with series of entertainment, Sport and many more. You can also enjoying world of entertainment while on the go with StarTimes ON App. Just in case you to buy the combo receiver, then you can track StarTimes dish using anyone of the below frequency.

StarTimes Nigeria
Image Credit By StarTimes

What Is StarTimes?

StarTimes Nigeria is a subsidiary of StarTimes Media, A Chinese based company which offers both Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Digital Satellite Television (DST) Network Services in Nigeria i.e their subscribers can choose Antenna and decoder which requires no dish or choose satellite dish with decoder and thanks to the company explore the latest technology to improve their customer experience while viewing and also providing decoder that support both terrestrial and satellite dish decoder at the sametime on a decoder.

It was established in 1988 in china currently extends and operates in eight African countries which includes Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Guinea, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, DR Congo, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mozambique and Central African Republic.

Besides DSTV and Canalsat, It is the next leading Digital Satellite Television Network Provider in Africa as stated countries above since early 2010 and the company really improved with high quality pictures, signal stability and as well as prompt customer care support.

It offers Sport, Music, Movies, Documentary, News, Education, Series, Lifestyle And Religious Channels for your moment of relaxation, StarTimes has official tv rights to telecast, German Bundelisga, Intalia Seria, French League, UEFA Cup, International Championship Cup and many more.

Startimes Decoder

StarTimes Decoder Price

Combo decoder or 2-1 decoder cost usually varies at different cost and here in Nigeria, A unit of 2-1 decoder is N12,000-N14,000 while Terrestrial StarTime decoder is N7,000-N8,5000.

Bouquets Or Subscription

Subscription or decoder bouquets are available at different price and categorically by Dish and Antenna as follows:

For Dish

  • Nova is N900
  • Smart is N1,900
  • Super is N3,800
  • Chinese is N6,000
  • Sports Plus is N1,200

For Antenna

  • Basic is N1,300
  • Classic is N1,900
  • Nova is N900

How To Install StarTimes Antenna Decoder

  • Buy your Terrestrial Decoder from their authorized dealer or office.
  • Make sure it is fully registered and active before their offices.
  • Assemble and Mount the antenna at the roof of your house
  • Connect the cable from the Antenna to the decoder
  • Press Menu Go to Installation and press ok
  • Twist or shift the antenna from right to the left and keep your eyes on the tv screen to get the signal point at the best signal strength.
  • Tight the nut firmly to hold the antenna and the base very well.
  • Press Exist to leave Installation Menu.
  • Wait for few minutes for decoder to finish scanning.
  • Check the Channels related to subscription bouquet and enjoying.
  • Sometimes, Your decoder may prompt upgrading, press ok button to start upgrading.
StarTimes Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate
Image Credit By Lyngsat

StarTimes Satellite, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate

It otherwise known as StarSat is currently operates on Astra 4A or SES 5 at 5e according to lynsat and the following are StarTimes Frequency:

11766 H 27500

11785 V 27500

11804 H 27500

11862 H 27500

11881 H 27500

11938 V 27500

11977 V 27500

11966 H 27500

12073 H 27500

12265 H 27500

12303 H 27500

12341 H 27500

12380 H 27500

12418 H 27500

That’s all StarTimes Frequency. Lets move on to point our dish to the satellite position.

How To Track or Install Startimes Dish

  • Visit StarTimes Office or any authorized dealer to get your decoder and dish.
  • Make sure it is fully registered and active before the leaving the point of sale.
  • Assemble and Mount the dish, you can learn how to install satellite dish here if you are a beginner.
  • Use anyone of the stated Startimes Frequency above to point your dish to SES 5 At 4.9e
  • Connect your dish and decoder
  • Wait for your decoder to finish scanning or booting
  • Check your favorite tv channels related to your current subscription active on your decoder.
StarTime EasterUpgrade And EasterPromo
Image Credit By StarTimes

How To Enjoying StarTimes EasterPromo And EasterUpgrade Bouquet

These promo or bonus are available to both existing and the new customer, all what you have to do for the new customers is to buying new StarTimes Decoder and dish, however, the existing customer needs to pay into their decoder and here are the lists of StarTimes subscription or bouquet bonus for EasterPromo And EasterUpgrade as follows:

  • Subscribe 2month for Nova (StarTimes Subscription) and get upgraded to 2month Basic and Smart Bouquet for free
  • Pay 2month on Basic/Smart Bouquet and get Upgraded to 2month Classic/Super Plan
  • Subscribe 1month and half on Classic/Super bouquet and get Upgraded to watch same plan for 2month free

StarTimes Channels Lists With Bouquet

The Bouquet Channels For Dish

  1. Nova Bouquet: Includes, Orisun, TVC News, AIT, Iqraa, Dove Television e.t.c
  2. Smart Bouquet: Includes Novela E, Animaux, Fox Sport1 & 2, Natgeo wild, Yoruba, Sport Premium e.t.c
  3. Super Bouquet: Includes Stargold, Bollywood, National Geographic, World Football, Sport Arena, Arewa 24, e.t.c
  4. Chinese Bouquet: Includes China Movie, BTV, TJTV world, CCTV4, TVS2, JSBC International, CCTV13, Swahili, DW tv, e.t.c
  5. Sports Plus: Includes Sports Focus, Sports Premium, Sports Life and World Football HD.

Bouquet Channels For Antenna

  1. Basic Package: Novela E, Animaux, Sport Life, Sport Arena, Sport Premium, Nat Geo Wild, Yoruba, Orisun e.t.c
  2. Classic Package: Bollywood, Sport Life, Movies Plus, Series E1, Sport Premium, Sport Arena, Yoruba, Orisun, e.t.c
  3. Nova Package: Orisun, Farin wata, NTA IGBO, NTA HAUSA, NTA IKANNI ODUDUWA, Sport Focus, JimJam e.t.c
StarTimes On App And Startimes Easter Promo
Image credit By StarTimes

How To Enjoying StarTimes ON App Via Mobile

No matter wherever you are, You can enjoying StarTimes ON App via Mobile using Internet and subscription, StarTimes ON App can save up 40% internet data with streaming experience using latest technology to deliver of 150 channels across mobile platforms and 140 channels are available for free and the most interesting part of it is that you don’t need to be their subscribers to enjoying StarTimes ON App just follow these steps below:

  • Download StarTime ON App via direct link or Visit Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the app and click on “My Account”
  • Choose either your Phone number or email to register and get verification code
  • fill your phone number or email and click on “Get Code”
  • Then, enter the 4-digits code and click on Next
  • Create Password
  • Enter the invited code “38657813”
  • Click on “My Order”
  • Click on “StarTimes ON orders”
  • Open the link where you see “View StarTimes Subscription”
  • Pay for anyone of your favorite subscription e.g daily for N75, weekly for N110 and montly for N195.
  • Then you will get access to any content on StarTimes ON App till your due date otherwise you will manage to watch trial channels only.


StarTimes Nigeria official announced another exciting offers tag EasterPromo And EasterUpgrade on their official twitter account even if you are just hearing the company for the first time, with these tutorial you will be able to comprehend something about them such as the different StarTimes Bouquet or subscription price, StarTimes Frequency, Satellite Position and as well as the channels lists. Lastly, StarTimes ON App also there to explore both new customers and as well as for the existing subscribers. Don’t forget to share this tutorials to your friends and across social media.

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