How To Track TStv Africa, TStv Africa Dish Setup

TStv Africa Frequency, Position And Channels Lists

TStv Africa: The First Nigerian DTH Service

This issues of how to track TStv Africa has become viral across the major social media like facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Today’s tutorial will cover the dish size, footprint, satellite, position, frequency, polarization, symbol rate, TStv Channels Lists and how to track TStv Africa Successfully without much stress let’s get started.

TStv Africa Channels, New Frequency And Satellite
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About TStv Africa

TStv is a Nigerian based Satellite tv provider owned by Mr Bright Echefu and aimed to offering affordable DTH and pay as you go subscription along with Internet Service to the people of Nigeria and as well as the neighboring countries to end the monopoly of DStv and Canal Africa as the top African Satellite tv Service Provider.

It was first introduced and launched in 2017 at their head-quater office in Abuja, Actually, things not going well as the company battled with technical maintenance which left their channels available for free for many month switching from one satellite or position to another which also prompt to change frequency, polarization and symbol rate to another.

However, TStv has finally overcome technical problem at the end of last year and allow public to enjoy their channels for free before the company begin to selling their official digital satellite receiver and subscription not yet applied because the channels still available as free-to-air channels.

Satellite, Position And Footprint Details

TStv Africa now fully operate and running on Intelsat 12/904 at 45.0°E very close to Nagcomsat-IR at 42.0E, If you are professional satellite tv installer, you should be able to get both Nagcomsat-IR and Intelsat 12/904 together using minimum of 90cm dish above.

According to Lyngsat, The signal footprint covers almost all the African countries excluding North Africa, TStv covers others region without stress an installer can easily track and get the signal within few minutes with minimum of 60cm dish above but if you want combine Nagcomsat-IR and Intelsat 12/904 at 45.0°E together using single dish and lnb as like I have said earlier, you need to use 90cm dish and also needs to know how to adjust satellite dish and lnb.

TStv Africa Frequencies, Polarization And Symbol Rate

These are the satellite tv parameters which can be use to get the channels such as Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate as follows:

TStv Africa Frequency/Transponder N0: 1

Frequency: 11595

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

Frequency: 11556

Polarization: vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

TStv Africa Frequency/Transponder No: 2

Frequency: 11513`

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

TStv Africa Frequency/Transponder No: 3

Frequency: 11476

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

TStv Africa Channels List

  1. NCTV
  2. Investigation Discovery
  5. DW English
  6. Dubai One
  8. EWTN Africa
  9. Discovery Family
  10. Olive TV
  11. Silverbird
  12. BJ Kids
  14. FOX News
  15. Channelstv
  18. Wazobia Max
  20. Hits Tv
  21. Hits Africa
  23. A1 Kids
  24. Grande Gospel
  25. Nova TV
  26. Al Jazeera English
  27. CGTN
  28. BBC world
  29. Jul Fashion
  30. AHTV
  31. Mama Africa Igbo
  32. Mystery Doc
  33. TLC
  34. English Club
  35. 1 Movies
  36. TRT World
  37. Preach TV
  38. Liberty TV
  39. Mama Africa Movies
  40. Mama Africa Hausa
  42. Mama Africa Yoruba
  44. LIFE TV
  45. FRESH
  47. LOL
  49. PULSE TV
  51. Cinema Hausa
  53. NTA INTL
  54. Grande Sport 1
  55. MBC Action
  56. MBC 2
  57. RT News
  58. MBC MAX
  59. Salam Tv
  60. France 24 Eng
  61. IQRAA
  62. True Crime
  63. Bath Food
  64. WAP TV
  65. Grande Comedy
  67. Sunna TV
  68. Discovery
How To Track TStv Africa On Intelsat 12/904 at 45.0°E, TStv Africa Frequency

Requirements Needed:

  • Digital Satellite tv Receiver or 4K Satellite Receiver (Preferably)
  • 60cm dish with LNB
  • Satellite Finder
How To Track TStv Africa, TStv Africa Dish Setup
TStv Africa Dish Setup

See Also:

How To Track TStv Africa Channels Using 60cm dish

  • First and foremost, I always recommend to track DStv using Eutelsat 36A on frequency 12245 H 27500 or 11900 H 27500 and make sure you achieve 97% signal quality and the base a little bit as well as inclination of the dish
  • Change the frequency to anyone of the above stated TStv Africa Frequency preferably use 11595 V 30000
  • Gently drop your dish and set your eyes on signal finder or on your tv screen to monitor the point where the signal will comes up and sometime you may need to shift the base of the dish to the left side by 1-2 inches while standing at the back of the dish
  • Once you hit the signal, then tight the nut at the base and as well as the inclination, then try to twist the lnb to increase the signal.
  • Connect your dish to the receiver and manually scan or use blind scan to get all the Channels stored on your receiver.
  • Then you are done with installation of TStv Africa channels and start enjoying your tv shows in high definition.


TStv Africa is the latest and best digital free-to-air service provider that promote African Cultural Heritage, religion, Sport, Documentaries, Movies and Kids show for your moment of relaxation. It is available for free without monthly subscription operates on Intelsat 12/904 and TStv Frequency has been stated above. For more details, always visit official website.Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends and across social media.

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