Starsat SR-4050 Extreme Receiver

Starsat SR-4050 HD Extreme 4K Multi-Stream Receiver Review

Starsat SR-4050 HD Extreme is a perfect receiver to replace the unavailable Tiger T8hd Ultra and Tiger T8 Mini. In recent time, people are looking for the affordable receiver that can have Autorol biss and PowerVU. Fully Hevc H.265 and Multistream enabled.

Starsat SR-4050 HD Extreme Key Specs:

  • Fully support DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X
  • Fully 4K resolution
  • Hevc H.265
  • Support Multistream
  • Fully Autorol PowerVU And Biss
  • 15 Month Forever Server
  • 12 Month Myhd IPTV Live And VOD
  • 1 Month Apollo IPTV Live And VOD


Starsat SR-4050 Extreme Receiver

Body And Design

The receiver is very much portable to the extent that you can regard it as a mini receiver. Despite this, it has the following port, HDMI, AV, USB, IR, and power port. There’s external IR hardware require to be connected as IR interface.

Hardware And Software

GX chipset powered Starsat SR-4050 HD Extreme. The flashing memory is 7MB. The chipset is capable of running Forever server SE 1.28, Autorole both PowerVU and Biss, support Multi-stream to watch channels like Max tv (multi-tv ghana) on Astra 28.2e.

The picture resolution is superb while watching channels like Bein sport 4K channels. Users can be experiencing movies in the high-quality picture up to 8K resolution.

IPTV And Forever Server

The built-in server for watching satellite packages across different satellite is Forever Server SE 1.28 version. At the same time, preloaded IPTV server features 12 Month Myhd IPTV for live and VOD, one month Apollo IPTV for live and VOD.

Starsat SR-4050 HD Extreme Receiver
Image Credit By DZ Tech

Starsat SR-4050 HD Extreme: Price And Availability

Due to pandemic and global economic crisis, A unit price of SR-4050 Extreme cost $100 almost N40,000 in (Nigerian Currency) without shipping. If customers have the interest to place order can contact me for the waybill or check the shipping cost with the courier company.

Final Thoughts

SR-4050 HD Extreme is the best alternative for both Tiger T8HD Ultra and T8 Mini. Even if you can’t afford expensive Starsat SR-X2 and Starsat SR-X7 Extreme, SR-4050 HD is suitable for a common man to have on the shelf.

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  1. Hello.
    I bought the device starsat sr 4050 hd receiver. The wifi adapter is broken.i bought so many usb wifi adapters but none of them work from 300mbps to 1200 mbps. Can you let me know which one i can use and how do i install the driver? And is there anyway i could use the usb to modem straight. ?

    Thank you

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