Pakistan Sport HD on Apstar 76.5E (C-Band) For EPL & Cricket

Pakistan Sport HD on Apstar 2 at 76.5e Satellite

Pakistan (PK) Sport HD is a trending free-to-air sport channel across the Middle-East and Africa. Footy across these regions can watch live EPL, FA Cup and Cricket. Pakistan (PK) Sport HD is available on Apstar 2 at 76.5e satellite using wide band dish with C-Band LNB.

Dish Size And Satellite Coverage

Dish Size: 8ft or 240cm dish

It is currently operating on Apstar 2 at 76.5e satellite.

Pakistan Sport HD Frequency

3780 H 30000

Tips: You don’t need to put di-electric plate



  • Dishpointer Pro App or Satfinder
  • Spanner of different sizes
  • C-band without di-electric plate
  • A digital decoder
Pakistan Sport HD on Apstar 76.5E (C-Band) For EPL & Cricket

How To Point Your Satellite Dish To Apstar 76.5E (Pakistan Sport HD)

  • Proceed to Installation menu on your receiver, add HBO frequency 3964 H 19500
  • Drop your dish down to get HBO signal, You can skip this if your dish already pointed to HBO position
  • Once you get HBO signal, Change the satellite and frequency to PK Sport HD 3780 H 30000
  • Drop your dish down and drag the dish towards the right hand side
  • Once you got the green (signal), then tight your dish very well
  • Proceed to scan channels preferably “blinds can”
  • Once the scanning is finish then you’re good to go.

This is how you can get Pakistan Sport HD free-to-air channels on Apstar 76.5e. if you have any other simplest method, feel to share with us.


  1. Gud evening satgist is it receivable in Nigeria if yes wat size of dish can I use ?

  2. I tracked PK Sport and only watched for one day and it’s off. Signal is there but no pictures

  3. Hi. Abs3 75e C band there is good channel package there. I do tries to track with no success any help plz on how to do even an idea

  4. Good afternoon Satgist, please need your recommendation which of C-band Lnb to use to easily track Pakistan sport @Apstar 76.5 east,


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