Pakistan Sport HD on Apstar 2 at 76.5e Satellite

Pakistan Sport HD on Apstar 76.5E (C-Band) For EPL & Cricket

Pakistan (PK) Sport HD is a trending free-to-air sport channel across the Middle-East and Africa. Footy across these regions can watch live EPL, FA Cup and Cricket. Pakistan (PK) Sport HD is available on Apstar 2 at 76.5e satellite using wide band dish with C-Band LNB.

Dish Size And Satellite Coverage

Dish Size: 8ft or 240cm dish

It is currently operating on Apstar 2 at 76.5e satellite.

Pakistan Sport HD Frequency

3780 H 30000

Tips: You don’t need to put di-electric plate



  • Dishpointer Pro App or Satfinder
  • Spanner of different sizes
  • C-band without di-electric plate
  • A digital decoder
Pakistan Sport HD on Apstar 76.5E (C-Band) For EPL & Cricket

How To Point Your Satellite Dish To Apstar 76.5E (Pakistan Sport HD)

  • Proceed to Installation menu on your receiver, add HBO frequency 3964 H 19500
  • Drop your dish down to get HBO signal, You can skip this if your dish already pointed to HBO position
  • Once you get HBO signal, Change the satellite and frequency to PK Sport HD 3780 H 30000
  • Drop your dish down and drag the dish towards the right hand side
  • Once you got the green (signal), then tight your dish very well
  • Proceed to scan channels preferably “blinds can”
  • Once the scanning is finish then you’re good to go.

This is how you can get Pakistan Sport HD free-to-air channels on Apstar 76.5e. if you have any other simplest method, feel to share with us.

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  1. Hi. Abs3 75e C band there is good channel package there. I do tries to track with no success any help plz on how to do even an idea

  2. Good afternoon Satgist, please need your recommendation which of C-band Lnb to use to easily track Pakistan sport @Apstar 76.5 east,


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