Palantir Provides Tracking Software For NHS And CDC To Fight Covid-19

Palantir Provides Tracking Software For NHS And CDC To Fight Covid-19

Palantir has released the tracking software to NHS and CDC as part of the kits to fight Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the technology companies are working hard to finding the solution to the problems facing the government.

The wide-spread of the Covid-19 seems to be overwhelming the healthcare and destroy economies. Palantir will start big data operation to help the government by gathering huge amount of information to track and visualize trends individuals.

Who is Palantir?

Palantir Technologies offers a suite of software package for analyzing, visualizing, integrating and tracking information. It was founded in 2004 by by a group of people. Among the founders are Alexander karp, Garry Tan, Joe Lonsdale, Peter Thiel, Stephen Cohen, and Nathan Gettings. The headquarter located at San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valey and West Coast of the United State. Here is the official website, if you want to visit.

Efforts Made By Palantir in Fight Coronavirus Pandemic

In last month, It was reported by the wall Street Journal that, It was working hard with Centers for Disease Control to design the possible spread of the pandemic virus. Another news from Forbes also reported that, Palantir’s web app has been used by the CDC agencies to visualize the spread of the virus. And to meet the healthcare center needs.

It also make efforts to avoiding dealing with sensitive personally identifying data. Rather offering analysis of anonymized lab result, equipment, healthcare, and hospital data under the Palantir Foundry.

The UK Government partnership with Foundry to develop and disparate data to be integrated, harmonized, and cleaned in order to develop a source of truth that will enhance decision-making. The foundry software has been offered to the National Health Service (NHS) along with Covid-19 data analysis.

Palantir Reaches France, Switzerland, Germany And Austria

Bloomberg reported that, Palantir has also launched its analytics software to the Government officials, Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland. Both Foundry software and a tool called Gotham were launched in the regions. The Gotham enable the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to track individual movements. Just the like the company work with ICE.

These two tools has been introduced to European health agencies a mixed solution, that could help those countries in fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

EFF (The Electronic Frontier Founder) warned Governments around the world demanding special new surveillance powers to fight the pandemic virus. Also advise close examine of new relationships between the private companies and Governments that expose the virus.

Controversial projects and investment made by the Palantir’s co-founder, Mr Peter Thiel generally needs attention. ICE’s deportation machine also helps to acknowledging the privacy implications of its new project.

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