Sport 1HD on Eutelsat 9A At 9e, Sport 1HD CCCAM, Eutelsat 9A At 9e CCCAM

M4 Sport HD And Sport 1HD To Show Uefa Champions League And Europa On Eutelsat 9A At 9e

Both M4 Sport And Sport 1HD Germany showing Uefa Champions League And Europa League, the quater-final and semi-final draw to know which team to make it Madrid and Baku 2018-2019 Season. It was very difficult to watch Tuesday matches as there’s no free-to-air to show except Wednesday matches, However, M4 Sport HD and Sport 1HD on Eutelsat 9A at 9e will be showing Uefa Champions League tomorrow and Wednesday likewise to Uefa Cup too through cccam Server.

You may be hearing cccam for the first time and even some may even willing to know how it works just following me as everything will be covered on this tutorial.

What is Cccam Server?

Cccam can be regard as Card sharing, Card shares, CS, which are widely used to explain the techniques or ways on how to using a paid subscription card over the internet via wi-fi or local network take for instance, using an original and legitimate subscription card such as Canal, DStv, Sky UK, Bein Media and so on via receiver’s card slot to watch paid subscription channels on another receiver sited on another room.

Hence, Cccam is a kind of server protocol or card sharing method that could read and access the contents of subscription cards via local network or wi-fi internet.

Disclaimer: Please take note that using card sharing is not ilegal as long as it been used by the legitimate subscriber but selling or reselling the kind of service make it illegal and such people will be penalized according to the law. Any information found on this web page or website as a whole are strictly for education only as I’m not willing to promote or engage in selling any kind of service.

Sport 1HD on Eutelsat 9A At 9e, Sport 1HD CCCAM, Eutelsat 9A At 9e CCCAM
Sport 1HD Working On Eutelsat 9A At 9e Via CCCAM

M4 Sport HD And Sport 1HD on Eutelsat 10A At 10E

M4 Sport HD and Sport 1HD are Germany based channels using Eutelsat 10A at 10e satellite to transmit their contents after compressed and encrypted you can learn how satellite tv work here. You can watch Tuesday and Wednesday Champions League Including UEFA Cup on Thursday live and exclusive on M4 Sport HD and Sport 1HD using cccam server on your satellite tv receiver.

Not only the Champions League and UEFA Cup you can watch on M4 Sport And Sport 1HD, You can still watch NBA, German Bundesliga, Cricket, women basketball, International Football Friendly, European Qualification, World Cup and many more.

M4 Sport HD On Eutelsat 9A At 9E, M4 Sport HD CCCAM, Eutelsat 9A At 9E CCCAM
M4 Sport HD Working On Eutelsat 9A At 9E Via CCCAM

Requirement To Watch M4 Sport HD And Sport 1HD On Eutelsat 9A At 9E:

  • You must have a satellite tv dish installed on Eutelsat 9A at 9e
  • A good cccam server
  • Digital Satellite tv Receiver Support cccam sharing protocol check here
  • Minimum of 2G/3G Internet Network
A Typical Example Of cccam/Newcamd Sharing Protocol:

Server/Url/C/F: 125.345.271.9 or

Port: 48000

Username: satgist

Password: satgist

Protocol: cccam or newcamd

After you have familiar with the requirements and how cccam work, Let’s proceeds to how you can manually enter cccam parameters to any receiver as follows:

How To Manually Enter Cccam Server Into Any Receiver

  • After you have installed your dish to Eutelsat 9A at 9e
  • Connect your receiver to the Internet and make sure that the network can stream youtube on receiver flawlessly to determine its stability
  • Press menu from your remote control and navigate to “Sharing” or Server Settings and some receiver needs to patch code to enable server settings like 1506G for cobox, strongest, Dsat, G-sat 9800A, 1512 for Qsat receiver, F1+ 8280 for 4950 series.
  • Enter the cccam server details accordingly and press any corresponding key to connect the cccam line to the server and once you get connected. otherwise check your internet settings, or cccam line
  • Press Exit and check the channels one after the other like M4 Sport HD and Sport 1HD, Some times you need to leave the channel for at least two minutes before tune to another channels.


M4 Sport HD and Sport 1HD Channels are working Eutelsat 10A at 10e using cccam server, If you are football fans and willing to watch Champions League and Uefa Cup, Eutelsat 9A at 9e is the best satellite for you with English commentary like wise AFN Sport on the same position will show it. Don’t forget to share this article o your friends and across social media

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