Invalid Server Certificate In Chrome: 3 Steps To Fix The Error

Invalid Server Certificate In Google Chrome: 3 Methods To Fix The Error

Invalid server certificate chrome error in google chrome browser seems to be one of the greatest errors while surfing internet. It prevent users from entering sites with malwares or virus. Hackers used this type of site with invalid server certificates to steal your credit card and other personal data. Hope you enjoying how to enable chrome dark mode for major devices

If you trust the site you want to visit. And you experiencing Invalid server certificate error either in google chrome or any other browser. Then this post will fix this type of internet error for you. Before we go into the steps involved to fix the error. It is good to have little background knowledge about Invalid server certificate most especially in google chrome browser.

What is Invalid Server Certificate Chrome Error?

Invalid server certificate is the type of error that a user experiencing in attempt to visit a website or a web page. It commonly found in google chrome and any other browsers. It occurs when the browser like google chrome fail to connect. And also fail to verify the secure socket layer encryption of a particular site.

What are the causes of Experiencing Invalid Server Certificate Chrome

There are three different reasons that can cause invalid server certificate while surfing internet.

SSL Certificate Not Installed Properly

The first one is, the site you trying to visit may not installed SSL Certificates properly. So it is good to call the attention of the site owner or developer to fix the error.

No matter the type of domain protocol, the site without HTTPS protocol is not secure to visit. Such website may experiencing invalid server certificate if it still under construction.

CMOS Battery

Another reason why you experience such error relatively to desktop CMOS battery. The CMOS battery ensures and maintain accurate time and date even if the PC is power off. Even anytime you power on your PC, the time and date must be correct according to your Geographical zone.

So whenever there’s problem with CMOS battery. It usually reset BIOS to default thereby causing the entire system to restore the manufacturing time and date. And thereby causing invalid server certificate which prevent user to visit any web page most especially google chrome.

When the SSL Certificate of the Website Expired

A website visitors may experiencing Invalid certificate error because the SSL certificate has expired. And thereby preventing visitor to access the website. So it is good to let the site owner aware and get it fix as soon as possible. You can purchase SSL certificate from Namecheap at affordable price of different security level.


How To Fix Invalid Server Certificate Chrome Error In Google Chrome

There are three simple methods you can use to fix invalid server certificate error in google chrome.

how to fix Invalid Server Certificate Error In Chrome

1st Method: Add Trusted Sites To The Security List

  • Open Google Chrome and navigate to “Settings”
  • Scroll down to bottom and tap on “Advanced”
  • Now Scroll down till you find “Open Proxy Settings” under “System” and click it
  • Click on “Security” tab and hit “Trusted Sites”
  • Click on “Sites” button (here you can enter the site url with SSL certificate error)
  • Tap on “Add” button
  • Make sure that “Security Level” is set to “Medium” under Proxy Settings

After the stated above method, you trying to access the site, and you realize that the error still persists. Then you can move on and try the next method…

Invalid Server Certificate In Chrome

2nd Method: Adjust Time And Date of the Windows

Just like I have said earlier. This error also comes up if the time and date of the PC is not correctly set. So it is good to reset time and date relatively to geographical zone. To do this:

  • Click on the time and date on the right corner task bar or
  • Search for time and date on the “Taskbar Search option”
  • Click on “Date and time Settings”
  • Switch “Set time Automatically” ON

Note: Make sure that your Google Chrome browser and your windows is up to date. If you still facing invalid certificate error in your chrome browser, then proceed to the next method….

Invalid Server Certificate In Chrome And how to fix Invalid Server Certificate Error

3rd Method: Clear SSL State Cache

  • Open Goole chrome browser and go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Advanced”
  • Now, scroll down till you find “Open Proxy Settings” and then click on it
  • This time, go to “Content” tab and click on “Clear SSL State”
  • After that, just close everything and reboot your PC

That’s it how to fix invalid certificate error in google chrome browser. If find this post interesting, don’t forget to share it.

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