Cosmote Sport Frequency, Position On Eutelsat 9A At 9E

How To Watch Cosmote TV Package On Eutelsat 9A At 9E

Today is the day to take a tour on Cosmote TV which has everything to watch and a must for every home. Cosmote TV Package is completely perfect and Excellent in Sport, Movies, Documentary, Kids and so on. You can watch English Premier League, LA Liga, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Carrabo Cup, NBA, UFC Fight Night, MLB and many more. This post will guide you on how to watch Cosmote TV on satellite TV with their respective Cosmote TV Frequency.

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What is Cosmote TV?

It is the corporate name of two pay TV services in Greece, owned and managed by Greek Telecommunication operator known as OTE, The company was founded in September 2008. Cosmote TV via Broadband is meant for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) while Cosmote via Satellite operates and provide digital satellite television service.

Cosmote TV Package On Eutelsat 9A At 9E

Cosmote TV Satellite broadcasts on KU band from Eutelsat 9A at 9.0E. It support multi-stream of DVB-S2 8PSK/MPEG-4 technology. In less than 7 years of operation, Cosmote TV Package has reached more than 510,000 Subscribers in July 2017.

Cosmote Sport 1-9HD are dedicated for variety of Sport most especially soccer leagues which includes EPL, LAliga, Bundesliga, Champions League and so on. Other variety sport includes:

  • UFC Fight Night andn UFC Fight Pass
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Basketbal NBA
  • Golf
  • NSCAR or Car racing
  • Athlete
  • Marathon
  • Bike racing
  • MotorGP
  • MLB (Baseball game)
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Soccer
  • Skateboarding

Beam Coverage, Position, Frequency of Cosmoste TV Packages:

To get access to all the Cosmote Sport channels, then I will strongly advice to use wide band dish range from 2.4m dish to 3m dish. However, 1m dish can get you cosmote Sport 4 and 7 alongside M4 Sport and Sport 1HD in West Africa with the help forever Server account on most of the advanced decoder like Tiger T3000 Mega, Tiger T8HD Ultra, Starsat Extreme, Gent, Xcruiser decoder can opening Cosmote Sport without single freezing for free.

In UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland and other European countries can install the on Eutelsat 9A at 9E using minimum of 60cm dish and above. In short, The coverage favors or belongs to European beam and yet still receive globally either using wide band offset dish or prime focus dish. The following are the cosmote frequency for scanning their channels.

Cosmote Sport Frequency, Position On Eutelsat 9A At 9E

Cosmote Satellite Parameters: Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate For Cosmoste TV Package

S/N Frequency Polarization Symbol Rate
1. 11843 Vertical 27500
2. 11938 Horizontal 27500
3. 12054 Horizontal 27500
4. 12169 Horizontal 27500
5. 12207 Horizontal 27500
6. 12284 Horizontal 27500
7. 12399 Horizontal 27500
8. 12475 Horizontal 27500

How To Track Cosmote Sport On Eutelsat 9A At 9E Using 1M Dish.

To point your satellite dish to Cosmote TV position is not some easy just like TStv and Multi-TV, It requires some skills and techniques otherswise you will end getting StarTimes. Suppose you want to use Small size dish otherwise know as KU band dish like 1m dish, then you can use the same techniques or installation tips for AFN Network. Please note that you can’ get all the Cosmote Sport in West Africa using small dish unless you are living in the European countries.

How To Track Cosmote Sport On Eutelsat 9A 9E Using Wide Band Dish

To enjoying all the cosmote Sport or package in West Africa, Then you need the following pre-requisites:

  • Your dish antenna must be minimum of 3m or 10ft above
  • A high-sensitive KU LNB like Black Ultra LNB or Technomate
  • Forever Server Enabled/ Multi-stream Decoder
  • Signal Finder or Use Tiger T3000 Mega with Air Sync to install

Cosmote TV: Installation Guides On Wide Band Dish

  • Firstly, connect your dish and LNB to the signal finder using coaxial cable
  • Make sure you align your dish antenna to get signal from both East and West
  • Ensure you use the correct focal length to quickening your installation
  • After that, Use Cosmote Frequency 11843 V 27500 to track the signal on your dish and point your dish towards Eutelsat 9A At 9E.
  • Once you hit signal, make sure you scan first to verify if it is not Startime channels
  • Twist your LNB in or out, turn up or down to determine high signal point
  • If you get the right channels then you can tight your dish very well and do final scanning on Forever Enabled Decoder and start enjoying Cosmote TV package.
Forever Server Enabled Decoder Opening Cosmote TV On Eutelsat 9A At 9E

List of Satellite Decoder/Receiver Opening Cosmote TV Package

The following Satellite tv decoder or receiver featuring with Forever Server with capability of opening cosmote Sport without single freezing:

S/NProducts or Brand NameBrand Model Number
1.Tiger DecoderTiger T8HD Ultra, T8HD Ultra Mini, T800+ Mini, Tiger T3000, T3000 Mega, T3000 Extra
2.Mediastar DecoderMediastar Diamond MS X1, MS X2, MS Z1, MS Z2
3.Starsat DecoderStarsa Extreme 20000HD, 90000HD, X1 Pro, T13 Pro, X2 Pro
4.GeantGent 900 OTT, 950 OTT

However, Icone Irone Plus is the most advanced satellite decoder with 2years Orca server and GOGO IPTV. The components can’t be compare though it is expensive receiver. It is also capable of opening cosmote sport.

Price And Availability of Forever Server Enabled Decoder

Well, the price keep changing depend on the performance of the decoder and as well as the budget of the buyer, you can search through Amazon or Ebay online shopping or contact me to place order through me.

That’s all, This is how to track Cosmote Sport on Eutelsat 9A At 9E or Watch Cosmote Sport Package from UK, Germany and Africa as a whole. If you find this post useful don’t hesitate to share with your friends and across social media.

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    1. Yes bro but you will be limited to Cosmote Sport 4 and 7, if you use 2.4m dish you get additional two Cosmote Sport and with 3m dish, you will get all the channels

  1. Is it possible to receive this sat beam for cosmote in kenya? Will be the dish size be within reach? (how big will it be) . Thanks for your good and always clear information.

  2. Is there adult चNchannels not open in orca server just like penthouse gold sirina tv hustler tv private tv etc. how can watch these channels

  3. Hello mate, I’ve just have a mediastar diamond z2 with forever server iks 1.25 but it dosen’t play the cosmote package.
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    I live in Greece
    Thank you

  4. Hi br,thanks for the update,please I have 2.6m dish can I track 13e as primary then 9e cosmote tv.thanks

    1. Yes it is possible in Europe or MENA and if you’re in good location where signal of those satellites is fully covered. But in West Africa it will be difficult because to get all the channels in Hotbird 13 requires a big dish with minimum of 4.5m dish above. Cosmote TV can get all the channels with 3m dish above, from these analysis you can derive the answer depends on your location you’re

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