Patch Codes To Activate Forever Server On Enabled-Receivers

Patch Codes To Activate Forever Server On Enabled-Receivers

To activate server and patches with codes is the next step after acquired a Forever Server receiver. Whether the brand name, be it Tigerstar, Starsat, Mediastar, Geant, Vision, and more, such receivers must support the Forever server. And the patch codes are universal, i.e., all the codes can work on all the forever server enabled-receiver.

When you hear patch codes for the first time, well, I’m talking of the hidden menus that are off by default. Before scanning any satellite tv channels on the receiver, I will advise you to upgrade the receiver to the latest version for all the expected features to work correctly. 


Patch Codes To Activate Forever Server On Enabled-Receivers

Patch Codes For Enabled Receivers

S/NPatch CodesActivation Purposes
1.F1 + 000Activate and disable the patch
2.F1 + 111Displays the active menu and disables Dongle / Side Apps settings such as SSSP and RS-232 and activates Air and Internet Sharing
3.F1 + 222Display ECM LIST
4.F1 + 333Display coding menu to card channels (for manual coding of BISS and DCW systems)
5.F1 + 444Displays the BoxKey menu
6.F1 + 555Displays the IP Settings menu
7.F1 + 666Display the Server Settings menu
8.F1 + 777Automatic capture of the IP
9.F1 + 888Save information and reboot the device
10.F1 + 789Time Shifting Activation
11.F1 + 0852Factor reset or factory setting
12.F1 + 999Display the dish menu settings menu
13.F1 + 147Encoding table
14.F1 + 456Enable and disable Wifi
15.0 for color settings / shortcut settings
16.OK + 0Edit the channel directly
17.USB + Sat + 1113Low volume dial (with channel name and no switch / motor information)
18.USB + Sat + 1114Small volume dial (with database name with switch / motor information)
19.F1 + OKChannel Sorted by: Alphabet – Frequency – Free / Cards – Default – Instant – Alphabet / Cards / Free – Projder – Identity – SDS mode (only when Airing is active)
20.USB + Sat + 2415View features like serial / and chip info
21.USB + Sat + 1115Get the capture with the title Image
22.USB + Sat + 1116Get a USB stick with Usb Upgrade
23.USB + Sat + 1117Get a USB stick with Usb Boot Upgrade

How To Upgrade And Activate Forever Server Enable Receivers

  • First of all, Visit SatDL to download the latest software.
  • Extract the software into the root folder of your flash drive usually in file_name.bin
  • Insert the USB drive in your forever server enabled receiver.
  • Proceed to the “USB Menu” or “Expansion” (in some receiver).
  • Locate the downloaded software.
  • Press the OK button to start upgrading; Please note that there should be no power failure to avoid soft brick your receiver.
  • Once the receiver finished upgrading
  • Connect the receiver to the “Internet.” Using the “Network config.” menu, choose your preferred network type and connect.
  • Once you connected to the Internet, then press exit to the home screen.
  • Fast press F1 + 666 or F1 and 666 from your remote control.
  • Toggle on the “Forever Server ” Icon to connect to the server
  • Wait for a few seconds. It will display “Server Connected,” then you’re done.



  1. Pls my T3000 mega iptv is not working again it’s shown expired so what is the steps to move

  2. Good evening sir. My tiger t8 iptv doesn’t not work anymore. So what can I do to solve this matter?

  3. Hullo, I have a starsat sr-2090 hd extreme but under PATCH menu I have no option to upgrade using USB , it also has cccam menu missing.

  4. hello please after updated with lastest patch i don’t have forever server

  5. Sir my forever account expired and is displaying on the screen when connected to internet what should I do to remove it?

    • Firstly off the internet connection to your decoder, off the Tiger receiver and power on it back. Then proceed to Server Menu or probably do factory reset and the message will be disappeared

  6. Please I can’t access the patch on my MEDIASTAR 2121 decoder which I bought two weeks ago

  7. how can i refresh my forever server on Tiger T8 High class? server type (Forever pro 136) is hidden and cannot see the line expiry details, pls assist

  8. On my Apollo IPTV inbuilt on Medistar stb is having only 30 channels in total, any reason why i don’t get the full loaded channel list?
    Is there any method to refresh my Apollo iptv server to get all channels?

  9. Please I have Dontel-sat decoder and it has forever server which is already being displayed. But the remote doesn’t have f1 button to carry out the instructions

    • Forever Server Dontel-Sat decoder is a cloned global server and that’s why it doesn’t have F1 button to activate forever server just like other real forever server decoder

  10. I mistakenly reset my reciever (HD box 2019 ) to factory reset , now i have lost my forever server installed in it and also i am not able to connect it to internet as server or network settings are not visible in expansion

    • ok press f1 and quickly press 111 on your remote control and then scroll down on Enable Internet and press ok button. You have successfully activated the hidden menu or options including Forever IPTV and Patch Keys menu

  11. Thanks for the update but sir if I buy new media receiver how do I know the software is latex

  12. Hi
    i have a Viark sat 4k when I go into servers the 40 with the forever server is missing I can see from the info app on the box that I have three years how can I get this fixed?

  13. I buy my Mediastar ms m 1111 forever but am failing to open forever saver Account I need your assistance.

  14. hi dear
    can i activate air sharing for starsat 1110? i think because we must use 2nd tuner and w3 or w6 position. and how can i activate funcam sharing? where we can see chaneels list of funcam ? tnx

  15. i bought receiver and my 15 server records in starsat 1110 such as mgcam_funcam_cccam all are Disconnected. try to resolve after update version of receiver and wifi connecting and F1+000 111 666 and etc . but problem wont fixed. plz give me a solution. tnx

  16. Hi, I pressed f1+000 on my mediastar mini ms 2727 receiver it stopped showing an image, then I pressed f1+000 again unfortunately so far there are no images I need help please

  17. Pls how do i activate my ASTER S100 Server to be able to access the server account on it?

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