How To point and install your dish to ABS 3A At 3W

ABS 3A At 3W: How To Install Your Satellite Dish

ABS 3A at 3W was once have Feed Sport channels from South Africa named Hyde Park and Cape town. The two channels was remove for unknown reason. Now ABS 3A at 3W now featuring great free-to-air channels and the interesting part is that you can use small size dish to get all the free-to-air channels. Also I will teach how to install, track and point your dish towards the position easily.

Let’s dive in on how to track and point satellite dish towards ABS 3W at 3W.

ABS-3W Satellite Coverage

Satellite Coverage

The 3W signal coverage almost all the African countries, however the footage not available in the entire North Africa and Middle-East known as MENA. Yet Sudan and Yemen are still favor to get most the channels on the same spot.

No matter where you are in the Sub-Sahara Africa which includes Nigeria, Ghana and others, you can use minimum of 60cm dish antenna to track and install your dish to ABS 3A at 3W.

Receivable Frequencies on ABS 3A At 3W

11168 H 30000

10972 V 30000

11058 V 16660

11166 V 7501

ABS 3A At 3W: How To Install Your Satellite Dish

Working And Interesting Channels On ABS 3W

  1. Fox Sport News
  2. Sony Movies Christmas
  3. MBC 2
  4. Aljazeera
  5. NatGeo Wild
  6. Romedy Now
  7. Disney
  8. Africa News
  9. Africa
  10. ETV CT 1
  11. My Movie English
  12. NTV
  13. Star21 TV
  14. HITV

Note that these are not the full channels on the bouquet, some violates the google policy and some aren’t working that’s why such channels are not on the list.

Requirement for Dish Installation

  • Minimum of 60cm dish and above depends on your location
  • A digital Satellite Signal Finder or Meter or
  • Digital receiver with HEVC H.265 complaint
  • Tools like hammer, Spanners or wrench spanner

How To Install And Point Your Dish To ABS 3A At 3W

  • After you might have nail your dish to the right position and connect the cable to the receiver or meter and to the tv, learn how to do this here
  • It is good to firstly track and point your dish to SES 4 at 22W same as position as canalsat using 10986 V 30000 Frequency
  • After hitting signal for canalsat, then tight your dish a little bit ( I mean azimuth nuts)
  • Change the frequency to ABS 3A at 3W using 10972 V 30000
  • Raise your dish up and move dish towards right from the canalsat position
  • Set your eyes on the Signal Finder or waiting for signal to beep
  • Adjust the signal strength and quality up to the highest level
  • Tight Inclination and Azimuth nuts very well and ensure that signal quality not drop
  • Disconnect the cable from the meter and
  • Connect your digital receiver to tv and cable
  • Preferably use “blind scan” to get all the channels available in your reception

Final Verdict

If you satellite tv enthusiasm, who always prefer free-to-air than subscribe to either DStv or Startime, then ABS 3A at 3W is good and worth to have alongside Nigcomsat 1R or Multi-tv Ghana using Multi-stream receiver to get all the hidden channels on Astra 28 at 28.2E.

The good news about this new free-to-air channels is that, It is easy to install with minimum of 60cm dish above with do it yourself installation guides stated above. If you find this article interesting don’t forget to share with your friends and across social media.


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