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Canalsat Reunion On Eutelsat 16A At 16E Review

In South-East of Africa, Canalsat Reunion is the leading Digital Satellite Television provider. Canalsat Reunion offering Live Sport, Movies, Music, Education, Series, Kids, News, Documentary and many more. Canalsat Reunion operates in Francophone region i.e French speaking countries like Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Swaziland, Botswana and Tanzania. I will also reveal illegal means of watching canalsat reunion on Eutelsat 16A at 16e using cccam server.

It extends their satellite television services across Africa, Europe And Asian Pacific called Canal+ International. In this post, I will talk about how to track Canalsat Reunion and watch through Satellite TV Decoder. The Satellite beam coverage, frequency and the channel list.

Canalsat Reunion On Eutelsat 16A At 16E Beam Coverage

Canalsat Reunion On Eutelsat 16A At 16E Beam Coverage

Well, South-East region are so blessed with Canalsat Reunion as their coverage reaches the countries in the region. However, The beam coverage not visible to the West Africa and North Africa. The signal coverage is so strong to an extent that 60cm dish can get the signal in the region. Only those who live in South Africa need to use 1.8m dish above to enjoy Reunion package.

Subscription Package And Price

Canalsat Reunion is currently rolls out new 4K decoder for their subscribers. It has three different subscription packages for delivering of digital satellite television to their subscribers.

You can choose any package of your choice at the same price such as

  • Essential + package cost €39.99/month: It features with canalsaport and cine but no Beinsports
  • Complete Movies package cost €39.99/month: Canal Cine, Kids and the rest for home entertainment but no Sport
  • Complete Sport Package cost €39.99/month: It offers Sport from top European Leagues such EPL, LA Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. Canal Sport 1-4HD and Bein Sport 1-3HD are available to offer live events.

You can also watch your favorite tv shows while on the go online via Live TV portal. You can also follow up the daily TV guide for television programmes schdeule. There’s Replay portal for the subscribers to watch any missed shows though you need to sign up to get access to this features.


Canalsat Reunion Tracking Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate

Frequency Polariation Symbol Rate
10845 Horizontal 30000
10887 Horizontal 30000
10928 Horizontal 30000
11471 Horizontal 30000
11512 Horizontal 30000
11637 Horizontal 30000

Installation Requirements

  • A satellite dish Antenna with minimum of 60cm dish above
  • An official Canalsat Reunion Decoder with active subsciption
  • You must be within the stated countries or region above
  • Satellite meter or tracker

How To Track Canalsat Reunion On Eutelsat 16A At 16E

  • First of all, Connect your dish and Satellite tracker using coaxial cable and F-connector
  • Proceed to Installation Menu and select “Eutelsat 16A At 16e” as Satellite
  • Choose or manually enter anyone of the stated Canalsat Reunion frequency
  • Now Point your dish towards Eutelsat 16A at 16e Satellite and monitoring the signal movement on your satellite tracker
  • Once you get the signal at the highest quality rate
  • Tight your dish very well to avoid loss of signal
  • Disconnect the satellite tracker
  • Connect your Canalsat Reunion Decoder and wait for it finish booting and scanning or use blind scan to get all the Canalsat Reunion frequency scanning.
  • That’s all and start enjoying.
Canalsat Reunion Frequency On Eutelsat 16A At 16E


If you love to watch sport like wrestling, UFC fight night, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, NBA and football, Then I will suggest or recommend you to subscribe to either Essential+ package or Total complete Sport. These two package can give you whatever you want to watch on the planet if you aren’t love to watch movies.

However, If you’re lucky to get those channels in your reception and making subscription is not accessible to you. Then you can buy Tiger T3000 Mega or Tiger T8HD Ultra decoder and enjoy the same channels as official one but it is illegal.

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Alternatively, Using CCCAM server or Canalsat Reunion CCCAM is also illegal in most cases to unscrambling premium channels like Canalsat reunion. There are tons of illegal seller on the internet providing means of watching premium channels at low cost. This approaches doesn’t last forever whenever the official tv made changes to their encryption, It automatically affect the cccam server set up. You can also use this tutorial on how to track Canalsat Reunion for setting up your dish for official viewing. The choice is yours and that’s what I have for you today until next time stay bless. Don’t forget to share if found this post interesting.

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