18 Best Legal Streaming Services IPTV Providers

The Best Major Streaming Services In U.S, Canada And Australia

Choose Legal Streaming IPTV Services That Won’t Put You Into Trouble

IPTV does not need introduction again as I have already published two different articles on What is IPTV and Is it Legal?. If you are looking for how IPTV works then you can refer to my previous article here.

If you love watching movies, music, documentary, news, sports e.t.c, don’t worry IPTV (the future television) will bring to palm at affordable price thanks to IPTV that got cover even while on traveling.

About IPTV

IPTV (internet Protocol Television) makes uses of the internet to deliver television services rather than through cable, antenna and satellite dishes. I also offers Live tv and video on demand everything is within your reach just select any channels you wish to watch and start stream to your tv using set-top box, smart tv or mobile phone.

IPTV offers Live tv and video on demand everything is within your reach just select any channels you wish to watch and start stream to your tv using set-top box, smart tv or mobile phone.

Basically, There are two main models of IPTV in any given region which includes:

Local and Traditional IPTV: This streaming services is available only official specific location and you have to use VPN to bypass geo-restriction.

Unofficial IPTV: This streaming services known as third-party iptv subscription usually pre-install on set-top box like Q Plus Allwinner H6 Android tv box, Tiger T3000 Mega, Mediastar Z2 4K receiver e.t.c. The following are the example of third-party IPTV Subscription which includes: MYHD IPTV, xtream IPTV, QHDTV IPTV, QHDTV Pro, SUB IPTV for French, Italia, Africa, Ocean Pacific and USA.

Best IPTV Services Providers In 2019

There are tons of IPTV services providers offer, some of them are legal contents while others provide illegal IPTV contents. To avoid being embarrassed by the law, You have to be in saver side by exploiting the legal contents and stay away from those illegal contents that touches the line.

Fortunately, we have plenty of legal IPTV services available, Some of which are paid subscription while others are available for free. Here are some of the best legal IPTV service that won’t get you into trouble by the law.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best IPTV services Providers in the United State. It offers Multi-channels live TV across the internet and It was the first IPTV provider to offer multi-channel even before it was launched in 2015.

Sling Blue and Sling Orange are the two plans offer and both usually cost $25/month.

These two sling iptv service subscription offer different channels. Sling Blue offer any contents from NBC and FOX but not offer any content from ESPN or Disney while Sling Orange is the opposite i.e It offers content from ESPN and Disney, but not FOX or NBC.

For you to get access to all the channels on Sling TV, you need to subscribe to both IPTV plans (Orange and Blue IPTV Subscription) for $40 per month by saving 20% offer.

2. DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a subsidiary of AT & T. It offers ix different IPTV subscriptions at the cheapest price which is the Select package usually cost $35/month for over 150 channels. The Premier package cost $110/month for over 320 channels as it includes HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz. users can terminate DirecTV Now IPTV subscription at anytime without fowl.

3. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu is the most reliable IPTV Service provider in the U.S as the company offer three different streaming plans and the most expensive plan cost $44.99/month to watch live TV contents.

Various Network providers are available in Hulu + Live TV package which includes FOX Sports, MSNBC, HGTV, NBC, CBS, Telemundo, CNN and ABC. Sport enthusiasm can catch live coverage from the English Premier League, NHL Stanley Cup, NBA Playsoff, NFL, NCAA. the only disadvantage of Hulu + Live TV is that the service is not available for other countries.

4. Pluto TV

Pluto is one the best free legal IPTV services providers as it focus on particular genres of TV Shows and Movies. It compatible with many devices which includes Roku, Amazon Firestick TV, Smart TV, Chromecast, Android TV and Apple TV. It provides plugin or add-ons on Kodi and their app are available on different platform and you can download from here.

5. USTVnow

USTVnow extends their free IPTV Service outside U.S as it offers military and expats member with free IPTV access to 5 different channels which includes PBS, CW, CBS, TV9, AFN and ABC. you can pay $19/month to get access to Fox, AMC, Animal Planet, ESPN, USA Network, Weather Channels e.t.c.

6. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer service is the most widely used and famous TV app from United Kingdom as it offers live British TV, series and video on demand. It also have third-party add-on or plugin in the official Kodi repository, The service only available in U.K and other countries may exploit VPN like Namecheap or smart DNS.

8. TVPlayer

TVPlayer is a UK based free IPTV Services provider offering some of their contents accessible free of charge such as Dave, CBBC, Fashion TV, Travel Channel, Channel Five, Channel Four, BBC Two, BBC One, ITV, Channel Four, More4, Food Network e.t.c. It attract monthly charges worth 9.99 pounds per month without hidden fees.

9. Zattoo

Zatoo is the best European IPTV services provider offering more than 200 free IPTV channels from different countries in Europe which includes Germany, UK, Turkey, Spain, France, Netherland, Portugal, Italy and many more.

Subscribing to premium IPTV subscription plan will give you access to receive more than 70 high-definition channels aside the 200+ free channels. Zattoo usually cost around $10/month depending on the local currency used for the payment.

10. Netflix

Netflix is the biggest and most popular Internet streaming site in the world features with original contents library which includes movies, series, documentary, Live Sport and Netflix subscription is made easy by signing up on Netflix official website and get offer to watch Neflix contents for free valid for 30days and you may cancel your order if you think it is suitable for you with “Money Back Guaranteed” offer though the subscription price is different per each countries.

11. CBS All Access (Canada)

Do you love watching Elementary, Crazy Ex-Girl friend, 60minutes, NCIS e.t.c?. then CBS All Access Canada is here for you. It also offering original series like Kids Programming, The Handmaid’s Tale and live sport original contents also available. CBS All Access Canada offer 25% discount for student only and the services are available and compatible with almost streaming media boxes or platforms.

12. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the biggest threat or rivalry to Netflix has it entails tons of original contents which includes numbers of movies and tv shows. It offer packages and as well as Standalone IPTV services Provider with instant delivery. You can start with $2.99 for your first 6 month as the new member instead of the previous $5.99 while the existing member after the first 6 month can renew for $5.99.

13. Crave TV

If you are looking for IPTV Streaming Service provider with large original contents which involve movies like The losers, The Wolfman, Night School e.t.c. Crave TV has collection on both showtime and HBO contents you can subscribe to Crave TV.

14. Stan

Stan is the leading IPTV streaming service provider in Australia as it offering numerous collection of TV and movies. you can stream tv shows such as The last ship, Creed, Will and Grace, Death Wish, The Royal and many more.

It offer original contents in High-definition and Ultra HD known as 4K. you can start with $10/month or start with free trial by signing up. Stan IPTV streaming services are available and support different streaming Media box such as Roku, Smart TV’s, Xbox, Playstation, Computers, Android Tv boxes, Apple TV’s Amazon fire stick and many more.

15. Kayo Sports

It is subsidiary of Foxtel, Kayo can be regarded as Netflix of Sport with just $25 per month plan, You will get access to Live and video on demand for over 50 original sport contents without restriction to AFL, NRL, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Surfing, Athletics, Swimming, Darts, Squash, Boxing, US football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Motosports.

Kayo streaming contents is actually from Foxtel sports. you can watch different tv shows on two television set using $25 per month and three different shows on three devices for $35/month subscription.

16. Foxtel Now

In Australia, Foxtel Now is the giant premium tv provider and as well as offering streaming service. The minimum subscription start from $25 and the maximum subscription cost $104. Foxtel Now break their contents across packages.

The starter subscription cost $25 will give you access to pop and lifestyle original contents including the most famous shows like The walking dead, Game of thrones, Top of the Lake, Westworld e.t.c. You still have choice to add Sports, Movies and Drama. Foxtel Now Streaming Service is only available for Australian Only.

17. Fetch TV

Fetch TV Streaming Services is internet based tv delivered through set-top box either from Fetch TV, dongle and smart TV or get it with internet bundle plan with iPrimus, iiNet, Dodo, Optus and Internode broadband plan.

It gives users access to record, pause and rewind live free-to-air TV and over 70,000 video on demand available on library for movies and shows.

Fetch TV also offers subscription plan for pay TV channels start from $6 per month which includes documentaries, kids, movies and you can pay $9.99 per month to add sports.

18. Flip TV

It is an Australian based NBN provider that combine broadband plans with Multi-language Legal IPTV services. Flip TV subscription start from $12.95 include free-to-air TV channels and it extends their streaming services to South America, Bosnia, Spain, Poland, Macedonia, Malta, Chile, Vietnam, Portugal and Chile.

Flip TV content is available via Set-top box, web browser and television set via plugins or add-on.

19. Catch-up TV

Almost all the digital satellite tv provider in Australia now offering online streaming of live broadcasts and on-demand. The users can view Catch-up TV original content, website or through downloaded apps via Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs.

Catch-up Network streaming services as follows: 7Plus, SBS on demand, 9Now, ABC iView and TenPlay and it is totally free without monthly subscription.


It is broadband and mobile provider that offering its legal IPTV streaming services via IPTV platforms. TPG ADSL2+ plans available with connection speed greater than 3.5Mbps via PCs and Macs or connect your TV to computer to watch shows on gi screen.

Available International Channels include Al Jazeera, Indonesian TV, Hungarian TV, France 24, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia, Deutche Welle and many more. Installation is very much easy with Hardware and Software to start enjoying your favorite tv shows.

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