TStv Africa New Frequency

Updates On TSTV Africa: New Frequency, Channels lists And Position

TStv Africa Channels has become most widely watch satellite tv provider in Africa even following disappointment that could make their service sideline for almost a week due to technical difficulty, as at the time of writing this post TStv Africa Channels is back and better with new interesting channels with new frequency parameters but not change the position i.e It still remain on Intelsat 12/904 at 45e

New TStv Africa Frequency Parameters

TStv Africa Frequency: Number 1

Frequency: 11514

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

TStv Africa Frequency: Number 2


Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

TStv Africa Frequency: Number 3

Frequency: 11595

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000


How To Get My TStv Africa Channels Back, TStv Frequency And Channels

Latest TStv Africa Channels List

  1. Grande Gospel
  2. Olivia TV
  3. Mama Africa Movies
  4. Nova
  5. Jul Fashion
  6. AIT
  7. Al Jazeera English
  9. CGTN
  10. A1 Kids
  11. Bj Kids
  12. Mama Africa Hausa
  13. Beth Food
  14. EWTN Africa
  16. Mercy TV Plus
  17. NTAi
  18. RT
  19. TRT World
  20. DW
  21. France 24
  24. Wazobia Max
  25. Silverbird
  26. Sunna TV
  27. Peace TV (English)
  28. Ture Crime
  29. Mystery Doc
  30. Hits TV
  31. Hits Africa
  32. Grande Comedy
  33. MBC 2
  34. MBC MAX
  35. 1 Movies
  36. MBC Action
  37. Mama Africa Igbo
  38. Ahtv
  39. Mama Africa Yoruba

How To Get My TStv Africa Channels Back?

If you are experiencing No or Bad Signal and you have not tamper with your dish settings all what you need to do is to “Blind Scan” your digital satellite receiver to receive new TStv Africa Channels follows below steps:

  • Firstly, Tune your channels Showing “No or Bad Signal”
  • Now, Press Menu
  • Select Installation
  • Enter your Pin code usually 0000 as default but in some decoder no pin code required
  • Press OK on “Antenna Setting”
  • Press Blue Button to Pop Up “Scan Menu”
  • Scroll down to change the “Scan Type” to “Blind Scan”
  • Then Press Ok Button Start Scanning
  • Wait for few minutes for scanning to complete
  • Select “YES” to save channels
  • Press Exit to the Screen
  • And the Channels will Start working.
Updates On TSTV Africa: Frequency, Channels And Position


As far as TStv has yet to fully commence their service, you are strongly advice to repeat the above stated steps at least twice in a day to increase your channels and the company will be updating their channels bouquet both frequency parameters and channels can be updated at any time in order to serve you better.

If you are a muslim like me, believe me It has added Islamic interesting channels that can increase your God consciousness, faith during and after the ramadan happy fasting…….

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