Awesome 10 Tips To Succeed In Social Networks

Awesome 10 Tips To Succeed In Social Networks

Much of the population use social networks today. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, no matter, they all have business opportunities. At least that is what happens to those who know how to use them. Don’t worry I have prepare tutorials for you on how to succeed on social networks.

To succeed on social networks is not enough to make several random posts. It is important to plan well and follow the essential tips below. You want to know more tips and tactics to succeed in social networks then visit

Awesome 10 Tips To Succeed In Social Networks

1. Understand Your Visitors To Succeed On Social Networks

When a family member or dear friend visits you, you prepare everything he likes for food, prepare proper entertainment, and practically leave all the space with your face. Surely this person will be very pleased with the time they spend with you and will want to come back.

Do you know who deserves this kind of care? Your client. You should know him well to prepare perfect content for him, encouraging him to enjoy, share and interact on networks.

Therefore, to be successful in social networks is important to create and understand a persona. The persona is your ideal customer. But it is no use creating only a vague audience, such as 25- to 45-year-old middle-class women.

There are many differences in this group of people. Using such a placement is difficult to create efficient content. You may end up posting posts that don’t connect with the consumer. Understand your audience in detail and improve your results.

2. Choose The Right Platform (Social Media Networks)

Knowing who your audience is you will soon realize that they frequent some platforms more than others. Millennials (the Y generation – also called the internet generation),  for example, are often more present on Instagram and Youtube. Therefore, it makes no sense to create posts directed to them on LinkedIn. I suggest you create your own free website using google site to build your own website.

Several social networks bring different audiences and possibilities. However, there is no point in wanting to work with them all, you will just end up overwhelmed and spending precious resources.

Ideally, identify which one is most frequented by your audience and invest a lot in it. If you still have questions go back to the previous topic and study your persona better.

3. Create Unique Content For Each Platform.

Some businesses that are present on more than one platform make a serious mistake: posting the same content on all. A Facebook text may not do very well on Instagram. Just like a picture of a plate of food may be uninteresting to face users.

The ideal is to adapt content according to the platform used. LinkedIn is a good example of this. Instead of using posts like those on Facebook, it benefits more from richer content. Targeting professionals and businesses, LinkedIn provides space for articles and long texts.

Instagram is completely different. Its platform is visual and the text has little space. The description of the posts is in a barely visible area that has a very small character limit before being interrupted by a “learn more”. Therefore, photos and videos are the best way to get attention on this network. It is good to use Plagiarism tools to check the quality of the content before publish online.

4. Make Pain-Solving Content

Why does someone follow your Facebook page? Is it by chance to see daily promotions of your products and services? Certainly not. Your audience is following your page or profile because they expect to resolve a problem.

People are looking for funny or informative content. There are also those looking for practical tips, tutorials, and info graphics. It’s all up to the audience, but something is certain: Everyone wants something that helps them solve their daily needs.

No one joins a social network to see advertisements or product photos. What piques interest in a brand is the value it delivers to the customer. Useful content is the best way to captivate the consumer and convince them to buy it.

Awesome 10 Tips To Succeed In Social Networks

5. Use Efficient CTAs

You were able to create great content for your audience and are having good interaction on the networks, congratulations! But there is still something that is missing to succeed in social networks: CTAs.

CTA, or call to action, is a text that encourages the reader to do something. Have you noticed that all You tubers end the video by asking to like and follow the channel? This is a CTA. It links the useful content created with the sales process.

You can use these calls to encourage your audience to interact by improving page metrics. For this, you can enjoy a question, ask for comments or even tag friends. Another option is to use it for sale. CTAs may also be asked to visit a page or blog post or even to download content.

6. Create Visual Content

Unless you consider networks like Medium and Tumblr, which aren’t widely used by companies, the internet is very visual. To be successful on social networks is important to create excellent visual content.

Photos should be well-edited and with as little text as possible. This is important for two reasons. First, Facebook and Instagram narrow the reach of ads with images that have a lot of text. Secondly, this type of post simply does not engage.

It’s hard and annoying to have to zoom in on the image to read the wording that is written on it. Ideally, leave only phrases or keywords in the art and one explanation in the description.

Also enjoy videos, infographics, and other visual content. They help drive engagement with your audience and succeed on social networks.

7. Interact With Your Audience

No one likes to be left talking to themselves, even if it’s on the internet. When your followers leave a comment or send inbox messages, reply. If they said something, it is because they want to be heard.

Some companies give true examples of virtual interaction. Netflix, for example, always responds in a good mood to create a relationship with the consumer. Interaction makes your audience frequent your page or profile more often and helps improve sales.

8. Create An Editorial Calendar

Who wants to succeed in social networks needs planning. If you expect the insight for the perfect publication to appear, you may forget. Those who work this way do a post or two a month and rarely update their followers with information.

For networks to remain relevant to the sale, you must have periodic content. Frequency varies by audience and industry for each company, but planning and posting are always essential.

9. Focus On Helping Your Consumer

When analyzing social networking metrics, most companies are thinking about sales. This is important, but it is not what will win buyers for your brand online. We currently work with the concept of Inbound Marketing, which shows that virtual strategies need to be quite different.

Offering things for free, for example, can attract a multitude of people willing to pay for your service or product. Learn how to help your consumer no matter the situation.

10. Keep An Eye On the Competition Across Social Media Networks

Competition has a lot to help us with digital marketing. But be careful, you are not watching your actions to copy them. Watching people who work in the same field as you help to come up with ideas and insights, and realize mistakes you should avoid.

Keep an eye out and study what to apply to your brand. Remembering that you should not copy, but can be inspired by your posts.

Social networking is already essential for any business that wants to stay relevant. That’s why you can’t forget these tips to succeed on social networks. They are valuable and will help you improve your brand’s online presence to communicate effectively.


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