Starsat SR-T14 Extreme & Starsat SR-2020HD Extreme Review

Starsat SR-T14 Extreme & Starsat SR-2020HD Extreme Review

Starsat SR-T14 Extreme receiver is the same as Starsat SR-2020 HD Extreme in Turkey. It is one of the hottest and mostly used in MENA, Europe, and Asia. It comes with advanced features, which include Multi-stream, portable and stylish design.

If you are the type of person that likes mini or portable receivers with advanced features, the Starsat SR-T14 Extreme receiver is the best option for you. Let’s quickly check the key specs:

Starsat SR-T14/2020HD Extreme Key Specs:

  • DVBS/DVBS2/DVBS2X compliant
  • Support Multi-Stream
  • Fully 4K Ultra HD Compliant
  • Support HEVC H.264, H.265 Codec
  • Support Autorole Biss and PowerVU
  • PVR Ready
  • USB Wi-Fi and support LAN
  • Online Software upgrade
  • 15-Month Forever Server Pro
  • 12-Month Apollo IPTV
  • 12-Month MYHD IPTV

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Body And Design

Starsat SR-T14 Extreme receiver is a mini receiver without an android operating system. It usually in black color along with red stylish design on top. It has a USB, LAN, signal tuner, CA, HDMI, and SPDIF ports.


The CPU is very much stable powered by Ali chips. The chips can accommodate Multi-stream, PowerVU, and Biss autorole. 

Starsat SR-T14 Extreme receiver has a 15-month Forever server pro for opening many satellite packages, mostly from Europe, Asia, and America.

As of now, Forever Server is currently opening the Sky UK package on Astra 2E/2F/2G at 28.5, and Yes package at Amos 4W. If you’re living in the UK, or anywhere you have the signal, you can enjoy unlimited sport, movies, and many more.

IPTV of different protocols is integrated with a free 12-month Apollo IPTV, 12-month MYHD IPTV, etc. It supports GM Screen to cast on your mobile whatever you’re watching on your TV using the same internet connection and built-in Youtube. However,

It is built-in with a server to detect a new software update and get the box flash and upgraded easily. You can also update the softcam key in Starsat SR-T14/2020HD Extreme receiver for both PowerVU and Biss channels.

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Starsat SR-T14 Extreme & Starsat SR-2020HD Extreme Review

Starsat SR-T14/2020HD Extreme Receiver Price And Availability

A unit price of Starsat SR-2020 HD Extreme or T14 Extreme receiver is $150 without the shipping fee, and the item is available in stock. To place an order from us, you have to provide me your full delivery details, including the postal code, to check for the shipping fee. You can contact us by filling this form or use any of our social media for a quick response.

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