Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review Price, Specs And Availability

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Review: Why Is It Costly Than S20?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is a closely-perfect smartphone that connects to more 5G networks and has advance cameras than ever, though you’ll be paying for the privilege, as this is the expensive Plus smartphone yet. If you don’t mind boring design, the phone handles anything you throw at it, and durable for years – especially regarding 5G networks stay compatible with the S20 Plus as they build out.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus features the most powerful ‘middle child’ mobile phone we’ve ever tested – and most likely the excellent pound-for-pound S20 phone, time. It’s a powerhouse that feature the best perks of its immediates, and makes the excellent balance between them.

That is, it’s got a massive display and more battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S20, but it’s not quite as huge and costly as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. If you want cheaper, or the best of the best, go with one of the other two; yet, we assume that for most peoples the S20 Plus will hit the winning spot.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Smartphone


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus doesn’t seems to be much unique to its predecessor, yet, this is the smooth device in a long line of preocessor– and that isn’t a bad design. 

The front-facing camera has single center-aligned punch-hole looks cleaner, and prevents less of the display, than the diamond-shaped cutout casing two lenses on the S10 Plus. Less prominet unless the two phones are place side-by-side is that the latest Plus model has no top edge or bottom chin – its bezel is evenly scattered.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Smartphone

What’s likewise less considering is how reduce the design has become: without rear fingerprint sensor reader, it doesn’t have Bixby button and, sadly for some, no 3.5mm headphone jack, the S20 Plus is pretty squeeze. 

Yeah, it’s even thinner by a hair than the standard S20 model. The downside? Rock up the volume on the dual top-and-bottom speakers and the complete rear cover will vibrate. Put out decent audio, though we still haven’t found sound projection and stereo balance.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Display


The Samsung S20 Plus’ has a 6.7-inch AMOLED display that’s sharp and trembling, with WQHD+ (3200 x 1440) resolution . The display is a darken taller than the Samsung 10 Plus’ QHD+ (3040 x 1440) resolution, which is likely beacuse it having less edge at the top and bottom. But you likely won’t see a difference given how similar they are – at most insignificant until you get to the refresh rate.

Accepted, you can’t extend full-throttle on both refresh rate and display resolution: if you want 1440p screen you’ll need to configure the screen to 60Hz, and if you want to hit that up to 120Hz then you’ll need to set for 1080p (or 2400 x 1080) screen. And you have to enable both settings individually, which makes it too hard for tinkering: you’ll probably set it to one combo or the other.

As for the display’s general features, expect much the similar as from the S10 Plus, with a very clear and in-depth picture when watching videos up to 1440p resolution. Regardless of technically having a higher-resolution and the S20 Plus revealed roughly the similar image when viewing, say that, a 1440p video on YouTube – Still the Apple phone’s resolution does have a slight bezel in contrast, revealing high-contrast images (like a bird in the sky) in greater view. 

One last point: you might want to enable the facial recognition since the in-screen fingerprint sensor is poor. 


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Camera


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has a trio of rear cameras, plus a time-of-flight depth sensor. While the primary and ultra-wide lenses haven’t changed a great deal from the corresponding lenses on the Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus, the company has amped up the telephoto lenses to deliver incredible fidelity greatly beyond what its predecessor was capable of.

Where the S10 Plus fastened a 12MP 2x optical telephoto camera, which extended to a fair 10x digital zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is rocking a 3x optical lens coupled with a 64MP sensor, supporting for an astounding 30x digital zoom. 

Stills photography aside, the S20 Plus’ other big innovation is the capability to capture 8K video at 24fps. That’s considerably more of a showcase highlight than it is a practical one, given how rare commercially-available displays can truly display video in 8K, however you can drop down to UHD (4K, 3840 x 2160) in 60fps, as well as FHD and normal HD if you so prefer.

5G Network Compatibility

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus has the possibility for mainstream consumers to receive 5G on their phones. Only 1% of the smartphones that shipped in 2019 were 5G phones though most of those were expensive variants of the 4G processor. 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus is massively 5G by default – as stated, in some markets, you can buy a 4G version of the phone. However, 5G is the standard. The download speeds will flow at around 200Mbps on average, 6x faster than 4G speeds in many parts of the globe.

Of course, this depends on 5G being available in your area from your ISP provider, but even if it isn’t yet active, Samsung is cooking in the future-proofed connectivity.


Performance And Software

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus is running Android 10 O.S, the latest and powerful version of Google’s operating system. Samsung’s own One user-interface overlaid, so it’ll look unique to the software you may have tried on other phones that aren’t produced by Samsung. However, the design is responsive and flexible to use.

The company is featuring its own apps on the phone, but if you don’t want these apps on your device, you can uninstall most of them and make use of Google’s own pre-loaded apps.

You’re restrict to 128GB of internal storage on the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus. We believe there’s more than enough storage for the average user. But if you’re planning to shoot 4K video, then you’ll make use of the microSD card slot.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus supports cards up to 1TB storage – if you need even more internal memory, you’ll likely to opt for the Galaxy S20 Ultra or Galaxy S20 Plus that offer 256GB and 512GB options.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 plus is fully powered by one of two variant chipsets and where you’ll choose a different version. If you live in the US, you’ll get Qualcomm’s top-end Snapdragon 865 processor, while those around the remaining part of the world will get a global Samsung’s high-end Exynos 990.

This post review is based on our time with the Exynos 990 version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus phone. We’ve yet to thoroughly testing the Snapdragon 865 version of the S20 plus.

As to the Exynos 990-powered S20 plus, in our testing, we’ve experienced outstanding performance throughout. Whether for playing games or loading apps quickly, it’s powerful enough to do everything we need it to perform.

Battery Capacity

Battery Life

One thing we observe about 5G it’s that the super-fast internet technology is a battery hog, and with that in mind, Samsung has powered the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus with a 4,500mAh battery more than Galaxy S20. But it is less than that of Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

That’s undoubtedly trade-off, as we’ve found the Galaxy S20 plus to have healthy battery life that will easily put you through a full day of various use – in fact, we’d often reach home after 24 hours of what we’d consider being fairly heavy use to get the phone remain 20% or so left in the battery.

Pricing And Availability

Pricing And Availability

Encourage yourself: definitely, you’re going to pay more for the Galaxy S20 plus than the S10 due to its 5G network upgrade, advanced cameras, and more massive 6.2-inch 120Hz screen.

In the US, UK, and Australia, the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus 5G price is $1,199 / £999 / AU$1,649 for the version of 12GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory. Alternatively, You’re allow to use extra storage of a microSD card up to 1TB capacity. However, if you want 256GB or 512GB of internal storage capacity, then you’ll have to opt for OnePlus 7T smartphone. 

The smartphone is also available in a 4G version in some online and local markets, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. The Galaxy S20 Plus of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage priced AU$1,499. Those in the United States are only able to get the 5G variant. Why not take a look at Cubot X20 Pro with premium features if you can’t break bank for Samsung Galaxy S20 plus.

Online Stores/MarketPricing
Amazon (US)$888


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