Forever Server Pro 127 For Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat And Icone Receivers

PowerVU Fixed, Ecast, Forever Server Pro 127 On Starsat And Tiger Receiver

In earlier this month, PowerVU has been fixed for Sony Entertainment and add Ecast features to sunplus receivers, Also Forever server pro 127 has been added on Starsat and Tiger receiver, I will also share the website where you can find software for your receiver and also download Ecast App.

PowerVU Software Fixed On Sony Entertainment and TEN Sport

Sony Entertainment Network is one of the most watching satellite tv channels encrypted with PowerVU, Thanks to frequent software releases fixing PowerVU key generator with updating the Algorithm.

Sunplus receivers users can download the latest PowerVU software to fix Sony Ten on Asiasat 7 At 105.5e, Intelsat At 66e And Intelsat 68.5e. Furthermore, Ecast features was also added on sunplus receiver and usually found on the patch menu.


PowerVU and Ecast Software For Sunplus Receiver And Download Ecast App for Sunplus Receiver

What is Ecast?

Ecast is an android app design to manage supported devices and connected over the same Wi-Fi connection. With Ecast App you can control your device without using normal remote controller. It also make upgrading easy simply because it can browse file from the phone through the File manager. So using USB or Flash drive will be reduce when it comes to software upgrade.

Where To Download Ecast App

App Name SizeO.SRequirementSupported DevicesDownload LInk
Ecast App6.78MBAndroid Version 4.4 O.S AboveSunplus 1506/1507 chipsetDownload

If you’re looking for where o download Sunplus chipset Ecast software just install this app and you will find all the latest Sunplus software fixing PowerVU and Ecast therein.

Forever Server Pro 127 For Tigerstar, Mediastar, Starsat And Icone Receivers

Forever Server Pro 127

Forever Server company has upgraded their server to the latest Forever Server Pro 127 from 125 and 126. Therefore all the receiver with forever server enabled now running the latest version 127. The company has sent the scripts to the manufactures of those supported receiver to updates.

Just a moment ago, I confirmed Videocon on ST2 at 88E All the channels are working fine without single freezing and I will continuing to updates as soon as I discover channels opening with Forever Server Pro 127.

Download Latest PowerVU And Forever Server Pro 127 Software:

we have many products across the world, It will be so difficult to upload them here but I will share you the link where you can find the latest software for your satellite receiver as following:

You get covered with the few website stated above and you can get the latest powervu software and Forever Server Pro 127 software there. Feel free to contact me if you encounter any difficulty and I’ll my level best to give you necessary support. And don’t forget that Yayi TV1 and Yayi TV2 are the the best Alternative to Signal-6 which lost signal since two weeks ago.

14 thoughts on “PowerVU Fixed, Ecast, Forever Server Pro 127 On Starsat And Tiger Receiver”

  1. @ABDUL-WAHAB Sorry, l don’t mean to cause distraction to the topic under discuss. Thanks for the updates, it couldn’t have come at a better time than now.

    Pls l recently tracked 9e Sat on 1m dish and got 65% quality and 87% signal strength on SRT used during the tracking while outside but on inside the house, l had 58% quality and 73% signal strength on my T8hd ultra decoder. I blind scan and got total 135 channels with Cosmote 4&7 channels. But not satisfied, l blind scan again and had total 90 channels without any Cosmote channels. The situation has remains same till now and is very frustrating.

    Pls what could be wrong and why
    1. Reduction in signal strength from SRT 65% to 58% on T8hd ultra inside the house?
    2. Reduction total channels 135 to 90 after the initial blind scan and without Cosmote channels?

    Thank you.

    1. I will suggest you to check the following:

      1. Replace the coaxial cable if there’s joining point in the cable

      2. Replace the Diseqc switch if there’s no breakage throughout the cable

      3. If the distance between the dish and your reception is more than 10-20m away, you may experience signal reduction

      4. partial connection between the cable filament and F-connector

      5. Rusted cable reduces signal

      Try all these suggestion and I believe your case will definitely fall within the stated points.

  2. Hi members in the house, I need some help on tracking eutelsat10a ku band I have tried all ku band lnbs but all in vain. C band is OK, but only ku band please help.

  3. Hi, can I install Forever Pro server on Mediastar 2727 decoder? It currently shows “F-Share.143”. I don’t even know what that is.

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