OSN Package On Nilesat 201 & Eutelsat 7W/7B At 7.0 West

OSN Package On Nilesat 201 & Eutelsat 7W/7B At 7.0 West

OSN package – The home of entertainment at high quality picture. Nilesat 201 and Eutelsat 7w/7B at 7.0 west is the satellite name hosting OSN package with more than 10 different frequencies. let’s move on to dig out everything you need to know and how to point your dish to Nilesat 201 or Eutelsat 7w/7B at 7.0 west.

In this post, I will tell you the satellite tv receiver or boxes that can opening OSN package for free, and their server name.

Important Features on OSN Package:

  • High definition content
  • Support 3D contents
  • Delivering series of movies, Kids, News, documentary e.t.c
  • The English contents are up to 75%
  • The Arabian contents are up to 25%
  • Contents available to watch through third-party box like Tiger, starsat
OSN Package On Nilesat 201 & Eutelsat 7W/7B At 7.0 West

About OSN Package

OSN package is otherwise known as Orbit Showtime Network, It is a direct-broadcast satellite provider delivering digital coverage in the Middle-East and North Africa. It extends their coverage to some part of Europe like UK, Ireland, France, and Germany.

The OSN Network is owned and manage by Panther Media Group Limited. The company headquarters and broadcasting center are sited in Dubai Media city in United Arab Emirates. It offers popular entertainment content of 154 TV channels, and more than 53 high definition and 3D channels.

Orbit and Showtime Arabia won and shown English Premier League for the first time in 2009-2010 season in the region.

Technologically, OSN has introduced series of technologies innovations and services in the Middle-East and North Africa. OSN DVR HD, OSN Play for online TV platform, VOD, and interne-enabled satellite receiver. The company use Nilesat 201 and Eutelsat 7w/7b at 7.0 west for delivering its digital TV services in the region.

OSN Satellite
Nilesat 201 & Eutelsat 7W/7B at 7.0

OSN Package Satellite Coverage

Checking the signal footage on lyngsat on Nilesat 201 and Eutelsat 7w/7b at 7.0 west, shows that the signal covers all the Middle-East and North Africa. Countries like Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Chad, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya have good signal coverage using 90cm dish above.

In Sub-Sahara countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and others can use 2.4m dish above using good LNB like Inverto LNB. You can learn how to choose the best KU LNB for your satellite dish. Nilesat 7

OSN Frequencies, Polarization And Symbol Rate

S/NFrequencyPolarizationSymbol Rate

OSN Channels List Obtained from Nilesat 201 and Eutelsat 7W/7B At 7.0 West

  • HD:
    • OSN On Demand HD
  • Movies:
    • ART Aflam 1
    • ART Aflam 2
    • ART Cinema
    • Alfa Cinema 1
    • Alfa Cinema 2
    • OSN Movies HD
    • OSN Movies First HD
    • OSN Movies First +2 HD
    • OSN Movies Disney HD
    • OSN Cinema HD
    • OSN Kids HD
    • OSN Enigma HD
    • OSN Action HD
    • Star Movies HD
    • Paramount Channel HD
    • MBC 2
    • MBC Max
    • MBC Bollywood
    • Rotana Cinema
    • Rotana Classic
    • Rotana Zaman
  • General Entertainment:
    • OSN Comedy HD
    • Al Safwa
    • Al Yawm HD
    • Alfa Series HD
    • Alfa Series +2 HD
    • ART Hekayat
    • ART Hekayat 2
    • Star World HD
    • E! HD
    • Fashion TV HD
    • Fann
    • OSN Series First HD
    • OSN Mezze
    • OSN Binge HD
    • OSN Ya Hala HD
    • OSN Ya Hala Al Oula HD
    • OSN Living HD
    • TLC HD
    • BBC First
    • BBC Lifestyle
    • TV5Monde Maghreb Orient HD
    • TVE Internacional África
    • Syfy HD
    • MBC 4
    • MBC 1
    • MBC Action +WWE
    • MBC Drama
    • MBC Masr
    • MBC Masr 2
    • Rotana Khalijiah
    • Al Resala
    • Beity TV
    • Iqraa
  • Kids:
    • OSN Kid Zone TV HD
    • OSN Kids HD
    • Disney Channel HD
    • Disney Junior HD
    • Disney XD HD
    • Nick Jr. HD
    • Nicktoons HD
    • Nickelodeon HD
    • Baby TV HD
    • MBC 3 +Nickelodeon Arabia
  • Documentary:
    • Animal Planet HD
    • Crime & Investigation Network HD
    • Discovery HD
    • Discovery Science HD
    • History HD
    • H2 HD
    • Investigation Discovery
    • National Geographic Channel HD
    • National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD
    • Nat Geo People HD
    • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Music:
    • MTV Live HD
    • Music Now
    • VH-1
    • Rotana Music
    • Rotana Clip
    • Mazzika
  • News:
    • BBC World News
    • BBC Arabic
    • BBC Farsi
    • CNBC
    • CNBC Arabiya
    • France 24 English
    • France 24 Arabic
    • France 24 French
    • Bloomberg TV
    • OSN News (NBC/MSNBC)
    • Sky News HD
    • Sky News Arabia
    • Sky News Arabia HD
    • Al Arabiyah
    • Al Hadath
    • Al Jazeera Arabic
    • Al Jazeera English
    • Al Jazeera Mubasher
    • Al Jazeera Documentary
  • Pinoy (Philippines)
    • DWRR 101.9 (MOR 101.9 FM)
    • AksyonTV International
    • TFC
    • Net 25 (channel 725)
    • ABS-CBN Regional Channel
    • DZMM TeleRadyo
    • Cinema One Global
    • GMA News TV International
    • GMA Life TV
    • GMA Pinoy TV
    • Cine Mo!
    • ABS-CBN News Channel
    • ABS-CBN Sports and Action
    • Myx TV
    • DWLS
    • DZBB
  • Lebanese (Lebanon)
    • Télé Liban
    • ATV
    • Al Iman TV
    • LBC
    • Al Mayadeen TV
    • Al Masa
    • Charity TV
    • Falaksat
    • Lana TV
    • Massaya TV
    • Naba TV
    • Nour TV
    • Shahrazad TV
    • Sheikh Jibri TV
    • Suboro TV
    • Taha TV
    • Al Ittihad TV
  • Radio:
    • BBC World Service Arabic
    • BBC World Service English
    • MBC FM
    • Al-Arabiya FM
    • Panorama FM
    • Platinum Records FM
    • Wanasah FM
    • Mood FM
    • Anghami FM
    • Ahla Al Qaseed FM
    • Star KSA FM
    • Sky News Arabia Radio
    • France 24 Arabic Radio
    • Rotana FM
    • Al Jazeera World

How To Point Your Dish To Nilesat 201 And Eutelsat 7W/7B at 7.0W

  • After connect your finder or receiver to TV or use Dish Pointer App to get Nilesat 201 or Eutelsat 7A/7B at 7.0W to get installation details
  • Proceed to the installation menu
  • Choose transponder lists, in some receiver you need to choose manual installation
  • Enter any of the frequencies stated above, in my own case I use 11938 V 27500
  • Set the Azimuth and inclination obtained from the Dish Pointer Pro app
  • Rock your dish around, until you hit the green (I mean signal)
  • Tight your the nuts on both azimuth and inclination
  • Twist the LNB (Clockwise and Anti-clockwise) to get more more signal
  • Proceed to use “blind scan mode” to scan channels on your receiver
  • Wait for few minutes to complete scanning and start enjoying world of entertainment
OSN Package On Nilesat 201 & Eutelsat 7W/7B At 7.0 West

How To Get OSN Channels Opening After Installation

Based on my research, there are four great server that’s currently opening OSN channels for free. The two great servers are:

  1. CCCAM Server: This sharing protocol is usually found on almost on the decoder available in the market.
  2. Forever Server: This type of sharing are available on some specific receiver or products such as Tigersat, Starsat, Vision, Pinnacle, Mediastar, and so on.
  3. Orca Server: This server is dedicated and work only on Icone receivers such as Icone Wegoo, Icone Iron, Icone Iron Pro, and Icone Iron Plus.
  4. Nashare Server Pro: This is the newly introduced server usually found on Sunplus receiver such as LEG N24 Plus receiver.

Just get anyone of those receivers running either one of the servers to enjoying your Stay At Home.

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