My TV Africa, My Tv Smart Frequency, My Tv Africa Channels, How To Track And Install My Tv Africa, My Tv Smart Decoder, How To Subcribe For My Tv Africa

MyTv Africa, Satellite, Frequency, Subscription And How To Track

A Complete Guides For Mytv Africa And Do-It-Yourself Installation Tips

Satellite tv remains our top target and prior as far as this website is concerned, My tv Africa is the business of the day where you will know more about the latest information about Mytv Africa, Satellite, Position, Frequency, Subscription, Channel lists and how to install and track Mytv Africa.

About MyTv Africa

MyTv Africa is otherwise known as “MyTv Smart” aimed to deliver premium or pay tv channels at an affordable price for all the English Speaking Countries which includes Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia e.t.c . The Services includes combination of Nigerian Channels mainly to promote African Cultural heritage.

At least 30 percent of Nigerian are using MyTv Africa to quenches their taste as far as watching television is concern, Music, Documentary, Kids, Religion, Cartoons, News, Movies and Education are categorically available in the bouquet at N2,500 as annual subscription.

Others Channels on MyTv Smart includes free-to-air channels with less than 20 Channels for francophone countries and as well as TVSat have premium channels for french speaking countries.

To get access to the full content of MyTv Smart, You have to buy their official MyTv Smart Receiver paired with My Tv Smartcard fully registered with your Name, Address And Phone Number.

Mytv Africa, MyTv Frequency And Channel list

Satellite, Position, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate

To Enjoying MyTV Smart you have to point your dish to Eutelsat 16A at 16e as the satellite using transponder/frequency 12525 H 30000 with minimum of 60cm dish upward.

To watch free-to-air channels use 10805 H 30000 and to get premium french channels from TV Sat you have use frequency 12604 H 30000. According to lyngsat MyTv Smart footage covers Sub-Sahara Africa while others country can use bigger dish like 8ft dish to get My TV Smart Signal.

MyTV Africa Channels List

MyTV Africa Frequency 10804 H 30000 (Free-To-Air)

  1. CRM 7 TV
  2. Vision 4
  3. 2S Tv
  4. Alwilayah TV Hausa
  5. CRTV
  6. Hadi TV 5
  7. Sikka TV
  8. Canal 2 English
  9. RTB TV
  10. Arewa 24
  11. Burkina Info TV
  12. ORTB TV
  13. Golfe TV Africa
  14. France 24 Francais
  15. Asonga TV
  16. Emirem TV
  17. Equinox TV
  18. Canal 2 International
  19. Canal 2 Musique
  20. Impact TV
  21. Boom TV
  22. STV (cameroon)
  23. Amen TV Sat
  24. Power TV
  25. Canal 2 Movies
  26. Ubiznews TV
  27. Africa TV 3
  28. Strad’Afric
  29. Voxafrica Afrique
  30. Eden TV
  31. TV Carrefour
  32. Nina Tv Francais

Mytv AFrica Frequency 12521 H 30000

  1. MyTv More
  2. Silverbird Tv
  3. Trace Urban
  4. MyTV Yoruba
  5. AIT National
  6. Rave TV
  7. Channels TV
  8. My TV Promo
  9. Quest TV
  10. Galaxy TV (Nigeria)
  11. Digital Congo TV
  12. My Tv Hausa
  13. My TV Series
  14. Wap TV
  15. Tele 50
  16. Aljazeera English
  17. Homebase TV (Ghana)
  18. RTI 2
  19. Wazobia TV
  20. NTA International
  21. Nolly Africa
  22. KBS World
  23. Ma Tele Afrique
  24. Ma Tele Xtra
  25. RTI 1
  26. Afrevo TV
  27. My TV Africa

Mytv Africa Frequency 12604 H 30000 (TVSat)

  1. TF 1
  2. France 2
  3. France 3
  4. RTL9
  5. France 5
  6. France O
  7. AB 3
  8. Mangas
  9. Automoto la chaine
  10. AB 1
  11. Trek
  12. Toute I’Histoire
  13. Scince & Vie TV
  14. Animaux
  15. Action (France)
  16. TFX
  17. TMC
  18. Fox Sports Africa
  19. KTO
  20. Trace Africa Francais
  21. RTNC
  22. Tiji
  23. XXL

Before moving to the installation section, you need to have this materials ready as follows below:

  • Official Mytv Africa Decoder Fully registered with active subscription
  • Minimum of 60cm dish or above
  • Signal Finder or Satfinder

How To Track And Install MyTv Smart

  • Firstly, Assemble and mount your dish, if you are a beginner learn how to install dish here
  • Secondly, You are advice to track DStv on Frequency 12245 H 27500
  • Tight your dish a little bit after hitting DStv Signal
  • Manually enter any one of the MyTv Africa frequency stated above , In my case I will use 12521 H 30000
  • Move the dish up gently and shift the dish by an inch towards right hand side if you are standing behind the dish and be vigilant to monitoring and achieve the signal point on your tv screen or satfinder
  • Make sure you are achieve high signal quality and tight your dish very well to avoid loss of signal
  • Proceeds to scan and enjoying your favorite tv show after scanning completed.

How To Subscribe To MyTV Africa Decoder

  • Firstly, You need make sure that you tune to anyone of the My Tv Smart Channels on Frequency 12521 H 30000
  • Visit any bank of your choice to make payment or visit official Mytv Dealer to buy voucher and follow the instructions written at the back of the voucher or
  • Log on QuickTeller to make online payment and wait for few minutes the picture will comes up shortly after confirmation of your payment by Mytv.


MyTv Africa is only company that offer cheapest television service in Nigeria for as low as N2,500 per year subscription. Though the cost of MyTV Africa decoder is a little bit expensive. It make use of Eutelsat 16A at 16e satellite with frequency 12521 H 3000 to broadcast their content to the subscriber with easy and electronic payment integration and as well as the activation of MyTv Smart Channels made easy in a brink of an eye.

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  2. I made payment (N2,500)or subscription for four days now and have not received signal. Smart card number 020231632843.

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