Multi-TV Origin, Frequency, Channels And The Installation Guide

Multi-TV Origin, Frequency, Channels And The Installation Guide

A Ghanaian Digital Satellite Tv Provider that provide Entertainment, Sport, News to the Viewers In Africa.

There’s no way we can’t mention Multi tv ghana as far as satellite free-to-air is concern, In my previous posts, you can learn how to install AFN Network on Eutelsat 9A at 9e or AFN Network on SES 5 at 5e, MBC Packages, Hornsat on both 57e and 78.5e. However, Today’s business will lay emphasis on Muti tv Ghana Origin, Frequency, Channels lists and as well as the installation guide i.e How to track Multi-tv Ghana on Astra 2 at 28.2e.

About Ghana Mux

Multi TV Ghana is the first Ghanaian DTH (direct to home) private Satellite television station. It covers variety of sports, news, culture, religions, education, documentary and entertainment founded in 2009.


It has strongest and high frequency which extends their broadcasting to many African regions, the broadcasting footage covers almost countries in West Africa and some part of South and East of Africa see below diagram

Multi TV Ghana Coverage
Multi TV Ghana Broadcasting Coverage

Multi TV Ghana Frequency On Astra 2 on 28.2E

Satellite: Astra 2

Position: 28.2e

Frequency: 12525

Polarization: Vertical

Symbol Rate: 30000

Multi-TV Origin, Frequency, Channels And The Installation Guide
Multi TV Ghana

Multi TV Channel On Astra 2 At 28.2E

  1. Joy Prime
  2. Adom TV
  3. Joy News
  4. Fire TV
  5. Rock TV
  6. Cine Plus
  7. Sweet TV
  8. OB TV
  9. Pent TV
  10. GH One
  11. ECN
  12. Aseda TV
  13. GTV
  14. Pan Africa
  15. Cross TV
  16. TV3
  17. ZTV
  18. Fire TV 2
  19. Precious TV
  20. Royal TV
  21. Kessben TV
  22. Angel TV
  23. Elijah TV
  24. TV XYZ
  25. Rhema TV

Installation Guide Requirement

  • Minimum of 60cm dish antenna with LNB
  • High Definition Receiver like Tiger T245+ lazer
  • Signal Finder or Tracking Receiver
How To Track Multi TV On Astra 28.2E (Frequency And Coverage)
Multi TV Ghana Antenna Dish Installation Setup

Installation Guide: How To Track Multi TV Ghana On Astra 2 at 28.2E

  • First, Assemble your dish and mount the dish antenna on wall side facing east side (Sunrise Position)
  • Connect your dish Antenna to signal finder using coaxial cable
  • Proceeds to Tracking the signal by first fetching for DStv signal using Eutelsat 36A at 36e using frequency 11747 H 27500 at signal quality of 90%
  • After hitting the signal, tight your dish base and inclination partially
  • Change the Satellite to Astra 2 at 28.2e and Frequency using 12525 V 27500
  • Now raise your dish up gently and set your eyes on signal finder or tracking receiver to determine the signal point or position
  • Adjust the dish and LNB Position to get accurate signal level
  • Tight your dish very well to avoid signal lost
  • Proceeds to scan on signal finder or using you Digital Satellite receiver
  • Enjoying your favorite tv shows.

To advertise your products and service or live coverage events visit their official website and to watch Multi TV channels on internet via streaming visit here or visit google play store to download Multi TV app.

Final Verdicts

The only disadvantages of this Astra 2 at 28.2E Satellite is that it features with many christian channels owned by different group of churches, but, not withstanding you can either delete them or skip to the interesting channels, the installation guide is very straight forward as long as you meet the requirements and follow the steps by steps guidelines above.

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