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Mi tv Pro IPTV Review: The Best World IPTV

Mitvpro IPTV Review Cost $60 Per Year

Mi tv pro IPTV App is a premium streaming service that provides more than 7,500 channels across the world of different video formats. The server Exploited offers excellent speed and improves streaming of watch 4K and HEVC with a minimum of 3MB/s above. While the Standard video format (SD) and low channels consume less data with a minimum of 200kb/s above. In this post, I will do the Mitvpro IPTV App review and offers daily test codes.

Mitvpro IPTV App Key Specs:

  • Unique and Nice Interface
  • Support more than 7,500 Live TVs
  • Support more 3,500 VOD and Series movies
  • Catch up
  • Setup Favorite Channels
  • Detect upgrade version via the app platform
  • Font size modifications
  • Due date query
  • Reset App data
  • Decoder Switch
  • Auto start setup


mitvpro iptv and mitvplus iptv

Graphics Interface

The app logo is unique, and the user interface is superb. Mitvpro IPTV App detects the new version of the app available. The user interface lists the system menu, such as Live TV, VOD Series, VOD Films, Catch Up, Favorite, and Settings like that of POP TV IPTV.

Channels are well arranged accordingly and easy navigation. The channels are accessible by swipe the title channels placed at the top countries and packages. The contents of VOD and Series movies comprises of the most recent films across the world of different languages.

The Screen size could be modified to the user’s taste if the default channels screen size did not fit your TV screen. Mitv pro IPTV App offers parental control options is available while watching and setup favourites channels for easy access.

mitvpro iptv vod

Hardware And Software Performance

The Mi tv Pro IPTV App supports different ways of decoding streaming videos of different formats that suitable for the user. If the users of the iptv app faces any channels downtime, he/she can change the decoder to another or wait for the developer to fix the problem from the server.

It supports excellent features such as the ability to check your Mitvpro IPTV activation code due date, change the font size, and set up autostart whenever your device is power on.

Download And Install Mitv pro IPTV App

  • Visit the here to download Mitv pro IPTV App
  • Install the app on your android phone or TV box
  • Enter the activation code (digits only)
  • Then click on the login
mitvpro iptv test code

How To Activate Mi tv pro IPTV Test Code On The App

  • After download and launch the app
  • Click on the “xtream code login.”
  • Click on “Login with xtream codes API.”
  • Mark the small box
  • Fill the xtream code login
  • Tap on login

Supported Country And Packages

Like I have said earlier, Mitvpro IPTV App supports many countries of different languages as follows:

  1. Arabic Package
  2. French Package
  3. OSN Package
  4. Bein Sports Package
  5. Sky UK
  6. Skynet (Malaysia)
  7. DStv Supersport (Africa)
  8. Yes tv (Israel)
  9. Nova (Greece)
  10. Cosmote Sport (Greece)

The countries supported are:

  1. Arabic Gulf
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. France
  4. UK
  5. US
  6. Canada
  7. Germany
  8. Switzerland
  9. Netherland
  10. Sweden
  11. Norway
  12. Czech
  13. Croatia
  14. Albania
  15. Greece
  16. Italy
  17. Romania
  18. Argentina
  19. Montenegro
  20. Morocco
  21. Algeria
  22. Tunisia
  23. Egypt
  24. Palestine
  25. Syria
  26. Lebanon
  27. Iraq
  28. Belgium
  29. Austria
  30. Spain
  31. Turkish
  32. Denmark
  33. Finland
  34. Russia
  35. Polonia
  36. US Latin
  37. US Colombia
  38. US-Brazil
  39. India
  40. Pakistan
  41. Portugal
  42. EXYU
  43. Serbia
  44. Africa
  45. Israel
  46. Hungary
  47. Georgia 

Mi tv pro IPTV Test Codes 05/06/2020

Below are the test codes, and it will be updated every day if you feel to get your personal activation code feel free to contact me to place an order, It cost $60/year.

Xtream Login UrlXtreame URL:
1.wGJXLAZzAMkgBUw   zDKMAy84VXazaBZ     
2.RxmOOgdfYfMh3sR   E1U54HqgbbBfeK9     
3.vttT1uRg9LFbnLL   vM9PAtfCogtcymZ     
4.LNRwDve5OmKSgb6     wzDbc0azU5SOUQt     
5.KZcpwZQBhjToTOL  iXZDvfs1ZCsRFi0     
7.qJtK7tKvlMnNSrQ   PqvDpx6EIoZ3Cgq     
8.rhVGc0LcqmOFDrj   cZDQF2NqKKBqehv     
9.Mlih4Lx8dvZjhfb    AVgPNrzkYNZZw8U     
10.G2lIKbZefy9egig    VEZ1bvkAvPL5fbz     

Note that the above Mitvpro iptv test code may not be stable enough due to high traffic and consumption. I request you to buy the premium Mi tv pro iptv activation code for $60 per year as we’re here to help you.

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