34 thoughts on “LEG N24 Pro And LEG N24 Plus Review, Specs And Availability”

    1. The reciever I had been using “LEG N24 pro” is very good device and appreciate once again for its quality.
      Dear sir/madam I want your hand Once.
      Please send me the code of G-share via my email below.
      My s/n: 006FAB5ED434

  1. My LEG nurstar N24 receiver connected with wifi through wifi antenna however, i can not open and see YouTube

  2. I have been using LEG n24 pro iron. It is very good decoders. Dear Sir, I want your help! Please send me G-share plus server and it’s code via my e-mail address below. The serial Number Version is 0012EF0D79B0

    1. Download the software, extract the zip file to filena.bin, copy the extracted file into a virus free flash drive, and insert the drive to your LEG receiver, press menu goto software upgrade search for the extracted file and press ok to upgrade. Note that there should not be power failure during the upgrading

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