How To Install Satellite Tv Dish And Receiver

How To Install Satellite TV Dish And Receiver

Do-It-Yourself Guides on How To Install Satellite TV Dish And Receiver

Before I dwell into the today’s tutorial on how to install satellite tv dish and receiver by now you should be able to know what is satellite tv is all about from my previous tutorial here, many people have interest to know how to install satellite tv dish and receiver but don’t know where to get started or get proper knowledge on how to install satellite tv and receiver and here is the opportunity for you just follow me in this tutorial.

Many people out there that become satellite tv installer nowadays doesn’t serve apprenticeship or learn from any body on how to install satellite tv dish and receiver rather than start reading from website and seek advice or support from online friend or social media irrespective your nature of business you can still become an professional satellite tv installer.

Tools Needed For Satellite tv Dish Installation

Here are the lists of compulsory tools needed for the installation of satellite tv dish as follows:

  • A Digital Satellite Tv Finder (recommend) or analog Satellite tv finder
  • Hammer
  • A Drilling Machine with different sizes of bots and nuts tools
  • Screw Driver
  • Spanner (different sizes)
  • Plumb
  • Iron bar (used to remove nail from the wall)


  • A Satellite tv dish minimum of 60cm with complete accessories
  • A Digital Satellite Tv Receiver
  • Low Noise Blockedown (LNB) converter
  • A Coaxial Cable
  • F-Connector
  • AV/HDMI output Cord

Let me proceed by explaining the stated components above so that the tutorial will be of benefits to our reader most especially layman

Satellite TV Dish

Satellite tv dish is a parabolic surface usually in round form and the main function of dish to receive the transmitted signal by the satellite tv service provider such as directv or dstv and satellite tv dish usually connected to the satellite tv receiver through coaxial cable and typical example of satellite tv dish as shown below.

How To Install Satellite Tv Dish And Receiver

Digital Satellite Tv Receiver

A digital satellite tv receiver is a device used to receive signal from the satellite tv dish connected through coaxial cable, the signal can be encrypt by the service provider to prevent unauthorized view and available as free-to-air service channels to their viewers and example of satellite tv receiver as shown below.

Digital Satellite TV Receiver

Low Noise Blockedown (LNB)

Low Noise Blocked Converter called LNB, A hardware attached to the satellite tv dish and block the low frequency whenever there’s high frequency signal. It enable both the satellite tv dish and receiver to detect the signal available in any position, If the LNB is faulty both the dish and satellite tv receiver won’t work perfectly. example of LNB as shown below

Satellite Tv KU Band LNB

Coaxial Cable

This is a cord or a wire connected to the LNB on a satellite tv dish to the receiver and it is usually in black or white color. Example of coaxial cable shown below



F-Connector have a nut head painted with silver and the function of F-Connector gripped the wire firmly and tied the nut to the LNB or receiver as shown below:

F-CONNECTOR: how to install satellite dish

AV/HDMI Output

This cable usually come along when you buy new receiver connected to tv and receiver and example of HDMI/AV shown below


Let’s proceeds to the next step i.e how to install satellite tv dish and receiver after you have familiar with some components as stated.

Note: Selecting dish location is crucial to make dish installation easier you need to choose a place very close to signal location and the dish needs to be free from obstacles such as house, trees and so on.


How To Install Satellite Dish And Receiver

  • Assembling of satellite tv dish.
  • Attach LNB to the dish.
  • Mount of the satellite tv base to the wall using nail or screw with the help of drilling machine.
  • Use Plumb to check the balance of the base before finally screwed.
  • Fix the the dish the base with partial screwed on the neck of dish.
  • Fix the F-connector to the both end of the coaxial cable.
  • Connect the coaxial cable to the LNB and the Digital or Analog Satfinder.
  • Set Frequency, Polarization and Symbol rate.
  • Track dish towards the location of the satellite provider either East or West.
  • Once you hit signal, Tight the nut hold the neck of the dish and the inclination very well to avoid loss of signal.
  • Then Proceeds to scan and change the scan mode/scan type to “Blind Scan” and press ok to start scanning.
  • After successful scanning, press exit to the screen and start watching your favorite channels.


This is the best way to learn how to install satellite tv dish and receiver and if you face any difficulty during the installation of dish feel free to leave comment below or use our site contact form to reach and usually response take less than 24hours and If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends, family and also share across social media thanks and see you in the next episode.

53 thoughts on “How To Install Satellite TV Dish And Receiver”

  1. Hi iam having difficulties in getting the mbc channels that is mbc 1,2,3 max and action which is the exact position?What i know is near dstv it tilting down ward or up ward or side ward

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  3. Good day please just want to know is it the same position of dstv signal that startime position /face too…and at what polarisation/number

    1. it is the same direction if you’re using aligned dish but if it is small size dish, you have to shift the dish a little bit towards their corresponding direction

  4. I mistakenly press a button on my digicom channels receiver and all the channels are gone, pls how will I restore them?

    1. yes, you can rescan all the channels back, if you’re using one dish antenna, just follow this step below:

      1. Press menu
      2. Navigate to Satellite installation
      3. Choose any Satellite Ku with LNB frequency 10970
      4. Press blue button to scan
      5. Scroll down to “scan type” and change it “Blind Scan”
      6. Press OK button twice or scroll down Scan option and press ok button to start scanning
      7. After the scanning completed
      8. Press exit button to clear the menu screen an start enjoying your channels

  5. Mohammed Mukailu

    Good evening. I thought the position for Startimes satellite is west as I have been observing. Please, what is the required position for direction, frequency, symbol & polarization for Startimes satellite dish installation?

    1. Startime position is located at Astra at 5e, using frequency 11762 H 27500. If you still have problem with the installation feel free to leave comment behind

  6. Thank you for your guide, I have successfully installed my dish and the receiver am using is “strong max”. I used another dish to configure the receiver. The signal is 98% while quality is 0% when connected to my dish, please what do I do next.

  7. Great day to you, please I try setting strong dish, but at the end, all the channels that shows are non Nigeria channel, what should I do and what is the location for strong decoder. ( Free to air)

  8. What is the right size of dish to be use for startime signal tracking, and to which direction; west or east position!?

  9. Good day everyone.
    Please I am an installer but I think I am having a problem with what they call POWERVU as I don’t know how get connected to satellite or whatever it’s and my strong decoder somehow has inbuilt powerVu

  10. Secondly my strong decoder also has cccam but I don’t know how to use it. Please I need somebody to explain it to me.

  11. Please am in Ghana, I need all the symbol rates, transponders, poralities and frequencies of StarTimes in Ghana now. I appreciate your kind consideration. Thank you.

  12. P/s. I have track star time network using frequency 12073 and symbol rate 27500. And the decoder is not getting any Chanel using auto search. What can I do?

  13. Good morning I bought Startime TV 32″ that has inbuilt decoder after using strong decoder to trace the frequency at 12380 H 27500, I got the signal and I connected it back to the TV via LNB it started showing me No Access (6) Not subscribed and some channels are showing but it will pause and continue.

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