Erply POS Features With Cloud-Based To Run Successful Business


Erply was launched in 2009 by Kristijan Hiiemaa in Estonia with the number of Five workers same as the way how skype started in the same country.

His aimed was to offer organizations with low cost rate and flexibility of software solution that can accommodates their business needs. Erply is more than just a simple POS System and not just by name.

The first three letters in “ERPLY” stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and its product gives accounting capabilities, supply chain management, HR Capabilities, Customer relationship management, ability to receive payment from the customers and as well as gives access control that you would expect from ERPLY software.

Erply faces a lots of competitions from his rivalry, Let’s examine how erply stand out to fulfill their promises in the business software offering organizations in terms of features, setup, competition and pricing.


Here are the lists of top features possess by Erply highlight as following:

The system’s supplier database allows the users to store and monitoring the activities of all the vendors at a particular dedicated place and this is done automatically connected to the purchase order creation system that enhances fast services ordering.

Erply support real time report to see the total number of registered vendor from all the business locations. The POS System owned by the company can check payments, process cash, credits card, and as well as redeem, create and track gifts card payments.

Erply allows the users to create custom purchase orders with your company logo and fonts. With the helps of inventory management, it allows the users to know the amount products available in the stock at different business location. Erply allows the users to easily transfer items or products from one store to the other and also, to generates different price lists for each store locations.

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The POS System enable the users to record and manage the detailed of customers contact information which includes Name, Address, Business Name, Phone Number, bank account information, social media, business cards. The Erply’s POS System allows the users to keep the records of customers sales history, transactions which helps to awards promotions, discounts, recommendations e.t.c.

Erply support integrations of the famous software which includes e-commerce, Quickbook, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop and Erply Accounting.


Erply has hardware compatibility which means users can select from others hardware vendors such as IBM, Verifone, Toshiba, Star and Epson when it comes to printers, payments devices, cash drawers, scales, scanners and customers display.

Erply allows the users to access their POS System easily on any web browsers, for example, suppose if one of your POS System goes down during the work and you can easily access your POS System from an old laptop or using any device with web browser to access your Erply dashboard.

Thus, The company highly recommend any device with faster processsor or 1GHz, 3GB hard disk drive space, 1GB RAM and with minimum of 1024 x 768 screen display resolution.


These are the alternatives that might suit your interest or needs if you are running a small business that can’t withstands the benefits of Erply’s features set.

The company provide square readers to all the customers to meet the needs of their business whereas the Square POS provides necessary software and hardware to start accepting card payments.

Square Virtual Terminal allows the vendors to accepts credits card payments with any internet supported devices through web browser while large operations may not be carried out on the company’s POS Solution.

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Shopify POS fully integrates withthe company’s e-commerce platforms which helps the small business to get start online shop with minimum of $29 per month for basic shopify plan.


The first plan small shop without inventory cost $49 per month which involves two users accounts, Basic CRM, Basic reports, one POS mobile app, One POS Licence, Mobile POS and Cayan integrated Payments, for any supports, you can contact Erply via email.

The inventory Online and Offline costs $89 per month which includes one real-time inventory backend system, two users account, one ware house licence, mobile inventory, reporting, email, purchase order and product management.

Inventory and POS Plan are the popular on Erply’s Price start at $99 per month. This plan includes Mobile POS, Advanced Customer database and API, Advanced Reporting, One POS with inventory Licence, gift cards and store credits, two users account, API Access and a Customers facing-display.

Multi store Erply’s plan enterprises or franchise. However, You have to contact the company for the right price quote. All of the Erply’s plan features with 14days trials and you can check to know the plan that suits and fit your business needs.


Erply offer the easy use of supporting different hardware which helps small business to avoid lock down, competitive price for small business to the large store enterprises operation to growing fasting. POS System allows the vendor to transfer the items to different locations and as well as to generate different prices for each business location.

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