Digiturk And TRT Sport

Digiturk, TRT Sport, MBC Rodriguez On Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E

In the North Africa, the story change as Digiturk’s TRT Sport while S Sport HD belongs to Feed Sport Channel, just NHL Feed channel on SES 4 at 22w. Other African countries can manage to watch MBC Rodrigues i.e MBC TV1 and MBC TV2. Others free-to-air on Eutelsat 7A at 7.0E are Peace TV, Winners Chapel International, Emanuel TV and Saudi-Quran. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to install your dish to Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E. The frequency, satellite coverage and every other thing you need to know will be well detailed.

TRT Sport, Digiturk, S Sport HD, MBC Rodrigues TV 1 And TV 2 On Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E

Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E Satellite Coverage

According to Lyngsat on Digiturk’s TRT Sport and S Sport HD, the beam coverage touches few countries in North Africa most especially Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan. While Kenya people can also get the bird easily at least minimum of 60cm dish.

Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E is basically meant for European and some countries in MENA. United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Poland and some others countries also favorite to get the signal easily. Likewise in MENA, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia are also favorite to get the signal on Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E. using 60cm dish.

In Sub-Sahara African which includes Nigerian, Ghana and others can only get that of MBC TV1, MBC TV2 and others free-to-air channels with minimum of 85cm dish above. However, you can use wide band dish antenna if you want to get Digiturk’s TRT Sport and S sport HD feed channels. For more details about the satellite coverage visit lyngsat.

Digiturk And TRT Sport

Digiturk’s TRT Sport On Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E

Digiturk Sport was a Turkish TV channels before the Bein Media completes a mega deal to buy the company in 2016. The Bein Media has equipped the company with the latest technology equipment for both the coverage and delivering of digital TV services. The Bein channels been added on the package on high video quality.

With Digiturk’S TRT Sport, you can watch live sport on top European football leagues, Movies, Series, TV Shows. Video on Demand are also available on Digiturk’s TRT Sport on 4K video resolution.

S Sport HD

S Sport HD

S Sport HD is a feed sport channel currently working on Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E. It also covers many sport events most especially football. Though you need to updates the Biss code when due to updates the channel, don’t worry Icone Iron Pro or Icone Iron Plus or Tiger T3000 Mega will get you cover.

Free-to-air Channels on Eutelsat 7A At 7.0 &, MBC Rodrigues TV1 and TV2

Free-to-air Channels on Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E

The free-to-air on Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E are religious ethics except MBC Rodrigues known as MBC TV1 and MBC TV2, which belongs to Mauritius country. The following channels are available for free-to-air on Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E:

  2. The_Switch_E7B
  3. Winners Chapel International
  4. 3Music HD
  5. 100 – Azam HD
  6. 008 – Horizon TV
  7. 001- Africa TV Swahili
  8. 002 – Peace TV
  9. 003 – Quran TV
  10. 004 – Sunna TV
  11. 007 – WRM TV
  12. 009 – Emmanuel TV
  13. IBNTV Africa
  15. Arise And Sunshine
  16. AMEN TV
  17. JW Broadcasting
  18. JW Broadcasting Live
  19. BETHEL
  20. TPAI
  21. ORTC
  22. TV Imaan
  23. New Africa Swahili
  24. 2M Monde
  25. NTV Ghana HD
  26. TV Africa
  27. Holiday Africa
  28. Hero TV
  29. Zoe TV
  30. Rodriques TV1 and RADIO
  31. MBC Rodrigues TV2 and RADIO

Satellite Frequency, Horizontal And Symbol Rate On 7.0E

S/NFrequencyPolarizationSymbol RateChannel Package
1.10805 H30000DigiturK
2.10805 V30000 ” “
3. 10845 H30000 ” “
4.10845 V30000 ” “
5.10887 H30000 ” “
6.10887 V30000 ” “
7.10928 H30000 ” “
8.11637 H30000 ” “
9.11191 H03210MBC Mauritius
10.12605 H30000Peace TV, Winner Chapel, Quran TV, Emmauel Tv E.t.c


How To Track Digiturk’s TRT Sport And MBC TV On Eutelsat 7A At 7.0E

  • First of all, use MBC Rodrigues TV frequency 11191 H 3210 on “Satellite TV Installation Menu”
  • Use compass to determine where to mount your dish
  • Point your satellite dish to Eutelsat 7A at 7.0E
  • Raise your dish up and shift your dish to the right or left until you hit the green
  • Tight your dish azimuth and inclination bots
  • Connect your decoder and plug the satellite cable
  • Establish Internet connection on the decoder
  • Activate Orca Server or Nashare Server
  • Sit back and enjoying the world of entertainment.

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  1. Bros I tracked MBC rod with 84% signal but the digi turk channel refuse to pop up, dia frequency is showing no signal, way forward pls

  2. Am from Zambia, is it possible to track TRT Sports channel here? I can track MBC 1 and 2 fta without any problems but I was wondering how to track this TRT Sports channel.

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