Best Free Blogging Site of 2020

Best Free Blogging Sites of 2020

Free Blogging Sites To Host Your Blog

Free blogging sites have come from a long way in this years, and it’s now easier than ever to create a professional-interesting blog to share experience and hobby with exciting people, explain your verdicts, and creates online feelings.

These free blogging sites are created, managed online, and hosted on either the blogging platform’s servers or third-party servers. If you plan to create a self-hosted blog, then the downloadable version of WordPress is the best option, with support for third-party plugins, excellent ease of use, and as much storage as your hosting plan allows to hosting the blogging sites.

If you’re interested in creating a static website rather than online news, seek our ideas on our guide to the best free website builders.

Best Free Blogging Sites At A Glance

  1. Wix
  2. WordPress
  3. Blogger
  4. Weebly
  5. Penzu


Best Free Blogging Site of 2020


Wix has a different of paid-for subscription plans, but also a free offering, although it’s best to note upfront that this has some warnings. With the free version, your site will have Wix branding, and you’ll be restricted to 500MB of resources per month, so it’s not suitable for heavily trafficked sites. You only get 500MB storage, too.

However, you are free to build a blog with an unlimited number of pages, and where Wix is offering powerful blog functionality. The editor is straightforward, but you get access to everything you need – from image library through to music and video– and there are many ways to edit and write a post. So all these features make Wix among the best free blogging sites.

Also, there’s flexibility in the way you can publish and schedule posts. You can also make neat touches to set things up so that projects are automatically shared to Facebook when they’re released. For example, There’s a feature called WiX Bookings, that allows customers to classes right and schedule appointments on your site.

And what makes Wix truly recommend is on top of this, you get access to website builder features. It is also offering Wix’s ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) editor for creating your website. Even there’s a snap for novices, impressively diverse support for different types of media available, and quality customer support (yes, even with the free plan). As of now, Wix announced Wix Turbo, that boost websites optimization.

Considering it is free, the data limits and bandwidth not worth your effort. And you can upgrade at a later date if you want to stop free of them in the longer run.

Best Free Blogging Sites

2. WordPress

Offering highly customizable and powerful, WordPress is an excellent platform for small size, medium and business sites.

Buildings your first blog is very easy, with a simple wizard that guides you through the process of selecting a unique name and favourite theme. You can start writing posts immediately, but most of the features lie in the advanced editor, which give you access to customize and design your blog’s appearance in your taste.

Unlike some blogging sites, WordPress not offering a drag-and-drop functionality, and you’ll have to get yourself familiar with how the system of menus works. It’s worth the effort, though, and allows you to create something truly unique. The editor also will enable you to create static pages – like a writer’s biography, as an instance.

The post-writing interface is much the same as the standard desktop word processor (options are found at the top toolbar, while others are in a menu at the side, thus confusing at times). Again, time spent getting to familiarize with the interface is rewarded with advanced social media sharing buttons features, geotagging, and the ability to choose a custom style for each post.

To create a photo gallery and other times a more text-focused style would be more suitable. You can also check and modify the HTML source code.

As your blog step up, WordPress allows you to monitor its stats, including visitors, page views comments, likes and rating. You can also see how visitors enter your site, their location, and which contents are they viewed. Therefore you can rewrite your content as per your visitor’s demand.

If your site is hosted on WordPress servers, with subdomain address in the like of (, free service users don’t get access to live chat or email support. Still, the WordPress community forums are very much active, and questions relating to blogging are usually answered within a few minutes by the members. Additionally, offering free privacy protection for the registered domain.

WordPress shows ads on free blogs, but provided you can live with that, it’s a top-notch solution for a free blogging site, though earning is too low. Upgrade to the premium and get access to monetize your traffics from Adsense. These are the features that make WordPress one of the best free blogging sites.


Best Free Blogging Sites of 2020

3. Blogger

Blogger is another fantastic blogging platform. Though it’s not quite as powerful as WordPress, but very easy to use for beginners powered by Google.

It offers an excellent selection of templates, which include smaller screens for mobile versions optimization – a very significant addition with so many people make use of online content through smartphones. 

Blogger’s post-customizing tool is much like WordPress but offers fewer options. Because of this, its toolbars are less confusing – a trade-off between usability and power.

One of the best features in Blogger is its integration with other Google services and apps. For instance, Google Drive account is used to store files, images and videos for your blog site. Google Drive storage capacity is 15GB of free space, so Blogger is the right choice if you’re planning to share a lot of high-resolution photos.

Spam comments usually frequent and a big problem on blogs, so Blogger’s automatic spam filter can help clean and secure your blog. Blogger’s dashboard can be used for monitoring blog comment visitor stats and how they interact with your blog contents. There are some beautiful visualizations here, and a world map to show the world distribution of your visitors.

The blog address usually in the format of ( Since it is Google services, it enables the Blogger to monetize and display ads to the reader. Support is very much active and available on the Blogger community forum. No drag and drop and features with the strange layout.

Blogger is superb– one of the best free blogging sites if you’re a fan of the Google ecosystem and prioritize ease of use over flexibility.


4. Weebly
Drag-and-drop your way to a responsive looking blog

Weebly is one the best free blogging sites employing module approach to blog building, with a drag-and-drop customizer that allows you to make the choice of which elements to put into your site, and where fit in. 

Choose a basic template, then various types of content onto the page, including text, images, maps, sections of code and social media links. It’s a refreshingly simple way to creates a blog that feels unique to the users.

Bear it in mind that individual content blocks can only be placed in specific areas; it isn’t a total free-for-all for the users. It makes sense – forcing you to stay in the limits of your chosen template stops the page seems messy. 

Blog posts are made in the same manner: page breaks into position, drag text boxes, picture frames, buttons and then click to customize them. One specific nice feature is the ‘secret draft link’, which allows you to preview your draft post, and even share it across social media and email before releasing it into the world. 

Weebly provides a space for entering Google Analytics tracking code. Weebly displays an ad in your site’s footer, but it doesn’t cover any of your content. You’re only given 500MB storage for uploaded content, so photographers might want to look elsewhere. 


5. Penzu
A secure journal for your private thoughts

Penzu is a journal platform with sensitive data. It made your posts private by default and scrambled them with at least a password ( after logged in, you’ll still need a second one to read or modify your posts). It’s designed for a personal view and thought. Free apps available for Android and iOS platform that allow you to update your Penzu diary anywhere, but the contents are available for reading only.

Penzu isn’t a tool for self-promotion, and it’s far from ugly, it comprehends focuses on function rather than looks. Custom backgrounds and colours usually cost at a price worth – 20 (about £14, AU$25) per year.

If you want a place to keep your opinions and practise writing, Penzu could be just what you need. It’s a shame that 128-bit AES encryption restricted to the premium version, and the core offering is a good one. That’s why it round up the best free blogging sites in 2020 so far.


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