A.F.A Sport Or Media 7 As Free-To-Air Channels

Why A.F.A Sport And Media 7 Fail To Show UEFA Cup Final

Many satellite enthusiasm might be worried and eager to know the why A.F.A Sport and Media 7 fail to live telecast UEFA Cup Final between Chelsea VS Arsenal held in Baku Azerbaijan.

A.F.A Sport And Media 7 Faces Copyright Infringement By StarTime

It was reported that StarTimes Ghana dragged A.F.A Sport And Media 7 to court for copyright infringement after several warnings issued to the company to desists from pirating live their contents and the Startime want the company to pay for the damage caused for their market.


Media 7 has finally failed to show UEFA Cup final as promised the viewer which indicate that truly has no football TV rights and I learnt that it might be the end for the company for showing live football events.

My Suggestions

I will implore everyone to get alternatives ready because things might be tight or uncomfortable and all these top African Satellite tv provider will not eases to fight copyright infringement, The best answer to this probem is to get Android tv box with stable IPTV Subscription so that you can’t miss any football actions with at low price or make official subscription to anyone of your choice if you are financially alright.

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