Best Free SEO Audit Tools

The Best Paid And Free SEO Audit Tools In 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important as far as blogging is concerned. Each web pages must have a unique page title that properly available in the content, keyword to be best describe the individual pages, and as well as other tags must be treated the same way as expected.

Search engine makes use of “on-page” to provide “SERPS” that’s search engine Results pages, which can offer natural organic traffic and ranking higher in SERPS known as “on-page”.

Google as the top search engine makes use of semantic processing collecting user data and implementation of neural networks for personal preferences trends, and machine learning of patterns to determine search engine results known as “off-page”.

Any website properly SEO optimize always on top of the search engine, because, the users used correct tags for targeting keywords PPC (Pay Per Click) and any other marketing campaigns but not just for natural search results. How to know target keywords, generate organic traffic and so on, here are the best SEO tools that will help you;

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

Majority website publisher or newbie Google Webmaster get started with SEO. This allows detect and troubleshoot poor search engine optimization. Viewing URL’s in the same manner as Google crawl the web page known as “Fetch as Google”.

You can also check the speed of the website on mobile and desktop version majority of site traffic comes from mobile; You can also perform routine checking or inputted data whether it is in the correct format, the process is known as “Structure data testing tools”. In case you’re looking for professional assistance, Google Webmaster Tools Forum has everything you need to solve the problem relating to SEO optimization.

Best Free SEO Audit Tools
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SEMRush SEO Tool Kit

Semrush is a software as a service company that sells online appearance and market as analysis software subscription founded in 2008.

You can get domain summary detail and view full keywords analysis reports using keywords research tool from semrush dashtor

One of the great advantages you can get while using SEMRUSH, is that, you can comp are the performance and analyze how your site rank against competitors. It allows you to engage in link building. By analyze your competitor wedpages to yours further more, average session and bounce rates are used to measure traffic using traffic analysis to determine your competitor’s source of web traffics, including top referring site.

Using SEMRUSH SEO tool kit you can know the target keyword and relation performance of your web page on both mobile and desktop. It can provide summary of your of competitor’s SEO strategies and domain overview sign up for SEMrush toolkit usually costs $99.95 (74.52)per month.

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SEO Spider

Using simple url is essential as the search engine quickly index simple. url over address with meaningless string of characters. Seo spider tools can crawl your web pages to check for broken links

Which prevent you from manual fixing such error. Pages missing duplicate meta tags, tittle tags, and others which aren’t in accordance of the very best seo practices

It consists of both paid and free SEO version. The Free SEO version can  only analyze 500 urls with basic features such as crawling redirects No google analytics integration and customize robot ext can’t be modify. And the lite version of SEO spider seems to be good for smaller website you can sign up for. The premium version costs $180(about 149) per year which includes free tech support and advanced feature.

Backlinks Makers
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Majestic SEO Tools

It is regarded as the “backlink tinkerers” Majestic tools focus on back links, it can provide links data between  one site and other. It can also. This has a crucial impact on SEO performance. Majestic SEO tools also regarded as the oldest tools available till today.

The lite version of Majestic tools costs $50(about 40 pounds) per month and includes some important features such  as integrated “site explore” back link checker, IP’S and Sub nets and a record of referring domains. Unfortunately, this feature idol not support goggle analytic integration. Sign up here Majestic tools.

Best Free SEO Tools 2018
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This SEO tools is good to increase organic traffics, visibility across search engine results and rankings. You can check and track your site performance such as ranking over tons of web site or keywords per web site. It can give overview potential issues and recommend attainable details.

To get targeting keywords or combination of keyword made easy with MOZ pro SEO tools. It also provide anchor text in links with matrices which is good for back links building.

MOZ pro offer four plans, standard plan which has the basic the basic tools and the medium plan offers free trials and wide range of feature. Other plan for agency anteater prices. You can sign up for standard plan for $99 (about E80) per month while $179(about E150) per month. You can get 20% discount if subscribe for normally. There are some free tools and supporting community offering assistance, advice and guidance for solving ton of search marketing problems.

Best Free SEO Tools
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Best Free SEO Tools.

After reviwing the best premium or paid for seo tools available, than there are free web site offering seo support with limited tools. Let’s take them one after the other

Google search console

No matter the size of your site or blog Google search console formally known as (web master central). The tools is user friendly. The SEO tools give you valuable information about your site. It monitoring google’s indexing of your site, performance and identify potential problems to trouble shoot. I  consider Google search console, even if you want to use any other paid SEO subscription. Google can remove the site from search engine if not follow the web master guidance. Constantly updated and add more features like site map and URL inspection tools for checking web page index.


SEO Quake consider to be one of the most popular free tool bar extension used by webmasters. You can view multiple search engine parameters and compare the results obtained for other projects.

Great insights about the visitors and their location, the tool bar features with SEMrush ranking, Google index update, Alexa ranks, facebook likes back links, and bing index. The site traffic represented in graph and diagnostic page for checking possible issues.

Best Free Keyword Tools
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Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Choosing appropriate to target is important on either small or big site. According to jill Whalen, CEO of high suggested that use targeted Keywords within the content of your web site will rank your web page in google search engine and increase organic traffic

Knowing that you want to answer the questions of some at the other end of search engine. They are searching google because, they have one or two problem or questions by using the right  targeted keywords. This is to will appear in the search results. To get access to the best free SEO Keyword tools, You can signup with Google Adwords Keyword Planner and get free $150 credits.


Earnest optimize could be wasted if there’s no right balance of contents that drives conversions and engage the visitors. SEO is not all about ranking in google search engine as SEO expressed in comfortable.

This is google’s free service allow to test site content, and compare two different pages. Note that you need adequate traffic in order to run some complicated multi-variation test. If you’ve never try Google Optimize tools, the chance is here for you.


Live keyword Analysis

Search engine optimization specialist ensuring right balance and tells you everything about keywords. Free Live SEO keyword Analysis entails keywords appear in the texts or content and give keyword density analysis. A well optimize contents simplify the readability as a must for every web site content writers. Free Live SEO Keyword tools can boost your earnings and as well as organic traffics.

BEST Free SEO Analysis Tools
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Exchanging the backlink between the owners and publishers to understand what link benefits they might be missing out on while the back link checker is available for free Ahrefs also provide trillion of know links and million root domains. Ahrefs gives overview about site domain, top 100 backlink, top 5 pages. Hence, these make Google’s page rank algorithm to get updating every time. In short, Ahrefs is good for backlinks data and the best free SEO Keyword analysis tools.


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