NHL Feed Sport Channels On SES 4 And Installation Guide


NHL Feed Sport Channels For Watching Soccer, NHL, NBA In America, Europe And Africa

Before I dwell into today’s business, I hope you’re enjoying AFN Network Channels on Eutelsat 9A at 9e and SES 5 at 5e for America, Europe and Africa while Hornsat Sport on NSS 12 at 57e and Thaicom on 78.5e for Middle-East, Europe and North Africa region, However, Today I’m gonna share with you NHL feed sport channels on SES 4 at 22w for watching varieties of sport including Soccer, NHL, Golf, NBA, MLS for those in Europe.

About NHL Feed Sport Channels

NHL Feed Sport Channels may be owned and managed by NHL Network which is an American Sport-oriented based satellite television and cable Network partnership with NHL (National Hockey League) and NBC.

What is Feed Channel?

Feed Channel or Satellite Feed Channels can be regarded as the channels owned and managed by a very big company like Skysport or NBC for live broadcasting event encrypted and re-broadcast the contents to their viewers through their set-top-box otherwise known as receiver you can learn more how satellite tv works and you can also learn how to install satellite tv dish antenna and receiver. However, NHL Feed Sport Channels is encrypted with Biss and only Autorole Biss And PowerVU like Tiger T3000 Mega and Mediastar.


NHL Feed Sport Channels Coverage

According to my research, NHL Feed Sport Channels has a wide coverage in Europe, North America, Middle East And part of South and East Africa with different sizes of dish antenna. It was reported that West Africa will explore 2.4m of about 8ft dish antenna with good LNB like inverto ultra black LNB to get NHL Feed Sport Channels.

Satellite Parameters

Satellite: SES 4 At 22w

Frequency: 11162

Polarization: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 14368

Channel Name: NHL Feed 1, NHL Feed 2, NHL Feed 3

Biss Key: 04 04 19 21 CC 09 08 DD

Antenna Dish Size Information:

  • 60-75cm dish antenna (North America)
  • 60-140cm dish antenna (South America)
  • 60-140cm dish antenna (Europe)
  • 180-240cm dish antenna ( Middle East And East Africa)

Installation Requirements:

  • Dish Antenna depends on your region with KU Band LNB
  • Autorole PowerVU And Biss receiver
  • Signal Finder/tracking receiver

Step By Step Installation Guide

  • After you might have mount your dish to the wall and make sure your dish face to the west side i.e sunset
  • Connect your dish antenna to your signal finder or tracking receiver using coaxial cable
  • Proceed to Installation Menu, enter Frequency 11162 H 14368 on manual search menu
  • Raise and point your dish to Ses 4 at 22w and shift the base of your dish antenna from left to right till signal point is achieve
  • Twist your LNB, inclination and the base of the dish one after the other to get accurate signal level
  • Tight your dish Antenna very well to avoid signal lost
  • Connect your Autorole PowerVu And Biss receiver
  • Proceeds to scanning manually or preferably use “Blind Scan” and wait for the scanning process to complete
  • Press Exit to the home screen
  • Connect your receiver to Internet to fetch for Key data or add manually and start enjoying

Final Verdicts

NHL Sport Channels is an American satellite television and cable provider offering variety of sports events which includes EPL, LA Liga, Champions League, Europa Cup, NHL as I’m currently watching Stanley Cup play-offs matches, NBA, Golf and many more. Don’t forget to share with your friends, Family and across social media.


Watch NBA, WWE Raw, NHL, And MLS Soccer In 2020 On AFN

AFN Network Sport 2

Watch NBA, WWE Raw, NHL, MLS Soccer and Many More In 2020

As NHL 2020 stanley cup playsoffs and NBA season are around the corner. You may be wondering about the title “Why Do Every Home Must Have AFN Network Channels” don’t be too worried , I will tell you the reasons why AFN Network will benefits your home, safe your money and updates you what’s going on in the department of military if you have relative among the US Army. let’s continuing.

AFN Network Sport 2
2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playsoffs

In Case you don’t know, National Hockey League ranks third among domestic professional sport league in the world according to wikipedia, NHL features with 32 teams, 24 teams from USA while the remaining 7 teams comes from Canada.

2020 Stanley Cup Palysoff is currently on in the united state, If you are NHL fans, you can watch all the game live and exclusive on AFN Sport 2 On Eutelsat 9A at 9e Powered by AFN Network using PowerVU Autorole receiver to access the channels to safe your cost for paying live streaming subscription. you can see the NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playsoffs game chart here.

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2020 NBA Regular Season On AFN Network

It is simply means National Basketball Association is a men’s Professional Basketball League in the North America and ranks third among the Professional Sport Leagues featues with 30 teams.

Presently, Western Conference first round is on tag 2020 NBA Playoffs live and exclusive on AFN Sports On Eutelsat 9A at 9e powered by AFN Network, you can visit official NBA Playoffs for schedule matches.

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MLS simply means Major League Soccer is Men’s Professional League Soccer composed of 24 teams, 21 teams from United State while 3 teams from Canada and MLS is one the famous Sport in both countries as MLS season are yet to be off you can watch MLS Soccer Live on AFN Sport powered by AFN Network and you can watch UEFA Champions League too on AFN Sport Channel.

WWE RAW And WrestleMania 2020

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AFN Network Movie
AFN News


Categorically, AFN Network covers series of movies range from Action, Series, Kids and crime movies, Almost all the channels give information about the current movie showing including Seven days Electronic Programme Guide throughout though not all receiver capable of offering this service.


AFN News brings you latest news and what is happening around the world, debate, interview and many more. This page will be updating as soon as there’s genuine information


AFN Network is a must for every home simply because it covers many things and benefits many people most especially those who live in United State, Canada And those of us that have interesting in watching soccer, hockey, basketball, wrestling, rugby, movies and news. Don’t forget to share this article to your friend and across social media. Militaries and their relatives from United State get update from AFN News giving information about what’s happening around them.