Satellite TV World Updates August 2019: Beout, AFN and Others

Beout Sport on Satellite TV Decoder And Android TV Box On MYHD IPTV And Xtreme IPTV

Towards the end of July and early of August, Both AFN and Beout Sport went off in Satellite TV world. Today I’m gonna give Satellite TV World updates on Beout Sport, AFN, TStv, IPTV, MYHD IPTV, Sony Entertainment Network and the possible way of watching live football live streaming and on Satellite TV platforms.

Why Beout Sport Went Off?

To understand this post in the right perspective, Then you must know what is really mean Beout Sport, Let me quickly give you details about Beout Sport.

What is Beout Sport?

Beout Sport is a pirate digital pay television broadcaster serving Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2017, It was established to against Qatar based pay tv Bein Media. Beout Sport simulcasts the tv programming of Bein Sports, with their own air-logos overlaid Bein Sports logo.

Beout Sport on Satellite TV Decoder And Android TV Box On MYHD IPTV And Xtreme IPTV ANd updates on Sony Entertainment

It become the greatest threats to the future of the world of sports and entertainment industry. Beout Sport using Arabat to deliver the digital piracy services though it was introduced to break the monopoly of Bein Sport.

Back to the reason why Beout Sport went off. Ever since it was launched and pirate Bein Sport. Beout Sport has become great threats to the world of Sport and entertainment. Most of the Football Association bodies which includes premier league and FIFA condemned the action and the legal action has been taken against the Beout Sport to stop the illegal services. It was also reported that Bein has issued warning to the premier league clubs that the next broadcasting deal could be burst due to theft.

To cut the story short, Beout Sport has been forcefully shut down due to high pressure from the football association on till further notice. It is reported that the illegal streamer keep increasing everyday and it now reaches more than 5,000 streamer. The best alternative for footy fans is Cosmote Sport as it have everything to deliver.


AFN Network Channels

It was among the most enjoyable PowerVU channels ever since it was introduced. Afn Network has implement new PowerVU Algorithm to protect their content from unauthorized use. Yet I can’t rule out that AFN Network couldn’t be watch in the future.

AFN channels are available on different satellite, but the best among them receivable globally is AFN on Eutelsat 9A at 9E Satellite. It ggood for watching live sport, News, TV Shows and movies.

Sony Entertainment Network Channels

Besides AFN Network channels, Sony Entertainment channels is another fantastic PowerVU channels. You can watch hollywood and Asian movies both action and series. It is a good satellite channels and a must for every home. Yet Sony entertainment still working on some decoder, hopefully soon other satellite decoder manufacturer will release new software to fix Sony Entertainment channels.

TStv Saga On English Premier League

It seems TStv really mean business this time because, It shown every EPL games start from the first day. You need to buy their set-top box to enjoying the opportunity as the company begin to scramble their channels on free-to-air decoder. The only thing that baffles me on TStv is signal problem I don’t know if the TStv signal won’t be off as usual.

MYHD IPTV On Android IPTV Box And Satellite Decoder


IPTV is the best solution for now because you can watch anything you like. I learn’t that majority of the people here in Africa as a whole find it difficult to use IPTV. To enjoying IPTV fully, then you must have the following:

If you can meet up with up the requirements stated above then you won’t have any freezing while using IPTV.

MYHD IPTV Subcription

MYHD IPTV is one of the most widely used IPTV subscription, because the protocol usually features with most of Satellite Receiver as default. Likewise Android TV Box users can visit google play store to download the latest version. I have been using MYHD IPTV subscription for the past 4 years now without issues. One of the reason why I like it is that, MYHD subscription code can be reset and use on another box if the current box faulty. The subscription cost is cheaper for $50 per year.

List of Satellite TV Decoder Support MYHD IPTV

To purchase is simply easy just hit anyone of my contact address here. Alternatively, Xtreme IPTV activation subscription code is available too which support almost decoder stated above.

Final Verdicts

Beout Sport is currently shutdown due to pressure from the right holders for copyright infringements. AFN Network is currently down on almost PowerVU decoder as we are waiting for the fixing soon. Likewise Sony Entertainment Network is still working on some decoder but not all. Lastly, IPTV is the best solution for watching any football shows with good internet and iptv subscription like MYHD and Xtreme IPTV.


MYHD IPTV: The Best IPTV For Android And IPTV Boxes

MYHD IPTV App Activation Code

Undoubtedly, IPTV is the future television as MYHD IPTV become the most widely use IPTV. The number of subscribers also increasing everyday due to availability and compliant with many set-top-boxes. The MYHD IPTV activation code is affordable, Let’s me share my experiences of using MYHD IPTV App and do a review.

MYHD IPTV: Graphics Interface

The background color of MYHD IPTV App is light pink alongside with Multi-language option at the left hand corner. The logo located at the middle while activation code placed below along side remember me, activation and restore code options.

Remember me option prevent users to enter the activation anytime the application is launch. The activation option to login or activate fresh MYHD IPTV App and the restore option enable the users to restore the previous code activated on it.


After Successful login to our IPTV server, All the channels are available categorically from different countries and packages. While on the left hand corner are the options for you to switch to movies, series, Favorites and All channels.


Hardware Compatibility

Many set-top-boxes manufacturers includes the App and the MYHD IPTV activation code among the others like Apollo IPTV, Sham IPTV, Platinum IPTV, Ferrari IPTV, However, It even work smoothly than highly rated Apollo IPTV.

It compliant with Android TV Box. Smartphones and as well as Satellite IPTV receivers with great performance without single freezing and bugs problem.

Download MYHD IPTV


Besides nice graphics design, It has flexible navigation in different form on different platforms. It has capability to decode Highly Efficiency Video Coding known as HEVC H.265.

The App features with capability to refresh, Recordings, Search, Lock Packages, Settings, To display activation code.

Under Settings Menu, Users can modify Lock Package Password, Check Account durability, Update Channels, Updates Application, Aspect Ratio, Change the Video Player to the one that work best with your devices and lastly, There’s option to set the application to Auto Startup whenever your tv box is Power On or reboot.

Where To Download MYHD IPTV App

Channels Package Available On MYHD APP

The following are the packages offers such as Ramdan Karim, Ramdan Kitchen, The Holy Quran, HEVC H.265, Bein Sport HD, Sport HD, MBC, OSN, MY HD, Yahsat, Yes TV, Box Office and so on.

myhd channels lists

Country Supported Channels

The following are the countries which it covers such as Gulf or Arab, U.S, Canada, UK, Germany, Turkey, Africa, Brazil, Iran, Portugal, Albania, France and so on.

Supported Devices

MYHD IPTV activation code can work on android devices such as android phones, tablets and android tv boxes. It can also work on PC as there’s dedicated software for PC users.

For Satellite IPTV receiver like Tiger, Geant, Starsat, Mediastar, Echolink, SuperMax, and many other products are compatible with the IPTV.

If you fail to find the IPTV protocol in your device, then you can download it from Google Playstore for the android user. And the Satellite IPTV users can upgrade their receiver to the latest software version, and the protocol usually found on the Multimedia Menu.


Price And Where To Buy MYHD IPTV Activation Code?

A unit price per year is $55 very affordable, to get myhd iptv activation code you have to contact me to purchase the activation code and we do support Paypal, Skrill, Western union, Moneygram e.t.c. You are welcome to get 24hours trial codes.