SkySport Italia And RMC Sport 1 FTA Sport On Eutelsat 3A

SkySport Italia And RMC Sport 1 Confirmed Working On Eutelsat 3A At 3.1E And Yayi TV 3 Added on Azerspace At 45.0E

It is SkySport Italia and RMC Sport on Eutelsat 3A at 3.1e as the latest free-to-air (FTA) Sport channels on ground. Today also, Yayi TV 3 added on Azerspace at 45e but yet to resume to work as others did. When it comes to watch sport events, then SkySport Italia, RMC Sport and Yayi TV are the best free-to-air sport channels for now at no cost.

Even you don’t need to spend all your earning to purchase a big dish before you can enjoying these FTA sport channels. Language is the only barrier as SkySport Italia speaks Italian, RMC Sport for French and Yayi TV for both Arabic and English commentary, which is not a big deal. Let’s move to the frequency, satellite coverage and the Installation guides.

Eutelsat 3A At 3.1E Footprint

Checking the satellite coverage, I realized that Skysport Italia and RMC Sport are feed channels and belongs to European and MENA footprints. European Countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Kazakhstan, Italy, Sweden, Iceland.

Eutelsat 3A At 3.1E
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While MENA footprint includes Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria and Libya. All these countries can get these channels using minimum of 60cm to 100cm dish.

Sub-sahara Africa which includes Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Chad can get Skysport Italia and RMC Sport with minimum of 1.8m dish above.

Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate

Frequency Polarization Symbol RateChannel Name
10891 H 2500 Sport2 & Skysport

Installation Requirements:

  • Dish Size range from 60cm dish above depends on your location
  • A Digital Satellite Receiver
  • KU LNB
  • A Satellite Finder or Meter

How To Point Your Dish To Get SkySport Italia And RMC Sport On Eutelsat 3A At 3.1E

  • After mount your dish to the best position that close to Eutelsat 3A at 3.1e or Startimes position on Astra 4.8 at 5.0E
  • Make sure your dish inclination can reach Eutelsat 3A at 3.1e position
  • Firstly, Track Startimes position on Astra 4.8 at 5.0E using Frequency 11862 V 27500, After getting Startime signal at high quality
  • Tight the azimuth and inclination bots a little bit
  • Then proceed to enter the Frequency 10981 H 2500 for both RMC Sport 1 and Skysport Italia
  • Raise your dish up and point the dish towards the left position (if you stand at the front of the dish) or right position (if you stand at the back of the dish) and move around till you get signal at high quality rate
  • Tight your dish and proceeds to manual scanning or better still use “Blind Scan” to get more channels.
  • After the scanning is completed press exit from your remote controller and start enjoying series of sport.

Disclaimer: is neither partnership with Yayi TV nor willing to selling their decoder in future, I’m just doing my review and I won’t be reliable for any inconveniences, Please take caution on your decision about Yayi TV decoder.

Yayi TV 3

Yayi TV 3 Added To Their Package And Update On Yayi TV Decoder

The truth there is that Yayi TV has not yet finish their free test transmission as soon as the channels encrypted, the sale of Yayi TV decoder will begin through the accredited agents. Please don’t pay attention to any decoder that may be claimed from Yayi TV decoder through unauthorized dealer.

Besides, dear our esteemed follower, please take caution before you buy Yayi TV decoder because of these reasons:

  • Yayi TV is not authorize company and all their contents is violating the copyright owner of Bein Media Group
  • No offices for the accredited agent or head-quarters company in any claimed supported countries.
  • Yayi tv can go at anytime without any traces.

Lastly, Yayi TV 3 has been added to their channels but yet resume to work fully using the same frequency on the same position until next time may peace be upon you.


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    1. Try more brother, If you’re using 1.8m dish, Make sure your dish is properly aligned and you will get the channels easily. but if you’re using 90cm dish just try startimes position and move the dish towards your left side if you stand in front of the dish and raise the dish a little bit up after shift an inch to the left side and you will surely get it.

  1. Good day Satgist. Sky sport and RMC channel is are now encrypted with dollar signs. What is the the next step out?

  2. Hello sir, i just want to say thanks a lot for the update on skysport Italia @3.1 even though it has been some days now it happing that I just got to reach your blog quite interesting and educative, God should add more knowledge on to you.

    Thank you so much

  3. Satgist, I am really interested in the yayi Tv decoder Y2K and I want your help. How can I get one of it through you? I’m from Liberia and I want to the fee cost in getting it to Liberia. Please!

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