Microsoft Office 2019 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft Office 2019 Review: Everything You Need To Know

On April 27, 2018, Microsoft released Office 2019 Commercial review for Windows 10 users, and after a couple of months, it also released for mac users.

The commercial review of Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Project, and Vision, as well as server apps like Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server, and Skype for Business Server.

Microsoft Office 2019 delivers new options to assist finish users in producing superb content in less time. Updates embrace new and improved inking options across the apps, just like the roaming pencil box, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects; a lot of robust knowledge analysis in stand out, like new formulas, new charts, and Power atomic number 83 integration; and complicated presentation options in PowerPoint, like Morph and Zoom.

In this Microsoft Commercial Office 2019 review, I will show you how to install Microsoft Office both for home and School.

Introduction of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Company creates MS Office, and was first launched in 1989 by Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates in Las Vegas (USA), it was first introduced by Microsoft Corporation in 1989. The first version was introduced in 1990 for the Windows operating system when Microsoft Office Software only had three features, Powerpoint, Excel and Word.

 Microsoft got the most popularity in 2007, because when Update Version Office 2007 was launched, after that it started to be made for all types of OS (Operating System) like Linux, Mac, Windows etc. 

Microsoft office is also called MS Office. It is a package consisting of many application software like ms word, ms excel, ms PowerPoint etc.  Microsoft office has made work related to office, commercial or business and personal work very easy.

The Microsoft Office is a application software, which has become the most used software in the world.  Microsoft Office 2019 is a package through which all functions of the software, business and personal can be done. 

We know that there are many tasks in the office, business and personal, such as drafting letters, calculations, graphical tasks, database and email etc.  It is one of the most popular software among all software for computers, whether at school or office, it is used almost everywhere. It is useful software.

Microsoft Word is software created by Microsoft company. MS Word is the most commonly used word processing software, and it is used in schools, colleges, offices and many other places.

MS Word is a component of Microsoft Office suite, which is productivity software, but it can also be purchased based on a stand-alone product.  Microsoft created it in 1983, and since then, there have been many versions of it.

Different Version Of Microsoft Office

 So far different versions of Microsoft Office have been launched in the market!  Its latest version is Microsoft Office 2019 Users can install any comestible version in their device and use it as per their requirement.

Microsoft Office 2019 mainly uses MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access, One-Note, Outlook.  But not only that, Microsoft Office has many products.  Information about all these MS Office products is given below!

 MS-access, Excel, Onenote, Outlook Powerpoint, Power bi,  Project, Publisher, Visio,  OneDrive for Business,  Sway,  Word, Forms,  Bookings,  Classroom,, Delve,  Flow, Group,  MyAnalytics, Office Online,  Onedrive,, Planner, Microsoft PowerApps,  Microsoft Stream,  Microsoft Teams,  Microsoft To-Do, Skype.

MS Word
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Microsoft Word

MS Word, i.e. Microsoft Word is a software of Microsoft office package. It is also called ‘Word’.  It is used for formatting, printing and sharing when opening Word editing, i.e. creating and editing documents, and comes with a simple user interface.  In this, decoration tools such as font styles and colors or writing in Hindi or other work tools have been given.

 MS Word is software created by Microsoft company.  MS Word is the most commonly used word processing software, and it is used in schools, colleges, offices and many other places.  If seen, MS Word is a component of Microsoft Office suite, which is productivity software, but it can also be purchased based on a stand-alone product.  Microsoft created it in 1983, and since then there have been many versions of it.


Microsoft Excel

 MS Excel i.e. Microsoft Excel is a software created by Microsoft  company that comes with Microsoft Office Package. The first version of MS Excel was released in 1985 for Mac OS.  MS Excel has By Default 3 worksheets.  This software is used to create Spreadsheet, Worksheet and Tables.  There are already rows and columns in it, there are many cells in it, in which we fill different data.  Its rows and columns expand according to our needs.  In a worksheet or Spreadsheet, there are small boxes called cells. There are some addresses of those cells which you get as soon as you click on the cell, the identity of the cell is always done from the address bar itself.  E.g. A1, B1

 With the help of MS Excel, it works to open, create, edit, formatting, calculate, share and print etc. the data in tabular format.  With the help of this software, we can make our data in such a clean manner in the form of mark sheets, information on employees’ salary or anything.  It is effortless to use, there are different columns and rows for different people, which we can enlarge according to our data.  With its help, we can keep records like seller, data, account number, phone number etc. very quickly on the computer.


Microsoft PowerPoint

 This software of Microsoft has been made very special, it is used for presentation in the office or school or in college but we can use it for many work. MS PowerPoint, i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint It is also called ‘PowerPoint’  It is a software of MS Office package which is made by Microsoft company.  It is used to create a presentation. MS PowerPoint is the most commonly used tool for presentation.

 It is used in schools, colleges, offices etc. and it is a handy tool for business. PowerPoint is a Presentation Program, which provides information in Slides format with some multimedia features like Open, Create, Edit, with Photo and Voice  Formatting does the work of Presenting, Share and Print etc.  PowerPoint was the first company to forethought inc.  Created in 1987, it was previously named Presenter, but due to trademark trouble, it was renamed PowerPoint at the suggestion of Robert Gaskins.  In this software, you are already given a lot of tools and a theme beyond one, with the help of which you can make a perfect presentation.

MS Office 365

MS Office 365

It is a web-based computing service and is a Microsoft product that is the updated version of MS.  Hosted on an Office 365 Cloud Server.  Meaning all its features are on the cloud and which can be accessed from anywhere.  For example, if you talk about Microsoft Office 365 for business, you can access email anywhere, share the file and have an online meeting.  Microsoft Office 365 is a type of application useful for various services that are enabled for cloud services on the Internet.  Microsoft Office provides service based on your personal needs and business needs.

 Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings the best tools for you.  In this, you get the best applications such as OneDrive, Microsoft Team, Skype for Business and Outlook which you can use on any device (Windows, Mac, Android).

What’s New In MS Office 2019

At first glance office 2019 looks very similar to office 2016 however 2019 contains several updates, and changes that you should know about one big difference is that office 2019 is only available for computers running Windows 10 or if you have a Mac one of the three most recent versions of Mac OS.

Regarding new features, Microsoft Office 2019 comes with several visual updates, first, there’s a new library of graphics called icons that you can use and customize. however, you like it also lets you insert interactive 3d models into your projects. Finally, you can turn your drawings into standard shapes with the ink to shape function in word. new learning tools can make the text easier to read without making permanent changes to your document, for instance, you can change the text spacing page color or even have a word read the text aloud once you’re done you can close the tab to return the document to its original.

State Excel has also gained a few upgrades such as its two new chart  types map and funnel it’s even more user-friendly thanks to features like the precision selection which lets you deselect individual cells after you’ve highlighted them.

One of the PowerPoints more interesting updates are the more function which lets you animate objects between slides in a a short amount of time also if you like to save your presentations as video files.

PowerPoint can now export your presentation at 4k resolution keep in mind that Microsoft office 2019 does not have as many new features as office 365 if you’re interested in more cutting-edge updates you may want to look into the subscription-based office 365 but even though many of its additions and improvements are a fairly small Microsoft office 2019 will hopefully make you more productive.

Why You Need To Upgrade To Microsoft Office 2019

Today we’ll look at the differences between Micosoft Office 2019 and its older sibling office 2016 and tell you  why you need to upgrade. It’s good to note once you buy a Microsoft Office 2019 license it will never expire.

Forward new additions include text-to-speech, improved inking and accessibility focused mode translator and PowerPoint now boast zoom capabilities for the ordering of slides within presentations ability to insert and manage icons SVG 3d models and more.

Excel comes with funnel charts 2d maps and timelines ability to push Excel to power bi power pivot, and power query enhancements and app mention outlook now has updated contact cards. Office 365 groups’ app mentions focused inbox travel and delivery summary cards to run.

The new suite your operating system needs to be either Windows 10 Windows Server 2019 or the three most recent versions of Mac OS as well as some other internal specifications so should you update the simple answer yes whether to Microsoft Office 2019 or office 365 you should upgrade your version as cloud support for office 2016 will be dropped in October 2020 when the day arrives office 2016 installs will be barred from connecting to Microsoft’s cloud-based services including exchange and one drive.

Microsoft Commercial Office 2019 Review
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Microsoft Office on a phone

After you’ve set up your email and office apps on your PC or Mac, you’ll want to set them up on your phone to stay productive on the go. Let’s first set it up on an iPhone, then an android.

On iPhone

  • Go to the app store and search for an office app like OneNote.
  • Install the app.
  • When it is finish, choose open.
  • Then sign in.
  • Enter your email address,

then next.

  • Type your password, then sign in.
  • Choose okay to keep track of notes

with push notifications, then allow.

  • Choose your account, then

start working in OneNote or previous open notes.

On An Android,

  • go to the Play Store and search for OneNote.
  • Then install it.
  • When it finishes, choose open.
  • When prompted, allow OneNote

To access your contacts:

  • Start taking notes or previous open notes.
  • To get more Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, repeat these steps for each app.

Microsoft Office 2019 Installation Guide

In this tutorial, we are going to explain the process to install Microsoft. You can use it only when you have MS Program, and you will also have its Product Key.

 Therefore, you must keep these things with you first if you have a Downloaded Version of Microsoft Office or Cracked Version.  So Product Key will give you the Serial No.  The Product Key will be inside the extracted file.  Open it and copy the Product Key.

 By default, Microsoft Office software such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and other MS Suits were automatically installed.  You do not have to install them separately.  All these programs are only part of Microsoft.

Things You Should Have Before Going To Install Microsoft Office:

  •  You should have Microsoft Office Setup File (2019 version) and Product Key / Serial No.
  •  Your computer must have at least 500 MB RAM.
  •  Your computer must have Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2003 SP1 or higher Operating System Install.
  •  Apart from this, the P3 should be a Processor above 500 MHz
Microsoft Office 2019 Installation Guide
Image credit to Microsoft

How To Install Microsoft Office:

Step: 1

First, you need to sign up or sign in (If you have already registered) visit here, For School or work account needs to sign in here, Or download and go to the location of MS Office. Where you have saved the Software Folder and open Microsoft Folder.

 Step: 2

 After opening it find the Setup File.  When you get this, you have to double click with the mouse on “Setup”.  After double-clicking, Computer will ask you for Permission to install Microsoft Setup.  You have to say “Yes”.

 Step: 3

 After giving Install Permission, you have to enter the Product Key of MS. Which you copied a while before. After entering the Product Key, click on Continue below.

 Step: 4

 After this, you will have Microsoft Software License Terms Open. After reading them, Tic on the bottom left, accept the terms of this agreement box and click on the Continue button on the right.

 Step: 5

 Now Choose the installation you want Box will open in front of you.  In which you will get two options – Install Now and Customize.  From here you have to click on Install Now.  If you want, you can also customize before installing Microsoft software by clicking Customize.  We do not advise you to do this.  Because it is for Advance User.

 Step: 6

 After clicking on Install Now, the Installation Progress will start.  Which you can see below.

 Step: 7

 When the Installation Progress is complete.  Then Microsoft Office 2019 Installed Successfully Message Dialog Box Open will be in front of you.

 Step: 8

 In this, you will get two options. The first Go to Office online and the second Close.  From here you click on Close.  And shout it aloud, Hurrah!  Microsoft Office 2019 successfully installed on your computer. If need help or facing any installations problems such as the office taking long time to install.

MS Office 2019 Review Price
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Microsoft Office Buying Guide

Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365 and others are available to purchase in many places and many ways.  However, we believe that the best places to buy software are official stores or well-known online stores from Microsoft, which has a good reputation. Buy Microsoft Office 2019  from official Microsoft website or renowned online stores like Amazon.

TheOffice 365 Business start $8.25 and the Premium Business Plan go for $12.50, while enterprise plan start from $12 for big company. The price or home and student package go for $79.99.

Benefits of Microsoft Office

1. Universal software

 Microsoft Office launched a mobile few years ago, through which users can use Microsoft Office application in the mobile device!

 Besides, Microsoft works online, which has the advantage that you can use it anywhere, anytime.

 For example, if you have to create a document in Ms word, you can create that document from anywhere through the Microsoft Word application. And that document can be share with any company or offices.

2. Complete Software Suite

 As I know, there are many software applications available in Microsoft Office!  All these applications cater to your various needs in a business.

 If you want to write a letter to a client, then you can use MS Word!  You can use Ms excel to enter other data like client salary.  And you can create a brochure using Microsoft Publisher.

 That is, this software caters to all the needs in your business!  And that’s why 1.2 billion users around the world use MS Office.

3. Easy to use

 People can use it for both personal or professional purpose!  Using the useful features of MS is easy for any computer user!  Meaning you can turn your imaginations into reality through the MS Office application!

 4. Microsoft Online Support

 If you are not sure about any feature or utility of MS Office! which So it helps you.  On the official site of Microsoft, you will find hundreds of pages which give information about Microsoft’s application!

 So if you get working on some software, then it helps you by answering your questions.  Apart from this, the automatic update makes your software bug free so that you can work on them smoothly!

 5. Online Tutorial

 Using this software also becomes necessary because this application is famous worldwide; it simply means it is useful tools.

 Due to which its video tutorials are available in different languages ​​on the Internet. If you want to get information about ms word, ms excel, any program of Microsoft Office. Then online video tutorials help you!

How To Learn Microsoft Office?

 There are many features in programmes like Microsoft Office 2019 applications like WinWord, Ms-excel, PowerPoint etc. With which you can do many things!  So nowadays many companies have more work on Microsoft Office software, and these companies are looking for people who have better skills to work at Microsoft Office outlets!

 Therefore, before using the features of a software/application, you should come to use that software!  Suppose you have to create a document in WinWord, but you do not know which features to create a report using?  So for this, you have to learn to use the word!  Now the question comes, how to learn Microsoft Office?

 1. Coaching Center

 Now there will be all computer education institutes in your city or region!  Where in the necessary course of computer, the leading programs of Office 365 teach using WinWord, Excel, PowerPoint etc.  The course is about three month and you can learn Office 365 in any of your coaching centers.

2. Online Learning

 Apart from this, nowadays you can learn to use Microsoft Office online even at home!  Today you will get to see many video tutorials related to MS Word on Google and YouTube!  From where we can learn to use MS Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office 2019 application in any language.

 If you want to learn Microsoft Office for free, you can learn online with the help of the internet from home!  If you have a Microsoft Office 2019 package installed on your computer, you can use Microsoft Office applications on your computer.

Microsoft Headquarters Address
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Microsoft Headquarters Address

The other name for headquarters of Microsoft Inc is ”Microsoft Campus”. This is the informal name of the corporate headquarters of Microsoft. The address is 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA.

Situated around 30 miles from Seattle, in the northwestern corner of the United States, There are 90 buildings and approximately 40,000 people work there.


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