1. Brother I have this ghost 2 which to me looks more like Starsat x1pro and their specifications look alike too,is ghost 2 a clone of Starsat x1pro and lastly it lacks software quick update.What’s your say of this machine.

    • They have the something in common but different company. It is not clone but mimic and their software aren’t the same don’t try to prove smart otherwise you will cause damage to the hardware if you inject wrong software

  2. Thanks brother but may you help again after I updated it with latest software the decoder does not connect to internet using internet dongle,what should I do please.

    • Hello, good time, I bought a Phoenix 4k receiver, which after installing the software version 1.7.14 and after watching the channel for 15 minutes, will encounter a problem without signal or without service. Help me.

      • Ok so sorry about Mediastar Phoenix and Zenon is a flop receiver with weak server called M-Share Server. I Will advice you to get alternative server and you can get it through me better than M-Share server contact me on WhatsApp or Telegram: +2348122176108

  3. Hi,
    Does the Pheonix receiver have auto Biss / powerview function.
    And has the lnb menu have a user input option for putting LO’s for Ka band lnb’s.
    Thank you.

  4. sir i want perchase mediastar phoenix 4 k avali this time and how much price

  5. Hello,
    I’d like to buy a new receiver and not sure which one to choose maybe Mediastar Phoenix or Xcruiser 785.
    Basically I’m looking for a receiver with advanced EPG menu and timeshift playback where I can rewind live program and also be able to record using EPG.
    EPG provides continuously updated menus that display scheduling information for current and upcoming broadcast program of multiple channels (in columns and rows) and the guide also features forward scrolling to view upcoming shows.

  6. hello sir
    please help me with this question about how i can translate sattlite movies into other language online?

    • Ok, the channels may not support many subtitle languages though you can find the settings under video settings or checj your remote for subtitle key button

  7. Bro, How to get auto biss active in Mediastar Phenix, not work for me and no find menu option for turn on?

  8. My receiver also goes to no signal after being in standby mode. Usually signal gives 95%+ from the dish.
    Also any thoughts on how we get BISS to work?

    Thank you

  9. Hi I have bought mediastar 3 month ago but my 12 month free m-share server does not work now. What shoud i do?

  10. Dear Sir/ Madam
    Hi I could not find Manual download for this receive( Mediastar phoenix 4 K

  11. Hi I bought this device but the man who came to install it made some mistakes and now the device don’t work and I want boot program for it can you guys help me with that

  12. is it possible to buy this product and receive it in Angola? how much

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