Impacts Of Technical Website Factors On SEO Performance

Impacts Of Technical Website Factors On SEO Performance

Writing a great and optimizing on-page content, building relevant links, right keyword implementations plays vital roles on SEO. However there’re technical factors that affecting your SEO campaign. Everyday Google keep updating and optimizing technical elements that enhance engagement, conversion and ranking site pages on Search engine as these have impacts on SEO.

There are technical SEO factors that ranks and improve the performance of the site to have place in the search engine. These are the technical elements affecting SEO performance.

Site Speed

Site Speed is one of the core ranking factor of a site most especially for the mobile search engine result (SERPs). Google give priority to a site with low loading time (high speed) indexing mobile search engine. Google also penalized a site with slow loading to appear on the top page of SERPs most especially copy and paste contents .

Well optimized site speed usually found on the top search and boost organic traffic. There’re many ways to reduce loading times of a website, Such as using plugins like Autoptimize to enabling compression, reducing redirects and optimizing images. Here are the free tools to check and monitoring your site speed load time just head to lighthouse and pingdom.

Crawl And Index

Low quality URL’s can affect websites of any types and size. Googlebot’s can’t crawl sparse URL’s, empty page or site with unnecessary or duplicate contents. So it is good to have high quality contents which helps search bots to be able to crawl your site easily. These will impact organic search performance if well monitoring regularly.

Make sure that Google search console is well set up. It is the work of robots.txt file to crawl and index your site page. And you can also use URL inspection to force google algorithm to crawl and index to your site page.

Impacts Of Technical Website Factors On SEO Performance
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Website Architecture

Website structure start with choosing simple website address or URL’s. If your site URL’s contains hyphen or number the chances to loose page authority is high. Make use of simple URL while choosing site domain for improve conversion and bounce rate just check out Silos structure.

Ensuring your site is easy to navigate in case you want to monetize your website via Adsense as one of the key factor to get approval from this Advertising company. Not only these, It can also assists to spread out site’s authority appropriately. Also make sure your breadcrumb trails are uniform.

Essentially, All your key pages are part of your site structure and it must be linked accordingly. Site is indexed and ranked in organic search with appropriate internal linked, failure to do so will leave you with orphaned pages which have SEO impacts on how your site is ranked and indexed in google search.

Tittle And Meta Tags Descriptions

Using title and meta tags descriptions look like an ancient an old-hat and overly simple technical SEO strategy. Optimizing meta data of your site pages is one of the powerful ranking factor and determined the performance of your site rank in SERPs compared to your competitors.

When you’re looking for a way out to optimize and refine title tags of your site pages, Then we’d recommend this insightful guide from MOZ. It is also good for any successful SEO campaign for optimize your site contents and the best way to boost your CTR rate as ranking factor. If you want make use of advance SEO tools check The Best Paid And Free SEO Audit Tools In 2019.

Impacts Of Technical Website Factors On SEO Performance
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Undoubtedly, Poor performance or site traffic reduces when there’s substantial changes to the site design and structure. And thereby play significant impact on organic search visibility.

Redirect can reduce your site speed. And leave your site htaccess and web file configure in a mess when there’s too much redirects. As a powerful available tools to an SEO, Site with https redirect get fast pages indexed by search engine. It increases site page authority and provide security for both the website and the visitors.

We recommend to fully implement 301 permanent URL redirection. This will enabling the search engine to index the newly published contents. It will also improves the search visibility and authority of the page. thereby provides organic traffic. These are the impacts of technical website factors on SEO performance until next time may peace be upon you.

Bad Backlinks

Having got low backlinks from low page authority website or webpages can also affect your SEO and ranking in SERPs. Similarly doing off-page SEO known as backlinks requires strategies to avoid getting a penalty from google. This can lead to getting your website pages to disappear in SERPs, here is the best video you can watch below to build backlinks to your website and get more ranking and traffics to your web pages.


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