How To Updates Plugins On Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Wegoo

Here is another beautiful morning, as I’m going to teach how to updates plugins e.g Orca server on Icone decoder. These plugins are available on Icone Iron, Icone Iron Pro, Icone Plus, Icone Wego and Icone Ice.

These Plugins includes Orca server, Xcam clients, Coconut, softcam key and so on. If you experience scramble channels, or some channels fail to opening then one or two plugins might needs to update. Even if you just buy anyone of the supported Icone decoder, then you needs to upgrade the decoder, updates the plugins most especially Orca server and Coconut softcam before starting to watch channels.

So in this tutorial, I will teach how to updates plugins most especially Orca server on Icone decoder.


  1. Fixing channels bugs
  2. Easy to add more features or more functions
  3. To updates satellite key algorithm
  4. Easy to updates servers for opening scramble channels


  1. Poor Internet
  2. Lack of knowledge or technical know-how
  3. Late server updates
  4. Power instability


  • Good and fast Internet
  • Satellite signal point to your favorites channels
How To Updates Orca Server, Xcam Client and Coconut On Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Weego

How To Updates Plugins (Orca Server) On Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Weego Decoder:

  • First of all, You needs to set-up Internet connection, Press Menu, Goto “Network” then select your preferred connection mode and get connected
  • After Network connection successful, then proceeds to updates plugins by following the step below:
  • First of all, upgrade Icone Iron decoder to the latest software version either through USB (Download from their website) or official Online Upgrade.
  • After finish upgrade successfully, Press “Blue Button” from your remote control.
  • Then, again press “Blue Button” to download “Plugins“.
  • Select “Plugins Package” which includes Orca, Xcam, Coconut
  • Press “Red Button” from your remote controller to start downloading
  • Then Plugins will automatically start “Running” on the receiver.

This are the simplest way on how to updates plugins on Icone decoder. If you have any other way to do it, kindly share with us. If you find this article interesting don’t forget to share with your friends or across social media.


9 thoughts on “How To Updates Plugins On Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Wegoo

  1. i.m.not able to.connect orca server on my newly purchased icon iron pro..internet each and everything is.working plugins downloaded as well..restarted then orca server started vide green and red button…but it.shows disconnected from the last 4 days..and gogo iptv also gives error 1…please if someone had same me and guide me what to do to resolve these issues…plzz not a single channel is working even 13 and 108 degree east..and.on other stb i.e just ordinary goda.server box it works…but icon pro orca server not connectin

    1. Ok sir, I suggest to upgrade the receiver to the laatest software version that could be the reason why it is not working. I hope this will help you

      1. sir thank u so much…please how to upgrade via usb only plzzzz…….as the seller told me to download the software from and do it through usb only….plz if u have details share it i shall thankful….

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